Lorde ‘Nicki Minaj Drake Are Irrelevant’

lorde-minajLorde told Interview Magazine that YMCMB rappers create music that does not relate to most people’s lives: ‘Around the middle of last year I started listening to a lot of rap, like Nicki Minaj and Drake.

They all sing about such opulence, stuff that just didn’t relate to me, or anyone that I knew. I began thinking, ‘How are we listening to this? It’s completely irrelevant’.’

Lorde’s manager revealed: ‘She’s been offered ridiculous sums of money, which would be very handy to commission on. But I want to be working with Ella for the next 20 years and don’t want her to turn around in two years and say ‘You took me for everything you could.’ That’s completely not my style.’

  • lucy

    she’s the queen of throwing shade

  • blushingjuliet

    THANK YOU. i don’t see the appeal in nicki minaj what so ever, i honestly don’t get her. but drake is amazing

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      I like her ridiculous accents and sass bc I think it’s funny AF, but I hate… her, particularly.

  • Alii

    That’s our wonderful music industry. Thank The Lord for Lorde.

  • yep

    Ok well she’s right about this one. Their songs are completely pointless and irrelevant.

  • Chargey

    imagine when she becomes irrelevant

    • anon

      isnt she already irrelevant

      • IGround

        Nope? She’s still #1 on charts and you’re talking about her :P

        • uio

          well she is irrelevant when she talks about others celebreties

          • IGround

            Nope. Whenever she does something like comment on someone else, it’s news and people talk, making it relevant. Like we are right now.
            Maybe you don’t like it or think it shouldn’t BE relevant… but it seems like it is.

  • RedneckAtHeart

    I’ve never seen the appeal in Nicki and Drake either, but I do have to say that I see her throwing a lot of shade…

  • ugh

    Yes. I’m sure their music does not relate to you or your white friends. Her shitty song doesn’t relate to me or the people I know; guess that makes her irrelevant as well.

    • GentileJewel

      Excuse! Me!??

    • lols

      I think what she meant was that most people are not crazy fucking rich that like ostentation everywhere, riding expensive cars and shit. which is what most rappers talk about. What she’s saying is right, unless you’re actually crazy fucking rich.

      • ashleyofcourse

        no i get what ‘ugh’ is saying. to lorde that music is irrelevant, but to others who are into that genre, they dont care. they like it anyway. whether they are rich or not. and thats fine. music doesnt have to relate to others to be great. for some people its just the beat, the sound. to others its the lyrics. relevancy is subjective. i have nothing against lorde drake or nicki, cause i dont listen to any of them. so technically in my perspective, lorde is irrelevant too. so really its not wise for her to say that.
        lorde needs to chill with the shade lol girl just got here!

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    she has thrown so much shade to last us a thousand winters… god damn, it’s soo cold in here.

    • LikeICare

      im laughing so hard omg

    • ashleyofcourse

      daammnnn lmfaoo

  • cerenagee

    i don’t think shes saying that THEY are irrelevant at all. Shes saying the shit they rap about it. And she is right. I love Drake and I always will but sorry I dont listen to his raps because they are life changing or relateable

  • true

    but drake has tons of songs that are meaningful and actually tell a story and tell HIS story. (nicki minaj is shit tho i agree with her on that). TBH i think she should be talking about the RADIO that only plays meaningless songs over and over (literally the same songs all day) to brainwashing you into thinking they’re actually good, when really you cant relate to a lot of them at all and with mediocre vocals too.

    • cerenagee

      honestly before nicki minaj went all attention whore cray she had some meaningful as songs. Autobiography by her made me cry. It was super personal

  • moi

    I think she should stop naming names, “hate the game not the player”. She has a point quite often with what she says, but as long as she attacks specific people she will never stop looking like a hater, I don’t understand if this is a publicity choice or if she genuinely believe that she’s in the position of keep spitting out other people’s names and judge them as if she knew anything about them. I for one know very little about Nicky and nothing about Drake and this doesn’t stop me from finding what Lorde is doing incredibly annoying.

  • J

    Why do you always do this, OceanUp? She didn’t say that Drake & Nicki Minaj are irrelevant. She said what they sing about is irrelevant to her, which makes sense since she is a 17 year old from a small town in New Zealand! Stop putting words in people’s mouths. It’s ridiculous.

  • parishiltonsbff

    you could land a plane in between her eyes.

  • Delle

    Her song royal is completely irrelevant to 90% of us too. So she hasn’t really done shit.

    • amy

      How is a song about living an average life void of opulence irrelevant to 90% of people. Do you think that the majority of people in the world live the life talked about in rap songs and that Lorde is commenting on?

      • ashleyofcourse

        royal is irrelevant to 90% of her generation cause most of them spend their time trying to be royal and watching E! news catching up on others love affairs. truly a lot of people would not identify with that song hahaha IE everyone who goes on OU.

  • LikeICare

    OU u lil shit that title ain’t relevant

  • Cici

    She is right mostly..Drake raps about real shit sometimes. But She needs to leave names out of her mouth is she wants to get work in the future.



  • Julia

    says the most irrelevant artists out there at the moment. Get back to us when you’ve had more than just one song out in the charts.

  • leggoofmahmeggo

    So what if their music isn’t ‘relevant’ in your eyes? Does every song have to have a deep meaning behind it? No, I’m not saying Drake and Nicki are the most amazing artists, I don’t listen to them. I just don’t get why you can’t just listen to music without trying to find a deep meaning.

  • Courtney

    ugh, im so sick of Lorde shitting on all the other musicians and thinking she’s knows better than everyone else. selena, taylor, david guetta, drake, nicki minaj.. etc. for someone who’s just started out, i think it may have already gone to her head. it may not be “relevant” to you but not all music has to be serious shit, lighten up. geeez.

  • Silver

    What the hell is up with this kid?

  • IGround

    Sorry, but she has talked really highly about Nikki Minaj in the past ON VIDEO. I don’t buy this bull. It looks made up or taken out of context.

  • ty

    well she is sooooooo fucking mean to everyone

  • Just Another Reader

    How can she say what they rap about is irrelevant. As an artist she should know that when inspiration hits, you don’t think about who’s going to listen, you think about the music and hope someone can connect/relate to it. If that was the case. music without words (Electronic, classical, some jazz) would be irrelevant. Yes, she didnt relate but that doesn’t mean no one else did.

    Personally, i think she should stop naming names. Yes she is entitled to her opinion and more power to her but in the music industry today, its about who you know. It’s sad to say but talent no longer plays a role in your success.