Miley Cyrus AMAs 2013 Cat Performance

miley-pussycatMiley performed ‘Wrecking Ball’ in a leotard with cat .GIFS!

FULL gallery of Miley flaunting her pussies HERE!

  • johnny

    ok. Good performance. Did anyone else notice background singer more towards the end?

    • Ty

      Haha what the fuck are you talking about?

      • lol

        LOL exactly, how does this have 6 thumbs up? It doesn’t even make sense!


    slay pop sexpot slay!

  • Cici

    Okay…she sang the hell out of it, sounded fantastic. The whole performance was trippy which is probably a sneak peak into what her tour will be like. I dont think it fit that song, but it was cool. I loved the cat at the end when it did her famous tongue face; it was so cute. But I hated that outfit, gross. & im starting to get tired of wrecking ball :/ next single please!

  • HarryCurls

    Disgusting how she uses innocent kitten images and sexualized it. PETA should sue her ass.

    • lol

      LOL PETA would probably send her a partnership offer as soon as the show ends! They’re all about sensationalization and sexualization to get funds.

      • uhhh

        I guess “lol” is someone’s username or something, cause that is not my picture…

      • Jo

        This is true. Isn’t the “I’d rather go naked than wear fur” campaign still going on?

        • yep

          I think so. And they’ve been accused of faking videos where animals get hurt in the process of making different things, which is disgusting! You’re giving them money thinking you’re saving animals and they might be using it to make viral videos where they hurt animals to get even more money??…seriously, they have no shame if that’s true! I hope it’s a rumour :S But they’re really not a good organization, so don’t give your money to them! Choose something better!

  • finnick

    why did she put cat prints on her crotch?

    • mayonaisse

      So that we know she has a pussy

  • JJ

    She’s just not as good of a singer as she thinks she is.

  • Rainbow3000

    Boring. The outfit is ridiculous.

    • Ee

      So why are you here if is boring to you please you are the one ridiculous

      • :)

        I hear ya. All they do is bitch and complain about her. And yet they watch her video’s, interviews and listen to her music, smh!

        • GentileJewel

          How do they know it is boring unless they find out! Are we a little Stupid?

          • :)


    • haha

      Uhm, yeah. That’s the point…her new image is all about being ridiculous!

  • M

    I liked the performance. I hated the outfit. I know she has great body, but the outfit was just not good. Don’t think anyone could pull it off!

    Buuut, as crazy and trippy as this is, you just KNOW it’s gonna go viral! Cats and craziness…that’s what the internet is all about! I think she knows exactly what she’s doing ;)

  • javi g

    that was an stupid performance. i like ariana grande’s performance better. she sang and didn’t need gimmicks.

    • me

      Miley doesn’t really need gimmicks. We’ve seen that she can sell with or without them. This is just the ON STAGE image she’s going for at the moment, just like Katy Perry has her on stage personality and Rihanna has hers… But off stage, they’re all still being THEMSELVES. And that’s exactly why I like Miley (and everyone else that performed) better than Ariana. Because Ariana’s personality off stage is just so off putting and fake compared to pretty much every other performer. She ACTS as opposed to actually letting go and being HERSELF, and that sucks. A performer should express THEMSELVES, not be fake and act a certain way…

    • omg

      Ariana has the fakest personality I’ve seen in awhile. It’s straight up embarrassing to watch her when she’s not performing. All she has is a strong voice and she was born with that…why is that impressive? It’s not about what talent you have it’s about what you do with it and she’s not doing anything special or original… Plus, we already have Adele who’s got a much better voice and is pulling off the old school class thing much better. Ariana looks and acts like a little kid. She needs to either start acting as mature as she wants to appear or change her image to suit her personality, but right now it’s just not working. That’s just my honest opinion, don’t want it to sound mean. She’s talented as hell, but everything else is just so off…

      • stasha

        Newsflash! You don’t actually know Ariana. How are you gonna sit here and call her fake when you don’t even know her?! Just because of the way she talks or dresses or because she’s silly and giggly? She doesn’t have to act more “mature” when your definition of mature seems to mean dress and act more provocatively. That doesn’t make you an adult!

        • omg

          Uh wow..when did I say that my definition of acting more mature means dressing more provocatively? I didn’t. I didn’t say she should act like Miley, I’m not even a Miley fan…I was just saying Miley would sell no matter what. Ariana is already sexualized enough if you look at her photoshoots and social media. I’m saying she ACTS fake, overdoes things, overreacts. She’s ACTING instead of BEING REAL, except this isn’t a Nickelodeon TV series, it’s real life and it’s weird… That’s all. I don’t have to know her to see she overdoes her reactions and isn’t being genuine, it’s something you can observe. I know as much as you know about her, from her interviews, twitter, instagram videos, etc. and her fake personality is exactly why I unfollowed her. If you like her, good for you, keep supporting her, but I’d rather support other talented artists that have a better personality. To each his own!

