Justin Bieber STD Test After Brothel Visit

justin-bieber-std-testPattie Mallette is insisting Justin Bieber take an STD after being ‘mortified’ that he visited a brothel in Brazil. Insider revealed about anti-abortion Christian Pattie’s feelings of Bieby’s detestable sin:

‘His mom is mad and is insisting he takes the tests. She is hoping it scares him so he does not do this again. And if he does, he will use protection.’ NOTE: Sexy ‘All That Matters’ music video clip under!

UPDATE: Justin Bieber was once again caught by paparazzi with graffiti on city streets everywhere with his tourmates at a nearby hotel they are staying in the city of Brisbane, Australia, where the star will perform. Pix HERE!

Just hours after his arrival in Brisbane on Sunday night, Bieber headed straight to Sin City nightclub where his every need was overseen by VIP host Charlie Embley who excitedly posted on Facebook, ‘Partied with Justin Bieber at Sin City The Nightclub Gold Coast, then at his private after party until early hours of the morning! ..Watch out he’s in party mode until his concert this Wednesday!’

According to Radar Online, he hosted a private party at a penthouse on Surfers Paradise beach in the Moroccan complex with ‘dozens of scantily clad women, loud music and strobe lights, and multiple guards at the entrance to the resort and floor.’

Staff from the nearby Vanity nightclub were spotted ferrying carts of liquor bottles up to the party. Bieber reportedly transferred to the QT Hotel on Tuesday, the day of his first Brisbane concert.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Now how would you know this, OU?
    And ew he needs to pull up his pants. I’m sure he is using protection, sometimes y’all are so childishly malign.

  • anon

    If that’s the video the song should be Hold Tight.

    • Yerrt

      All That Matters isn’t a sexual song therefore the music video should be more about love rather than sex. But sex sells which Bieber shouldn’t do too much of because he’s gonna look like an animal rather than an artist.

  • ….

    Seriuosly, how can you even walk in those pants when they are dragging like that?? He looks like a baby that has poop in his diaper! I’m not too fond of him, but I would just try and help him pick up his pants!! UGH!!!

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  • cerenagee

    what in the actual fuck? pull your god damn pants up omg it is so unnecessarrryy for them to be sagging that freakin much