One Direction Story Of My Life @ AMAs!

1D dancing to ‘Must Be The Money’ under!

UPDATE: 1D won Favorite Pop/ Rock album! VIDEO under!

Emma Roberts to Liam Payne ‘You made my night!’ UPDATED w/ more pix!

  • cerenageee

    i love you harry


    aww larry love tap

    • fuck you


  • Anonymous

    Love harry but he tried too hard. And liam looks so hot.

    • Anna

      You do need to understand they did an intense 7 hour webcast yesterday, his voice could possibly be a little strained from all of that because he was really into it.

    • Anna

      Okay, now I have heard harry was actually sick yesterday so that is why his voice is strained. He was on vocal rest throughout the day.

  • Duckyhoward15

    Harry was perfect I don’t know why he got so sad :/

  • Jellybean

    You mean… New Direction? I heard someone called them that at the AMAs LOL. Is it true? If it is, who renamed them?


    They’ve established countless times that they’re really talented, but I don’t know what it is about this song and why they never perform it as well as it should be performed. =/ Liam has carried them in every performance of it I’ve heard and done well,but everyone else is eh tbh.

    It’s hands down one of the best songs of their career. I wish the live performances exemplified that.

    • Duckyhoward15

      you saw their xfactor performance right ? , they performed it three times two of the were in l.a. after harry got his cold and the one in the uk was perfect harry showed everyone he can slay , Liam crack during bse , Louis sounds great and Zayn plays with his notes

    • Anna

      Like I said below, they did an intense 7 hour webcast the day before. That is bound to cause some stress to all of their voices, they are all good singers live. Liam may have a good voice, but I have personally never thought he carried their performances.

  • boystan

    my boys slayeddddd

  • Silver

    I have never really paid any attention to them…. but… well now I like Zayn and Harry. Perfect music. This is what music should be like… beautiful lyrics, beautiful voices, beautiful well dressed and respectful boys.

  • Cici

    They are sexy AFFFF mmmm.

  • Boo

    Second half of their performances got really weak when it came to their vocals

  • Rosemary

    Emma Roberts said something nice?

  • Rosemary

    I just don’t like this song