          • sorry not sorry

            i agree with omg. ariana is beyond fake. and all her fans do is go on and on about how classy she is. its all fake. I’ve heard from a lot of people just how much of a bitch she can be

      • javi g

        dude i don’t care about personality its all about the music. fake real it doesn’t matter the only thing that matters its the music. and she’s a good singer. hell i will even say she’s better than miley who needs gimmicks and scandals to be noticed. las night it was about the music. and ariana is about the music.

        • yep

          Well that’s your choice. I can’t say I understand you. I can’t support a person who has a bad personality, because personality is something you earn and work on your whole life and it deserves much more respect, in my opinion. Your personality actually has an impact in the world, much more than your talents. It’s not about what you have, it’s about how you use it! Being a good genuine person is much rarer and much more impressive than having a nice voice. Many people have nice voices, just search through YouTube. What sets a person apart is what kind of person they are. That’s what truly matters in life. So you can support people without caring about their personality, but I just can’t do that. Here’s an example: I like Bob Marley’s music, but he beat and raped his wife repeatedly so I could not have supported him while he was alive if I had known that…you understand what I mean? Personality trumps talent for me, anyhow, anywhere, anytime. In the end of the day, it’s harder to achieve and it matters more.

  • PshPlease

    Love the song.
    But, if she cant walk in stripper heels she shouldnt be wearing them.
    & I have seen REAL hoodrats/cholas look LESS ghetto than she does.. lmfao


    That was horrendous. How does she not realize how stupid she really looks? The gimmicks would be cool if she had actual vocal talent like Lady Gaga, but since she’s an average singer at best, they do nothing for her lmao

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      antics antics antics… all she cares about tbqh.

  • johnny

    I don’t think people will talk a lot about this one. Boring compared to her other performances. But Katy Perry is hands down becoming the most boring pop star.

    • yess

      I don’t think people need to talk about this one. She’s already stirred enough controversy to make a ton of cash, now all she has to do is maintain a bit of a crazy image to keep the sales up :) Miles knows what she’s doing don’t worry.

      I totally agree about Katy Perry though. It’s really weird that she’s boring, but she is. She goes all out on her costumes and makeup and she’s gorgeous, yet it’s not interesting to watch any more. I think she’s just been doing the costumes for so long it’s getting old. And her looks used to be sexier and fresher, now it’s like “uh, what is this? why?”

      • Cici

        Idk. Katy Perry is kind of blah now, but i still really enjoy her music. & I loved her performance last night just for the fact of the costumes & the cherry blossom trees was beautiful. The song is great too. Katy just isn’t giving us that “wow” factor anymore. She has kinda classed her act up, but i still really enjoy her music. & would go to her show.

        For the reason that Katy is becoming boring is exactly why we wont see Miley class it up or tame her image for a long long time.

        • hahaha

          Yeah you might be right Cici. That actually makes me kinda sad, that women have to be so sexual so people take notice of them. That’s why I kinda like what Miley’s doing. She’s like “You want me to grow up and be sexual? Well, here you go, I’m gonna do sexuality alllll wrong and piss you all off” :P That’s how I see it anyway, don’t know if it’s exactly what she’s going for, but it’s definitely not your usual “sexiness”

          • Cici

            That is a good view on it…maybe she is purposely giving us the raunchy sex image? But then again I’m not sure if she really thought it all out THAT much…most of her actions just seems like a rebellious, i secretly hate my father kind of teenager.

  • hmm

    Ok we all know what’s gonna happen. Everyone’s gonna complain complain complain about how bad the performance was and yet they’re still gonna watch it a million times, talk about it more than any other performance and end up buying anything that has to do with Miley. It still ends up working for her no matter how much people complain. Not a fan, just telling it like it is.

    • allie

      Idk. Her single still didn’t moved up and her album is behind Ariana’s. Guess AMA has a different type of public than VMA

  • UBI

    Miley is definitely the new GaGa. Attention seeking stunts that grab even more fans then she already has and she already has way more than most people. And like GaGa, she can actually sing. Maybe not quite as good as GaGa, but she has a strong voice. Add that to the fact that every one is ALWAYS talking about her and you have someone who is going to sell out her tour all over the world. She’s going to have more money than Trump soon.

    • adss

      Don’t worry! artists only gets 10-15% of their tour grosses.

      • wow

        Uhh yeah considering how much she’s selling that’s a lotttt

      • :)

        Don’t forget that Live Nation is paying her $500,000 a show!

      • wow

        Only? Yeah can I also get only 5% of all those millions of dollars please, since it’s so insignificant? Thankssss hahah

        • wow

          omg you didn’t say 5, you said 10% – 15%…even better!

