Miley Cyrus ‘Still Pining’ For Liam

miley-liam-piningSource told In Touch Weekly: ‘Miley is desperate to bump into [Liam] and is asking pals what clubs he might go to. Miley became quite tearful and admitted she’s still pining for Liam. She’s been texting him constantly, but he doesn’t respond.

Her friends keep reminding her that her crazy behavior is what drove him away in the first place. She misses him so much. She thought they would be together forever.’ Do YOU think Miley and Liam should get back together?


  • boystan

    get that aussie dick

  • TeamLiamHemsworth

    Nothing has changed. She’s still desperate. Liam wins.

    • :)

      You are so fucking lame if you believe this shit. Oh, by the way, Miley’s the one who’s winning, babe.

  • Cici

    I do…I bet they will get back together in a few years when Miley chills out

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    I believe she loved Nick but Liam was her first true epic kind of love. They might come back to one another. They’ve broken up once before.

    • ghhjgj

      no nick was her true love not liam

  • :)

    Liam handled this whole thing with class without having to go half naked for people to see while she showing her vagina everywhere its so disgusting!!

    • wow

      Oh yeah, real class act. That’s why he was fucking that wench in Vegas and then sucking face with her the day after Miley broke off the engagement. Where’s the wench nowadays?????

      • Cici

        He was a single man. Probably had been for a while. That’s what people do, especially guys. The best way to get over someone is to get under another ;)

        • sel

          I’m sure he was well over her even before the break up was official. He made out with that vegas girl just cuz he wants to and cuz he can ;) boys will be boys though

        • :)

          Well then, Miley was a free woman! Did you see her sucking face with someone for the photogs right after the breakup? If this had been the case y’all would have pulled the ole double slut-shaming shit just like you do now. But it’s Liam, he’s a guy, that’s ok. Nobody knows what happened with these two. Y’all just feed off the BS that the tabloids give ya, smh!

          • Silver

            No actually we saw her slap people’s butts, show parts of her vagina to millions of people and twerk right in front of an eager married man old enough to be her dad….. but yeah, kissing someone after a break up is sooooo wrong #HeavySarcasm.

          • minymax

            well her job is performing but if you want to go there liam touches everyone when he makes his movies plus he kisses them,grab them, grab their butts, hopes on the them and he is half naked in his boxer, and some of those actress are married, so should I go on? because at the end of the day,he does at a lot worse in his movies, so why are you complaining about miley he was naked in a movie we saw him butt naked In his ass, yet miley does worse how so,she not the one wh o cheated it was him!!! and she said it in her song he basically cheated on her and he was holding her down,now that she got rid of his untalented ass she pursued her career and made a huge come back!!! He needed to respect miley not be sucking face with a slut go has a reputation of sleeping around for fame in mexico. Miley still single and she giving her tme to heal that’s what he should have done too.

          • Silver

            First off I have no problem with Miley, so I won’t insult her.
            Second Liam should not do anything as you stated in your last sentence…. he should do what he wants to deal with the break up and if that is get hookers, pee on people or whatever it is, its his choice to do what he wants now same as Miley.

            And lastly acting is exactly that… acting. Being someone else for a few months, doing your job. Whereas performing on stage while entertaining it is also showing who you are even Miley herself said she stopped acting because she was tired of playing other people and said she wants to just be true to herself and express the real person she is through her music. Her choice again. I am just saying don’t throw Liam under the bus…. He did what he had to. And he shouldn’t be accountable to anyone.

          • Cici

            who is “y’all”? I do not fit in anywhere with that. I just pointed out what people do when they break up. Shut the hell up. You are clearly just as passionate as theses other “y’alls”.

          • :)

            Well, if you don’t fit in anywhere with that, why are you so defensive. I’m talking about the people who continue to slam Miley because it makes them feel better about themselves.

  • cerenagee

    I have said it once and I’ll say it again…I really wish they get back together. I thought they were perfect and obviously were very passionate about each other. Just look at this picture. You can see the passion in it. It was an amazing love. I think that when she was with Liam she had her head on straight. She kept it super lowkey and did her thing. Idk why towards the end she decided to become an attention whore.

    • HaylorToU

      I really don’t think Liam will go back after so many ‘things’ that she had ‘done’ with her body. So, no way. If they get back together, then it will be her back to a relationship where she’s way more into him than him to her

      • cerenagee

        I don’t think he will either but I still think it’d be the best for her if they did.

    • :)

      Do you believe this BS of an article?

      • cerenagee

        Idk, I feel like it could be true or it might not. She is obviously very hurt by the situation. Hurt enough to make songs about him so you never know.

        • :)

          Yeah but who doesn’t write songs about their exes. Look at granny Swift.

