Selena The Getaway Biggest US Failure

selena-chrisAccording to Forbes, Selena Gomez‘s film The Getaway was one of the biggest failures of 2013 in the US with a return of only 58% of the amount spent to produce it. Cost: $ 18 million Box Office: $ 10.5 million Return: 58%.

However, the film did okay internationally debuting in Saudi Arabia at #1. The money will likely NOT lose money for the company due to adequate success overseas. Did YOU see The Getaway?

Selena pictured with backup dancer Chris Castillo at the Stars Dance farewell party + Rosemount, Illinois meet and greet pix. In 2014, she will head to Asia, Australia and Brazil.

  • ayy lmao

    I’m shoked

    • Clauber

      Not a surprise for me

  • bahahaha

    wow i thought it was an oscar worthy movie! hahahahahahah.. and who is selena slaying again?

    • :)

      Her fans kept bragging on how she was working with Oscar winners, well, you see where that got her.

  • johnny

    ehh. The movie was a average over the top action movie with two unrecognizable not really mainstream actors leading the movie. It actually had great elements that were not used and over looked. Selena’s character was annoying not her acting necessarily. But Selena is one of the few tween stars not to milk her teen stardom with a slew of teen girl flicks she only did Monte Carlo. This may help her to continue to get roles.

  • jix

    lol girl can’t sing and perform properly and now can’t act too and her movies are flopping. She’s such a mediocre artist in every way. Queen of flops. That’s what she gets for trying to do both things at the same time, now she isn’t good at anything.

  • likewhoa

    She did such wrong choices in her career I can’t even. If she had gone to acting more she’d probably be getting better roles. She insisted on singing, tho, which is something everyone knows she’s not good at, or she wouldn’t do it just “for fun”. But again, she may not be the very good actress we thought she was out of Disney. I can soon see the end of her career coming, what a joke.

    • Rosemary

      Omg I totally agree!!

  • Sir Doctor of TARDIS

    it’s not Selena’s fault, it’s not ever her fail.. she just acted in the movie, she didn’t direct it or write it. If the movie was a shit there’s nothing to do with Selena, and everybody knows it.. you’re all just looking for an excuse to insult Selena, your life must be sad.

    • anon

      That’s her fault too because she should be smarter to choose her roles. Just look at this director past movies( All of them was flops. She probably did accept the role because Ethan Hawke was in it, but that shouldn’t be enough. But guess she learnt her lesson, I hope.

      • Clauber

        She cant choose a great role, she is not Meryl Streep or Anne Hathaway… she is starting, come on go to see old movies and youre going to find great actors in the most random movies of 80’s

      • Sir Doctor of TARDIS

        no, an actor doesn’t choose a role to win an oscar or shit like that.. they do it to grow up as an artist. Selena said “no” to so many important roles, if that’s what she want to do with her career then that’s her problem, not yours.. i believe in what she does, it’s her life after all

    • anon
    • you’re an idiot

      lol you’re kidding right? actors promote their movies when it’s about to come out all over the US & overseas.. so yes it is selena’s fault for the movie flop. she doesn’t have enough fans to go support her. sad but true. it’s all in the numbers buddy!

      • sl

        If a movie is bad it does not matter if the actor has a big fanbase, they will not see that. Proof is that Miley’s last two movies tanked badly and her fanbase is 3x Selenas.

        • demo

          miley last two movie didn’t tank one she didn’t have any promotion on the movie because liongate didn’t have the funds, and people didn’t even know about the movie the other one was only in limited theathers and also didn’t get any promotion why are you comparing her to miley with no promotion when selena promoted the leaving daylight out of her movies??? also, she not succeeding at anything at least miley is succeeding in music unlike don’t even bring miley up because unless you are ready to throw the real reason this was unnecessary to bring miley up she the worst person to compare selena with because miley beats her in everything. compare selena with someone who she can have a fighting chance.

      • Sir Doctor of TARDIS

        lots of amazing and worldwide famous actors acted in really shitty movies and it doesn’t matter how great the actors were, the movies failed too.. how many fans she have is no relevant, i see you don’t even understand how’s being an artist..

      • :)

        The majority of her fans are under the age of 18. Maybe she should consider going back to the disney assembly line.

    • Clauber

      Yes, but people dont understand this point. A lot of great actors made bad movies too, SO its not a surprise she is just starting gosh she was doing just kid movies, needs a lot of hard work to get a great role,

  • dlovCyr

    Oh it came out already?

  • javi g

    i always blame every body when movies tank at the box office. also her for choosing an action movie instead of more indie films. i blame the producers for not promoting the movie right. i blame joel silver an awesome producer but this time he sucked at choosing the director. also with selena’s looks she should be in family films or playing a college student. and they chose ethan hawk a guy who hasn’t had much success in films lately. i say make a few respectable indie films thats a good way to continue a film career.

  • gg

    Rooney Mara preparing for a role: learned how to ride a motorcycle, studied kickboxing, brushed up on computer hacking and took skateboarding lessons.

    Michelle Williams for “My Week with Marilyn”: spent six months in deepest Marilyn-a-philia training her movements over and over.

    Selena Gomez preparing for a role: has concerts until the day before then she goes to the movie set as going to a photoshoot

    And people ask why she is not taken seriously

  • Rosemary

    Oh Selena.

  • Rosemary

    I did NOT see The Getaway nor do I ever plan on watching the movie. I don’t support that kind of behavior.

  • Clauber

    What did they expect? Random actors, a movie needs at least one known actor to be considered for the public.

    She can be a better actress but needs to stop singing

  • PshPlease

    How exactly is it her fail? she didnt even have a proper name in the movie.

  • true

    you guys act like she should be starring in award winning films at the start. most famous actors have had many flops especially early in their careers. she is young and out of disney that right there is already 2 strikes to the acting world. plus she is now considered a pop singer theres her third. she needs to STUDY acting and perfecting her craft. i wish she would get her shit together and take it seriously because the acting world does not play. theres a lot of bullshit that happens (casting couch) probably why shes turned down “good” roles. she needs to do more indie films. if she tries and takes initiative she can actually succeed. dont half-ass it selena.

  • cerenagee

    whatever. even if her movie flopped shes still trying. i love sel no matter what….well until she goes miley cray ;)

    • Silver

      And besides, she is just starting. A lot of A list actors were in the most silly roles ever back in their day, even Meryl Streep herself.
      Selena will be fine and the reason the movie flopped was the director and the writers not the actors. The actors actually somewhat saved it from total failure.

      • cerenagee

        I didn’t see the movie so I can’t really comment on it but I agree with everything else. Everyone starts at the bottom first.

  • LMFAO!!

    Just another case of a pretentious pop star trying to act. Look at when Britney tried to act, it flopped hard.

  • Asdfghjkl