  • D:


  • boystan

    her vocals were great but what’s with the cats?

    • ads

      The cat was just to keep you asking. As you see it did work

    • hehehe

      Cat = ruler of the Internet. Miley + cat = endless Internet memes and free publicity ;)


    her pussy looks good!

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      OU obsession with harry styles has spread to their commenting icon!

      • cerenagee


  • Ffghjbh

    Wow Miley is a great singer

  • Naomi

    Poor Miley :( She miss Liam, this two should get back together!!! LOVE them together :)

  • Naomi

    She was almost crying :(

    • RedneckAtHeart

      And it was forced. She showed no emotion like that until the end. She knows the song is supposed to be emotional and she’s playing off it. Maybe the first few times she performed it the tears were real, but not anymore.

      • yep

        Well that’s why I’m gonna say Miley is a much better performer than Ariana, and it’s not because of the singing. Miley looks like she’s really feeling it, even if she might be over the song, when Ariana looks like she’s faking it even if she is feeling the song.

        • in jesus name i pray amen
          • hm

            Exactly!! This is what I mean! Even her tears seem fake. I’m not saying she doesn’t feel it if you reread my comment! On the contrary, I’m sure she feels her songs and is very emotional, but it doesn’t come across as real as it does with most performers. She’s holding her mouth like I would if I were faking it or being emotional just for show. That’s why I’m just like wtf…this is uncomfortable to watch. Maybe it’s out of her control. Some people just seem fake no matter what they do. I’m not blaming her, but that’s just how she is. The way I see it is that she’s a singer, not a performer. I’d rather listen to her than watch her. Like I’d buy her songs but I would never pay to see her in a concert. There are much better performers. But that’s just my opinion, you don’t have to agree and you feel free to think whatever and go see her perform if you want to. None of my business.

  • kristin6410

    I was so mesmerized by the cat hahaha

  • threelittlebirds

    The hell??

  • Jellybean

    Isn’t Wrecking Ball supposed to be a serious song, tho? And that, Miley, is why I’ll never take you seriously.

    • right

      She doesn’t want you to :) That’s what her new tour is all about…NOT being serious, NOT taking things too seriously.

  • ANON

    so she just thinks she can get up and sing with a completely stupid background and it will be ok. I compare it to doing a presentation in class and just winging it. She did not prepare anything. her attitude is like she is better than everybody else so she can get away with it. Alls she needs to do is show up. Ha!
    She looked like an idiot. I hope her tour is better planned out.

    • :)

      Oh ok, that’s why she got a standing ovation after her performance.

      Sit down bitch!!!!

      • GentileJewel

        You! Are! Very Anoyying!!!!!!! Do you Not understand objectivity!!!!!

        • GentileJewel


        • huh

          There was nothing objective about the first comment, what are you talking about?

        • :)

          I’m annoying. Take! A! Long! look in the mirror at yourself!!!!! And also learn how to spell!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RedneckAtHeart

    The cat was a bit weird and that outfit isn’t flattering, but she sounded good.

  • cerenagee

    I don’t even have words for this performance. The cat in the background and outfit was so stupid. At least she sounded great.

    • micheal

      maybe she advocating for neglected animals the cat was crying.

      • cerenagee

        The cat was crying when the song was supposed to be its saddest lmfao

  • :)

    Bangin body!!!!

    • GentileJewel

      Twig! Like a Young Boy’s Body!!! Totally Unattractive!!!!

      • nope

        Start eating healthy, go work out and you might look as good and you’ll feel good too and then maybe you’ll stop being so hateful towards anyone who’s slim and attractive? Til then, I guess I’ll keep seeing your hateful comments around!

        • :)

          It will never stop hating. She’s gonna have a rough life when gets out into the real world.

  • BrokenArrow18

    And she did it again She stole the show! Great perfomance Miley!

    • true

      Absolutely. At the end of the day, the most memorable thing about the show was this performance. A cat and Miley in her cat suit/undies/whatever that is. It’s so out of place, you can’t get it out of your mind whereas the other performances where all forgettable in comparison. I think it’s pretty clever from her marketing team!

  • Rosemary

    I like Miley but that wasn’t a very good performance. I did however like the part where she teared up a little. You could feel the emotion

  • cote

    WHAT A PERFORMANCE! Who cares about the freaking outfit. Her vocals stole the stage. Hands down one of her best performances.. YOU GO Girl!

  • bosco

    miley has got the weirdest looking lower body i’ve ever seen. It looks like her father was E.T. not billy ray. Probably caused by all the inbreeding in tennessee.

    • haha

      Nah honestly she has great legs, but I think they look way too muscular! She just needs to tone it down with the work outs :P