Maia Mitchell Jesse McCartney AMA ’13

More Celebs at The 2013 American Music Awards in LAPhotos: FameFlynet. + Jordin Sparks, Lil Mama & Brandi Cyrus.


  • in jesus name i pray amen

    who is lil mama? how many kids does she have? she doesnt look that little. Is she trying to be like lil kim with that hoe makeup & ridiculous outfit?

    • cerenagee

      shes from teen beach movie

    • oh

      did you even watch the awards or…??? she was the one with tlc at the end. or do you not know who tlc is either? kids these days.

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    Jesse McCartney’s crows feet are out of this world! boy needs botox for xmas :X

    • Lillly

      I like seeing celebrities age naturally because it’s human to do so. So many of them fuck their faces up trying to fight age. It’s not worth it. Just accept you get old, wrinkly, & die.

  • Dara

    Who is she? I’ve never seen her before

  • blushingjuliet

    who? who? and who?

  • cerenagee

    wow she looks stunning!! at first gkance i thought it was selena gomez

    • leggoofmahmeggo

      She does look fantastic. Very classy and sophisticated.

  • smb

    Wow, I gotta say one thing for the Aussies, they know who to grow some good looking people.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    She looks beautiful and I’m loving those shoes.