Catching Fire $307M Global Box Office

jena malone jennifer lawrence catching fire
In North America, the sequel scores the top November opening of all time with $161.1 million. Catching Fire scored the top November opening of all time domestically with $161.1 million, slaying the record set by fellow YA film adaptation The Twilight Saga: New Moon ($142.8).

The sequel, earning an A CinemaScore, marks another major victory for Lionsgate and is reaching a broader audience than Hunger Games did, with males making up 12 percent more of the audience.

Overseas, where it is rolling out in 65 markets, Catching Fire took in $146.6 million. Globally Catching Fire has already raked in more than $307 Million dollars in their opening weekend alone. via THR

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  • Cici

    & I haven’t even seen it yet. :( I have to finish the book first. But I’m happy for Liam ;)

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      you need to see it… im seeing it for the second time tonight & a third time next week friday lmfao.

  • Alii

    One of the best movies I’ve seen in a while.


    I haven’t seen it yet, but I am so excited!!! The first one was a huge disappointment tbqh. But I hear this time around, it follows the books a lot more closely so that makes me happy!!

    • Anna

      I personally liked the first one a lot! But I was mind blown at how close they were able to keep it this time, they left out very few things. Every scene I wanted to see was in the movie and the acting was amazing.


        Really? I was a huuuge fan of the book series. I read all 3 books in 5 days. And then I read THG again before the movie came out in anticipation. The trailers were so badass. And my friends and I went to see it opening night. But when it was over, I was just like…”that’s it?” Idk, it just wasn’t what I expected. A lot was left out. I feel like if you didn’t read the books, you liked it a lot better than if you did. But this time, I’m hearing a lot of book fans rave about it which makes me really excited!!

        • Clauber

          The first movie is awful, but this one its great, i didnt want to see this movie cuz i was dissapointed of the first one, but you must to see this one. AWSOME!

  • boystan


  • Clauber

    Its a great movie, so much better than the first one