Lily Collins Nursing Zac Efron To Health

zac-efron-lily-collinsZac Efron, who just broke his jaw and has his mouth wire shut, is being nursed back to health by his new girlfriend Lily Collins, reports Radar Online: ‘Zac is so grateful for Lily. She’s being so sweet with him and is going above and beyond to take care of him. She makes him healthy smoothies he can drink through the wire and she’s really good emotional support for him right now.’

Lily was spotted at Gelson’s grocery store earlier this week picking out fresh fruits and veggies: ‘If there were ever a time he might slip back to his partying ways, this would be a convenient time for him. But Lily is keeping him on track and gives a reason to want to stay sober.’


  • Marie

    Must be hard dating a drug addict. I feel you, Lily and Blanda. I’ve been there.

    • ..

      You know he went to rehab right? I’m not even a huge fan of Efron, but you’re comment was uncalled for and rude. He is badly injured right now.

  • lauren

    This story came from radar online ? Are we just ignoring that?

  • shanghai

    Think its difficult in Hollywood to keep away from the drugs and alcohol. Lily seems a sensible girl who was brought up with the fame so hopefully can handle it better than some. Good Zac has someone like her around him just now.

    • lauren

      you do know that the story came from radar online?

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    I actually support this couple oddly enough. They seem good together!

  • A Cat

    I’m really happy that not only did Zac get the help he needed for his addiction but he’s surrounding himself with positive influences. :) I hope these two last!