Miley Cyrus Feelin’ Myself Music Video

Featuring Will.I.Am.

  • lols

    Boring. I’m just sick of Miley featuring in these rap songs, I hate it.

    • :)

      Then don’t watch them.

  • Jackie

    Will.I.Am. is a joke now with his new ‘music’. This video is a joke and egotistical. Miley’s delusion that she can rap and fits the genre of hip hop makes her a joke.

  • haha

    These people just want use Miley for success but when it came to her birthday nobody showed up except by Mike Will

    • party

      how u know?

      • Marina And My Diamonds

        They’ve said. It’ s an interview someone around via the Internet. I can’t remember which rapper said it but it went along the lines of “of course, she’s the it girl right now, she’s a factor, of course we want to work with her right now”. It was two rappers actually.

        • RedneckAtHeart

          I think it was Pharell Williams or something that said that. I remember it.

          • Marina And My Diamonds

            Yes he was one of them! Which means it was three rappers I believe now because the other one was Nelly I can’t remember the last one.

          • RedneckAtHeart

            Maybe Wiz?

          • cerenagee

            No I think the 3rd was Snoop

          • Marina And My Diamonds

            I was thinking Wiz or Future or whatever his name is but I think I remember now; it was Kanye!

            or 2 Chainz?

  • Cici

    everything that everyone already said. Truth.

  • RedneckAtHeart

    Well, that was interesting.. I kind of agree with what everyone else said…

    • party

      aww selena fans a ot of people want to work with miley and nobody wants to work with selena why so bitter selena fans jajaja

      • RedneckAtHeart

        Lmfao! Funny how you guys think that anyone that isn’t a fan of Miley is automatically a Selena fan.. Soooo sorry to break your heart, but I’m not a Selena fan either sweetie.. Try something else…

  • cerenagee

    Literally what everyone else said.

    On the plus side, Miley looked sexy. The angle they shot the video made her legs look long and amazing. I like the outfit choice and the way she styled her hair. She actually looked hot and like she had a body in this video.

  • boystan

    2 lazy 2 watch

    • ha

      obviously to spell properly too.

      • boystan


  • Godney

    Can Will.U.Stop fade away already?!

  • Stacey

    I actually really loved it :)