Miley Built 25K Teepee In Her Backyard

miley-cyrus-teepee (1)Pothead Miley Ray Cyrus built a giant teepee in the backyard of her Studio City home to celebrate her 21st birthday. The teepee, which sleeps up to four people, costs $25,000. It was possibly erected for friends to sleepover after her party or to just smoke pot in.

  • RedneckAtHeart

    That is so for her and her friends to get baked in lol.

    • Nat

      i was thinking the same exact thing! lol

  • Fedup

    if you jackasses on this site would learn about the Cyrus family tree and their life you would see that the teepee has more meaning than that to her family instead of all this narrow-minded bullshit you keep posting

    • :)

      Amen!!!!!!! Let’s not forget who we’re dealing with though. They have the mentality of a 6yr. old. Which matches more than half the people on this site.

  • Boo

    Why are you reporting on what’s going on in her private residance?

  • guest

    It was a gift from her mother on her birthday. It is similar to one the family has on their farm in Tennessee.

  • boystan

    i sleep there