Ariana Grande Rules AMA Twitter Traffic

American Music Awards dominated Nielsen’s Twitter TV Ratings for the week of Nov. 18-24 as more than 7.6 million tweets went out during the broadcast and were read by an audience of 10.23 million.

The top three moments in Twitter activity came with Taylor Swift receiving artist of the year (71,365 tweets per minute); Miley Cyrus’s show-closing performance (64,929 tweets per minute); and Lady Gaga’s performance (41,571 tweets per minute).

Ariana Grande dominated overall Twitter activity with the most mentions. Grande was mentioned in 231,966 tweets, more than double the second most mentioned, One Direction’s Niall Horan, who snared 108,969 mentions, topping Cyrus by a mere 433 tweets.

  • Rosemary

    I don’t really understand why she’s so popular. I’ve always gotten a bad vibe from her. But then again, a lot of people support celebrities who shouldn’t even be famous

    • anon

      Because she sings similar to Mariah and Mariah sold 200 million of albums for you to see how much people love this kind of voice.

    • Silver

      She has a nice voice and is part of Bieber’s army…

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    I love her voice but just like @disqus_Ir9c5bU70B:disqus said her vibe (at least from some people’s perspective) is bad. I just can’t seem to figure it out.

  • Alii

    Idk. I like her a lot.

  • boystan

    i can’t stop watching her performance

  • javi g

    she’s a really good singer. and her performance was incredible. I’m starting to like this girl even more. she doesn’t need gimmicks or anything to do a great show. real,fake or whatever the girl can sing. and i do hope that she stays in the right direction. hell I’m going to say she’s 100 times better than miley cyrus.