Ariana Grande AMAS 2013 Pictures

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  • anon

    She looks cute.

  • anon

    She needs correct her posture. The way she stands makes belly

    • anon

      *The way she stands makes belly salient

      • OCEANUP

        omg love ur usage of the word ‘salient’

  • anon

    I love the dress but she NEEDS to change her hairstyle like now.

  • SickOfThisWannabe

    she tries soooo hard to be everything mariah carey. now her hair is “slowly but surely get blonder” and she wore this jessica rabbit dress, when everyone knows mariah’s fav character is jessica rabbit but shes never worn the dress but she always talks about jessica and some of outfits were modeled after her fav charactet but she gave credit where is was due. now that miss wannabe has the spot light, its like shes looking at the cameras like “look old hag im the new you.”
    next thing you know her outfits will become more and more like careys and shell be more blonder just like mc! just be yourself grande. we see what youre doing. x

    • lols

      Honestly idk why her haters care about this. Mariah Carey is a hasbeen, she’s not as relevant as she was anymore and it’s not like people care. It’s not like her fans are the same age of Ariana’s fans. Ariana is elegant and she has talent, she may take Mariah as an inspiration but I don’t think her intentions is to be a wannabe, a copy or whatever. She’s her own person and that’s all.

      • Marina And My Diamonds

        Mariah isn’t a “has-been” she’s a legend now. Give credit where it’s fucking due.

        • waaahhhh

          Literally my exact words before I even read your comment. MARIAH IS A QUEEN!


    sexy she needs a longer weave like zendaya!

  • adele

    To be honest she always said she’s not a red carpet person. She hates that whole thing and it shows. Looking forward to her performance more than anything.

  • KelsoStyles

    ig tbh.
    She does seem like a wannabe mariah carey since last year I noticed it. I know she likes to do voice impressions amd maybe when shewas doing a impression of mariah carey, she decided to stick with her and make her career in the steps of mariah and she knows her fans and the younger generation won’t notice but 19+ like me would notice but don’t care.
    I still love her music tho.

  • Liz

    Her hair wig in the back looks almost real. Lmfao



  • adele

    Holy sh!t Ariana got a standing O for her outstanding performance. Good job baby.

  • whatevs…

    please, for christ sake, change that hairstyle, you look like a 10 y/0

  • shawn

    I love her but this is awful

  • anon

    CONGRATULATIONS ARIANA!!!!!!!!!!!! Best New Artist 2013. Arianators rock! Nex stop the Grammys!

  • RedneckAtHeart

    She always looks scared. Her hair looks like it weighs a freaking ton.

  • boystan

    she looks so cute