Vanessa Hudgens Gimme Shelter Trailer

Gimmie Shelter hits theaters on Jan. 24, 2014. The film on pregnant 16-year-old Agnes ‘Apple’ Bailey (Hudgens) through the struggle for survival and the hope of redemption through the harsh realities of life on the streets. As a pregnant teenager, Apple’s journey plummets her into a perilous struggle until finding salvation in a suburban shelter for homeless teens.

With provisions of unprecedented comfort, a collective sisterhood connection and female empowerment, the shelter elevates Apple to break the shackles of her past and inspires her to embrace the future with clarity, maturity and hope not only for herself but her unborn child. Oscar nomination?!

  • ew

    this looks terrible. she can’t act. and she better pray she doesn’t get overweight in any way, cause she’d be uglier than she is. same goes for her sister.

  • Emmy

    I keep rooting for her. She’s doing a lovely job and I hope she starts getting greater and greater opportunities. I believe in her talent.

  • chloe

    She is literally such an amazing actress, this looks incredible.

  • Alii


  • Cici

    A must see! Wow..I have chills.

  • Dara

    Wow…. I’m…. actually speechless. I was not expecting that AT ALL.

  • anon

    Look very good!

  • cerenagee

    wow that trailer was amazing. vanessa has truly grown as an actor. that trailer made me tear up. i cant wait for it to come out

  • Can do me

    Vanessa will get an Oscar before Selena because unlike Selena, Vanessa doesn’t waste time doing pointless crap music.

    • Silver

      Well she should since she is more talented and is older. Selena isn’t even trying to act in real roles yet… she is still choosing roles that will get her out there – She is literally emulating Vanessa’s career, probably because they have the same representation… remember Beastly (Behaving Badly), Bandslam (Rudderless), Sucker Punch (Getaway) and Spring Breakers… Selena is trying to get a little more experience then she will also star in a serious movie 13 Reasons Why which is pretty much like this one is to Vanessa.
      I love V, and she is going to rock in this movie, I loved the snippet… will definitely watch it. No doubt about that.

      • A Cat

        Those movies are nothing alike..

        • Silver

          Where did I go wrong?

          Beastly is a romantic teen comedy and so is Behaving Badly.

          Bandslam is a musical and so is Rudderless.

          Sucker Punch is action and so is Getaway.

          And they both did Spring Breakers… where did I go wrong?

    • Jen

      you clearly did not here Vanessa’s last album..

      • Godney

        Vanessa’s last album was horrible produced , it was way less about her singing. It was really sad because she does have a really good voice.

        But her first album its amazing!!! Gotta love it.

        (Still love Did it ever cross your mind tho)

  • Alz

    This obviously looks like a very good movie, great story, and amazing actors in this. Vanessas acting looks OK, but, i just…i can’t take her seriously! Sorry Vanessa!

  • Godney

    If this is a good as The Frozen Ground i am SO watching this!!

  • Ninjya

    yes!I’ve waited so long for this

  • Bs

    Looks amazing.
    Shes doing great. Just remember a few years ago she was in HSM now shes acting in such movies.
    Stop hating.
    Nobody is forecing you towatch anyway duh