Miley In Least Influential Celebrities 2013

miley-bieber-loveDennis Rodman has been named GQ’s No. 1 least influential celebrity of 2013. Paula Deen came in at No. 2 and US Rep. Anthony Weiner took the No. 3 spot. Miley won the No. 6 position for ‘basically trying every inane strategy she could think of to rile up America’s few remaining pearl clutchers.

What’s sad is that it totally worked.’ Obama came in at No. 17 because ‘nothing gets done.’ Other non-influential stars include Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Ryan Reynolds and Will Smith.


  • gta

    Miley and Justin would be a interesting couple. Polemic, attention-grabber and self-destructive. As a less talented Kurt & Courtney. They would shake the pop scene

    • Guest

      Lol no. How about Bieber and Miley haters to shut up already? They’re nothing alike. Bieber is simply having a period since the breakup and messed up stuff, hopefully he learned from it, meanwhile Miley is very aware what she’s doing and she’s doing it all for attention and publicity. Compared to Miley, Bieber at least has some morals. Putting Bieber and Gaga as non influential celebrities could only make it on THIS ( irrelevant ) list. Since on all other lists both Gaga and Bieber were in top 5 most INFLUENTIAL stars. So don’t get your hopes up lol :)

      • Marta

        Well I don’t think Miley was ever that influential but yes Justin was indeed one of the most influential stars past 2 years, but you forget that his image really went bad this year so he lost the title I guess? He #1 on Social Billboard Chart for many many weeks in 2012 and was indeed named one of the most charitable and influential stars but that was all before his bad reputation started this year. Yeah he is influential though but obviously who made the list thought he wasn’t all that anymore, if he comes back at his good image which I really really hope so….he’ll be back on the influential list !!

        • Silver

          And 1 Direction is totally stepping up… :)

  • threelittlebirds

    how is ryan reynolds on the least influential?

  • Santa Clause

    Miley will be in every ‘least and worst’ list this year! Can’t wait for her to be no.1 least desirable woman in Hollywood, worst role model, worst fashion, worst breakup etc.

  • lols

    This is list is lame. How come Gaga is in there? OU, you better check better sources before posting lame things.

  • cinnamon

    disagree that lady gaga is not influential