Selena Gomez Kissed By A Male Fan

selena-kissed-by-cute-male-fanMeet & Greet pix from Minneapolis and Indianapolis!


  • RedneckAtHeart

    No wonder she’s always sick lol.

  • Lucy

    She’s so pwettyyyyy

  • blushingjuliet

    selena time to put down that hamburger & get a gym membership girlfriend

    • where is the love

      not really funny considering how many girls have body image issues nowadays. you can obviously tell that she’s wearing an oversized sweater and staying comfortable. and even if she was that size so what? she can eat a damn burger if she wants stop shaming people because they dont fit your standards on how they should look. and i would say this same exact post to you no matter who you meant your comment for.

      • blushingjuliet

        girl i’m just trynna get her healthy. you need to calm down.

        • LikeICare

          I hope you never have to tell a family member to get healthy because when you do that you’re not supposed to be rude.
          It’s not funny.

  • getlikemiley


  • boystan


  • Courtney

    stop with the duck face already Selena.

  • Silver

    And the fan never washed his mouth… ever again… :)