• aw

    Her white suit was soooo good on her, I wish she would’ve kept it for the performance. It’s an emotional song, it would’ve been so classy to sing it simply with a white outfit on a black backdrop. Oh well!

    • yep

      Seriously, nobody would’ve expected her to be classy. She would’ve shocked more people than with the stupid cat.

  • Hell yeah

    I’m ready for Cougar!Miley

  • ;lolol

    Former Disney QUEEN – Miley
    Current Disney Queen – Zendaya

    So much Disney royalty in 1 video!!!

  • boystan

    “So boring!” Now she’s gonna star dissing Gaga too? Don’t forget she’s approved you even though all you do is copy her, Shmilerz.

    • X

      It’s called being sarcastic.

    • demo

      she was joking take a joke jesus you obviously not a fan of miley that how she jokes around,, everyone knows she loves gaga

    • yep

      LOL That was obviously a joke! I think she also felt more relaxed to joke since she was being interviewed by her sister :P

    • :)

      OMG, lighten up. She was joking around.

  • lovelife

    Austin was standing behind them for like half the interview

  • BrokenArrow18

    Yes Miles, he is a cutie :) haha he was tanding behind her lol

    MIley you should follow him back again on twitter :)