Taylor Swift AMAS Artist Of The Year ’13

taylor-twitterWinning Best Country Album, Country Female + Pop/ Rock Artist under!

Photos: FameFlynet. UPDATED with press interviews!

  • Anon

    I love her. I actually love the relationship she has with us. And she never forgets to thank us.

  • prettyyy

    Congrats! She seriously looked 10 times better than everyone else that was there and I don’t even like her music lmao I just think she’s really growing into a beautiful woman!

  • Anon

    Love her so much, she looked absolutely stunning. Should’ve been called the Taylor Swift and Justin Timberlake Music Awards, since ya know both of them slayed everyone. And she has the most artist of the year award wins, everyone may bow down now (yes, that includes you too Bieber and 1D)

  • nice

    Omg stupid cosmo that everyone makes fun of saying Ariana had the best look. Did they even see Taylor? She looks like a damn supermodel. She walked next to the Victoria Secret angels and stole the spotlight, the girl’s got it going on!

  • boystan

    Truly a legend

  • XaskTaylorX

    Congrats to Taylor and all of the winners! Now we Swifties get a free gift with purchase and 14% off products on her stuff. Thanks Taylor for being awesome and staying classy with your dress choice. =D

  • lols

    Congrats to her! But I still don’t understand how come she still can be considered “country” since her last singles were all pop/electronic?

    • Hov

      I agree but she’s playing it smart you know so she can get more awards, she realeases the singles who are more pop and radio friendly but keeps some country songs on the album so it can be considered a country album and get nominated for awards and of course her fans will vote and she will win, to me she lost her good country sound a while ago, she’s becoming too mainstream and I don’t want her to do it , enough of Katy Perry and shit let’s hope she will stay at her roots

      • lols

        Yeah, I mean, cause let’s face it… There isn’t that MUCH of hard competition on the country side. The hardest competition would be on “pop/rock” so as long as Taylor keeps her album as “country” she’ll win awards much easier.

  • cerenagee

    Taylor is just flawless and amazing. She is one of those stars that hasn’t forgotten that without her fans she would be nowhere

  • BrokenArrow18

    I dot think she should h ave won but oh well congrats

  • pily

    Justin T. Should had won this :(

  • boystan

    pop princess

  • Dana

    Queen Taylor. I’ll always love her.