Louis ‘Larry Rumor F*cking Annoyance’

larry-ama-loversOne Direction talks about Larry Stylinson and gay rumors to News.Com.AU. Zayn: ‘We’ve all dwelt on some conspiracy theory at some point. Thought something was real.’ Louis: ‘The psychology behind the theories are very interesting.’ Louis on Larry Stylinson: ‘That’s a f—-ing annoyance. I wouldn’t say it was impressive. I’d say it was f—ing annoying.’ Harry was sick and not at the interview so he couldn’t respond.

Also Louis & Eleanor are NOT ENGAGED! Louis told METRO: ‘Zayn’s decisions are his own. We’ve all congratulated him on it but as far as I am in my relationship, I’m cool for now. I think most people are the marrying kind, I just don’t know when yet. I still feel young.’

Liam on crazy fans: ‘I don’t mean this in a disrespectful way, but being famous meant something different a few years back. With Twitter, if we go to the shops now, you have one picture and it gets Tweeted that’s you done for the day and you’re stuck with people following you around. We are normal lads, we do want our privacy sometimes, let off a bit of steam instead of being in the public eye constantly. Have the freedom to stand and pick your nose.’

Niall: ‘You just have to get out. There’s no point living as a prisoner in your hotel. Even if they are nice hotels.’ On new album, not wanting to rehash and old album: ‘The fans don’t want to be listening to the same tunes, we wanted to give them something to look forward to every year.’

Simon told Billboard said that 1D will breakup eventually: ‘Eventually they probably will split up and maybe want to have their own careers. The choice is theirs, we’ve got the opportunity to do both. But from what I hear, they’re really enjoying what they’re doing. We don’t feel there’s anything wrong. They’re getting more time off, I hope they stay a band for a long time.’

FULL North America tour dates under!

Aug. 1, 2014: Toronto — Rogers Centre

Aug. 4, 2014: East Rutherford, N.J. — MetLife Stadium

Aug. 7, 2014: Foxboro, Mass. — Gillette Stadium

Aug. 11, 2014: Washington, D.C. — Nationals Park

Aug. 13, 2014: Philadelphia — Lincoln Financial Field

Aug. 16, 2014: Detroit — Ford Field

Aug. 19, 2014: Nashville — LP Field

Aug. 22, 2014: Houston — Reliant Stadium

Aug. 24, 2014: Arlington, Texas — AT&T Stadium

Aug. 27, 2014: St. Louis — Edward Jones Dome

Aug. 29, 2014: Chicago — Soldier Field

Sept. 12, 2014: Pasadena, Calif. — Rose Bowl

Sept. 16, 2014: Phoenix — University of Phoenix Stadium

Sept. 19, 2014: El Paso, Texas — Sun Bowl Stadium

Sept. 21, 2014: San Antonio — Alamodome

Sept. 23, 2014: Tulsa, Okla. — Bok Center

Sept. 25, 2014: New Orleans — Mercedes-Benz Superdome

Sept. 27, 2014: Charlotte, N.C. — Pavilion

Oct. 1, 2014: Atlanta — Georgia Dome

Oct. 3, 2014: Tampa, Fla. — Raymond James Stadium

Oct. 5, 2014: Miami — Sun Life Stadium

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  • LikeICare

    It doesn’t sound like they’re talking about Larry rumors.. sounds like Illuminati lmfao

  • Duckyhoward15

    Harry is on a vocal rest :(

  • Siel

    Why is he so angry?

    Does he have something to hide?

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      oh honey he gay/bisexual. If not, he is straight, who had fallen in love with a gay/bisexual. It happens… look at Brokeback Mountain.

    • Laura

      he is angry because people wont leave him alone, if he talks to harry its oh they are madly in love, he just wants to be happy with his girlfriend without his obsessed larry shippers bothering him, ive got no problem you shipping them but stop outing him when its his decision

      • in jesus name i pray amen

        it’s like they are tiptoeing around each other constantly trying to avoid each other nowadays and it’s noticeable as fuck. no more interviews together. avoids screentime together, unless its a group. like all the precautions are like out of this world, meanwhile the other members are like whatever

    • moi

      Truth is, he is NOT angry, has anyone ever heard Louis complain about Larry shippers in person/video? No. Only in printed interviews and once on twitter, he’s obviously NOT the one making a fuss about it.

  • K

    He gives too many f*cks

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    OH MY GOD…. the post pic. omg. they still love each other but know they can’t anymore bc of public scrutiny

    • Laura

      ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME, can they look at each other anymore, no wonder he is so mad everything they do gets scrutinized, he breathes and you think its because harry is thinking of him. jeez

      • K

        -.- You are either too young or too stupid to get her/his joke.

      • in jesus name i pray amen

        no they cant bc they purposefully avoid it so much that now it’s even more suspicious tbqh… the entire 1d day was basically them avoiding each other lol

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    okay people always get me twisted for being a Larry shipper… im not. Im a supporter of the truth! I honestly just want them to admit that they totally had a THING back in the day. There’s too much evidence to not admit to it…

    • lolumadhuh


    • A.U.

      Its doesn’t matter if they had a relationship or not,because its non of the fans business. Its their business and its their choice whether to say out to the public if they were in a relationship. Just let them be.

  • Laura

    why is it everyone has to get them together, Louis says he doesn’t like it and he isn’t gay and all of a sudden people have to think oh he is hiding something or the photo they looked at each other they are madly in love, they cant laugh, smile, talk or stand next to each other without being told they are in love with each other and its fucking ridiculous.. I think you need to realize you cant make someone gay no matter what you want and you cant decide if they are just bc you want them to be. grow up and leave the boys alone just for once.

  • anon

    It seems to me that HE IS THE ANNOYING ONE, he needs to chill the fuck out, who the fuck cares, does he ever ask himself who the fuck cares? He was so sleeping around with Harry for like 2 years before the name calling started to touch his last nerve. Angry closeted man obviously bitter. Hope he can find happiness and peace within himself.

    • A.U.

      Well, if is to the point where they start calling his girlfriend fake and a beard and being rude to his family, then it does get annoying to not only him but to his family and his closest friends. And we are not talking about one person shipping them, its several people trying to ship Larry. How would you feel if people you do not know, tried to ship you with your best friend? It would definitely get annoying. Anyways, whether they are gay or not, it non of our business.

    • lolumadhuh

      stfu. if people were always harrassing you about fucking some you weren’t fucking you’d be pissed to. fuck off.

  • Rosemary

    Wouldn’t you guys get annoyed too if you’re asked the same question over and over again when you know it’s not true? I would.

  • Clauber

    Let them be

  • Justlaughoxo

    Seriously the beard shit with eleanor started again and they’re calling it a shavemybeardparty. I thinks its pretty fucking pathetic. I support Louis decisions all the way. But seriously let them be friends again!!! Pleaseee! And to all the fucktards who think they are freaking dating, and are harassing Eleanor, you can fuck off. It’s none of your business anyway! Buzz off!