Taylor Swift AMAs 2013 Ravishing Gold

taylor-ravishing-goldtaylor-model-faceoffIt’s the same dress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wore in 1D Glamour shoot!

UPDATE: Taylor won Best Country Album! SPEECH video under!

  • Sandy McFarlane

    I don’t even like her but i gotta admit she’s serving realness tonight

  • ANON


    • GentileJewel

      You do realize that is an actual term! Not imagined!

  • ig kimrellla

    i think the dress is meant more for pale brunettes i mean taylor looks good, i just think it better fits the brunette :)

  • micheal

    she reminds me of wonder woman but she looks great typical shina style of her.

  • micheal

    she reminds me of the wonder woman, she looks good, but is her typical short miny skirt sparckle dress she usually style herself with, nothing new.

  • Tessa

    stay away from harry

    • GentileJewel

      Or anyone!

    • Anon

      Lol okay how about you shut the fuck up first. It was like 8 months ago, build a bridge and get over it. Then again, didn’t expect anything else from a 12 year old one direction fan.

      • GentileJewel

        How about you Shut Up! One! Two: This happens to everyone! There for there is a point to her being precautionary! So Back OFF! You are the one who is defending an abuser!!!

        • LikeICare

          abuser? lmao what
          You all need to get your heads out of Jonas & 1D’s asses before I bitch slap you.

  • GentileJewel

    She has a defenite eating disorder! It is sick to even look at and soo unattractive! As for the dress! No!!!!! It looks awful and only brings out the obvious!

    • lmao

      Just because some is skinny it doesn’t mean they have an eating disorder. She’d have one if she was fat before and was drastically getting skinny, which was what happened with Demi. But Taylor has ALWAYS been this skinny, it’s her genes, so yeah, keep being jealous, bitch.

      • kdelly

        okay i’m not supporting the idea that taylor has an ED i’m just pointing out a fact….you can have an ED even if you’ve been skinny all your life so why don’t you get your shit straight before you go and bitch someone else out

      • GentileJewel

        She actually was fat younger! STUPID IDIOT! Almost obese! Not that that is the point!

        • RedneckAtHeart

          She was not obese lol, maybe a little chubby but that was baby fat… http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_w-cpMxXrVFc/TSNThHKX0jI/AAAAAAAAAr0/t-5uBaK0NUA/s1600/taylor-swift-young-teenage-picture.jpg

          That is called baby fat. People have a tendency to lose it as they get older.

          • waaaaat

            omg she had cornrows wat!!!!!!????

          • RedneckAtHeart

            She was sooo hood :P

        • Anon

          Well, I’m not COMPLETELY sure about this, but usually, USUALLY, you look a lot different at the age of 23 than when you were 11. But who knows, maybe some people do look the exact same from 12 YEARS ago and don’t go through puberty and lose their baby fat. Oh wait…Taylor is super gorgeous so that obviously doesn’t apply to her and you’re just fucking dumb.

    • Dara

      Aww. Someone is jealous because they aren’t tall, rich, and gorgeous.

      • GentileJewel

        Jealous of an Ugly Bitch? You need your eyes checked Dear! People thinking she is attractive is funny! She has No real money! There are people who earn money fair and square and people who steal it! Using other people for their profit! No Thank You!

        • LikeICare

          Wow, see you’re just a hater.
          stfu and have respect for people

    • LikeICare

      Not to insult you or anything, but you don’t have to be skinny to have an eating disorder, that’s ignorance.
      She’s a lovely lady, don’t be biased.

      • GentileJewel

        Do you know what health is Dear? She is Unhealthy looking! Period! Weight isn’t the point! How simple can some people be! Ask any clinical Doctor! You need your Head Examined!!

        • LikeICare

          Just because someone looks unhealthy doesn’t mean they are, its like when teens self-diagnose themselves with depression..maybe she has a fast metabolism, and I saw your other comment lmao she was not obese.
          She’s healthy, you know what’s not healthy? thinking you know everything…

    • Cici

      The girl is naturally thin & tall. Has been her whole life. It doesn’t look unhealthy at all.

  • Jay

    I don’t like her but I think she is very pretty. Most of the time she looks gorgeous on red carpets but im not a fan of this ( I think shes trying to be ‘sexy’ but it just looks messy). I wish she did something different with her hair too.

  • Anon


  • RedneckAtHeart

    She looks fierce!

  • boystan

    yes bitch serve some punk realness

  • Godney

    She looks great, i really dislike her but she looks great.

    I love the dress, but that skin tone thing in the middle of taylor dress was unnecessary.

    I would rock the shit out of that dress lol

    i want it!!