Ariana Grande New Artist Of Year AMAS

Nathan Sykes hugged Ariana after she won!

  • fuck all you bitches

    there’s something not so genuine about her…. she seems really fake. but a great singer.

    • yep

      I couldn’t agree more! If you listen to her voice without watching her, she sounds incredible. But when you watch her, everything from her look to her gestures, actions and words it’s so fake. It’s a shame, but yeah I honestly prefer all the other performers to her, they’re more genuine. A voice is not enough to impress I think, it’s just something you’re born with. Personality is what counts.

  • kdelly

    i’ve gotta say she is sorta funny

  • no

    How old is she? Isn’t she in her 20s? She looks and acts like she’s 12 it’s so weird. But stunning voice!

  • adele

    WTF at all the ill mannered peeps on here. Ariana Grande congratulations. You deserve this award for working so hard and Arianators really backing you and supporting your music. Congrats to Oceanup for posting threads on real talent like Ariana and not only the stunt queens that are always on here.

    • mandy

      It’s ill mannered to have an opinion? Nobody said anything mean…people are just being honest.

      • Anna

        Maybe you haven’t said anything mean, but I have read some pretty harsh comments. I personally think people should just leave Ariana alone, you don’t know her personally so why do you assume she is fake?

  • Ke

    She seems to be so dramatic while accepting her award. Grow up, you’re 20 not 12.

  • johnny

    why does she always look the same.I have never seen a pic or video and see a new look on her. Same kindergarten hair style and preppy dressess.

  • yep

    Oh wow…That “I have to pee” run with the over the top climb of the stairs and the “I’m so emotional omgomgomgomg” speech was just way too much. Stop with the overdramatic acting, this is real life! Her personality kind of cancels out her talent :S Get real woman! I guess I’ll stick to Demi: talented and down to earth.

  • JJ

    Personally, I love her style. I don’t think she dresses or acts like she’s 12. I’m 20. I know a lot of 20 year olds and we all kind of act silly and ridiculous, a lot like Ariana, most of the time. Most of us aren’t these overly sexualized, sultry, over dramatic, trying to be too grown women – like how a lot of young female celebrities act nowadays. We aren’t, and Ariana isn’t, trying to prove anything to anyone. She’s just being herself and if that isn’t good enough for you – well then nobody actually cares. She’s just gonna do her and not give a F what you think.

    • moi

      It’s not about how sexualized she is at all (which she REALLY is in case you haven’t seen her photoshoots). It’s not about that at all, it’s her personality that’s fake. And I don’t think it has to do with age. People can be fake and not genuine no matter what the age. She just looks like she’s acting out her manners and personality instead of actually being herself. Usually people who lack personality act so over the top to compensate, but maybe I just don’t “get” her. To each his own though, if you’re into her go ahead and support her, I just don’t like the type of people that act like this. I’d rather show my support for other talented celebs :)

      • Stasha

        How many comments here are say that she is 20 but acting 12? I didn’t bring age up, they did. Also, you have NO idea if she’s acting fake because guess what -YOU DON’T ACTUALLY KNOW HER.

        If that’s how you think she comes across – that’s fine. But don’t completely discredit her amazing vocal ability (which btw she was born with a gift but if people think she doesn’t work her ass of to sing that well, they’re freaking kidding themselves).

        Everyone is telling her that she’s not being real and she should change but she’s just being herself. She’s all like – I like to do my hair and make up this way, I like my clothes, and my personality is what it is and I’m not changing for anybody!

        She knows what people think and she chooses to stay true to herself and what she wants! How is that fake?

        It’s funny to me how you think she comes across as fake because from where I’m sitting your comment came across as fake. Does that mean you were being fake? No. But it seems that way. Do you get it now?

        • yep

          I don’t know how a comment can be fake, but alright. She comes across as fake to me and I don’t like it, but if you find her genuine good for you! Let’s agree to disagree. If this is her real personality, then I like her even less, because she’s snooty, overdramatic and full of herself. I used to act like that when I was a little kid so that’s why I’m like “wtf, she’s a grown woman this is weird”, but maybe some people like it.

          Bottom line: you keep supporting her I’ll keep supporting people I find awesome! Works for everyone :)

  • wtf

    This is kind of off topic but it has been bugging me forever: is that her real hair? It looks so plastic, she looked way better with red hair.

    • himynameis

      no it’s all extensions, if you go on her youtube channel to her first videos you would see that she really doesn’t have ‘good’ hair.

      • himynameis

        That being said I think 99.9% of hollywood wears extensions.

        • in jesus name i pray amen

          tis true… I want to say it’s probably 100%… not 99.9 lol. Television studios add clip ins always to add more volume to hair and add length when necessary. Movies are almost DEFINITELY using extensions, even on men.

  • boystan

    omg i love her

  • justthat

    omg she’s freakin’ cute!! Why you guys here always have sth to judge, it’d be boring if every artist acts the same way, don’t you think? I love this girl with her innocence:)

    • uhm

      It would be boring, yes, but we don’t have to like them all and people judge because an artist is a public figure. If they don’t wanna be judged, they can give up their millions and go sing at small venues without the fame :) They get paid a lot exactly BECAUSE they’re being judged.

  • melimelo

    Ariana’s the type of girl that acts dumb to be “cute” and “endearing”, but for those who see through it it’s insanely irritating. Come on, we all know a girl like that.

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    bitches to the side, she is slaying your favs and is here to stay. #bejealous

    • no

      Honestly, I don’t think people are jealous. There are many other celebrities that are way above her and nobody’s complaining about them. She’s just not very likeable as a person. Nobody’s denying that she can sing, yet she still really irks a lot of people with her personality (or lack of personality)

      • Mary

        Honey, no one asked you. Ariana has a fabulous voice and was flustered. She’s a new artist, so leave her alone

  • XaskTaylorX

    Although I don’t necessarily like her music, she deserves this award because she has worked so hard. She has branched out compared to the other Nick stars. Kind of laughed when she ran to the stage cuz she was excited. Her hair bothers me. Lets see it down next time and not halfway. Congrats again to Ariana.

    • yay

      I wish Victoria Justice got more popular than Ariana. She has a muuuuuuuuch better personality and is a billion times prettier. Oh well! Sometimes the most unpleasant people are the pushiest so they succeed.

      • XaskTaylorX

        I would want Victoria to be a little popular getting awards also, but its life. Victoria will shine don’t you worry! =D

  • Mary Magdalene

    She did great. I love how she’s so unpretentious & raw..going up the stairs one at a time and grabbing the notes between her non existant cleavage lol adorkable! She has lots of time to be polished and not that much needs to be done anyway. She’s the total (tiny) package,… then we’ll all look back and say how we missed days like last night.

  • BrokenArrow18

    Her voice is flawless, but there’s something about her i dont know what it is butmakes me think it’s all an act.