    • CARRY

      hellooooo she a performer If she don’t get attention her job fails ugh ignorant kids!!!! at least she does it with her own talents and her own ideas and she don’t use people unlike the artist you support!!!

      • cerenagee

        What are you talking about? Like nooo. She is not grabbing attention with her talent. 90% of the attention she is getting is by doing crazy antics, flashing the world and doing stupid stints. I like Miley’s music SO haha idk what you’re talking about

  • HaylorToU

    lol her desperate is showing

  • IDGI

    Back in 2011-2012 when Miley barely had anything to do besides taking pictures of her dog, I just wonder why didn’t she take acting classes by that time? Who knows that might end up being a good thing for her career since I don’t see any future career (at least a positive one) for her prancing around stage almost naked while she can make a good movie and win an Oscar one day. Ain’t being taken seriously as an actress is more better than being a laughing stock in your music career and banging black guys and rappers?

    • kristin6410

      I don’t think shes passionate about acting and she only does things that she is passionate about aka singing

  • LikeICare

    Dunno if this is true or not but it sounds like the image the media created for Taylor Swift like crazy psychotic ex
    Miley you’re not stereotype taylor so stahp.

  • anon

    I don’t think this is true and if it is, there is NO WAY Liam would get back with her, they were NEVER happy, like maybe at the beginning of their relationship they looked happy but they have looked miserable for like 2 years and the last months of their relationship were staged. I have never seen Liam happier than he was at the Catching fire premieres, I am glad he’s out of that relationship, even if I like Miley the character she’s been playing is quite sad and it seemed like she didn’t even respect Liam as a fiance, it must have been hard and annoying for him to watch his future wife like that and as for Miley, I don’t think she loved HIM but the fact that she had him, as a boyfriend you know, she was never able to be without a man, it seems to me that after one year of dating Liam dedicating a song to Nick Jonas was just plain weird, not to mention during her 2011 tour how she would literally break down and cry for Nick, if she was so in love with Liam that wouldn’t have happened. They always looked unhappy together and the way she has been handling herself for the past year is beyond inappropiate for someone who’s in a realtionship. It’s over.

    • tor

      I don’t think miley should go back with him, he seems self centered and selfish, he just wanted miley to be hanging around and serving his every needs, look what she lost all this years for been with liam, she stop making music or movies because of her stupid needs, she pput her career aside to nourished the relationship she gave it her all and that how he repays when she wants to go to work? he cant support her like she did for him? that not fair you ask me she almost lost her career for him, thanks god miley dump his ass. and how she was acting is her job, Jennifer is naked in x man, so please, and liam hellooooooo he was butt naked in movies and he grabs, touch,feel up and makes out with girl on his movie, who wants to be with him??

  • Anonymous

    I think everything happens for a reason and if they are truly meant to be together than in will happen but she shouldn’t force it just let it be.

  • ISeeSparksFly

    Aha, Liam won’t get back with her. I have always said this and I’ll say it again…he never loved her as much as she loved it. At least, it always appeared that way.

    Did you see the pics of the various Catching Fire premieres? He looked pretty damn happy around Josh and Jen. Wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up dating her in the future.

    • I ship Lawsworth! •

      he certainly has a crush on Jen!

  • I ship Lawsworth!

    I think Liam is secretly crushing on Jen Lawrence. He praises her always, thinks very highly of Jen saying she’s beautiful, funny and outgoing.

    • ISeeSparksFly

      Haha, loving your name. ^^

      Anyway, I kinda agree. I don’t necessarily ship them together, but to be completely honest, I think it’ll happen eventually. Jen acts one way with Josh, and then she acts a completely different way with Liam. I think they both make each other nervous, in a good way. At least, that’s what I’ve gotten from their body language and interviews and stuff.

    • demo

      lol jen spokes pot and she just ccopying miley hairstyle and she wored things miley has wored, more like she trying to be miley if you haven’t see it you are blind. I think jen might have a crush on him but I don’t think he likes her that way, with jen I don’t know but she might like his height and how cute he is but pernality wise ehhh. he is kind of boring and he seems cocky probably why she says she ccalls him out. beside he is ungrateful miley help him when he was promoting but he didn’t even bother but hey she don’t need him she is bigger than him in fame, all his movies have failed beside hunger games and that because Jennifer is there and josh, Jennifer has made othe movie have good rating while liam hasn’t! hunger games he was hardly on the first movie.

      • Val

        wow professional achievement have absolutely nothing to do with how Jen and Liam might feel about each other. You’re suggesting is wrong to crushing on someone who doesn’t have no.1 box office movie or no.1 song on billboard? please gtfo with you Miley Christ logic

  • true

    lol please stop. Miley is too busy backing it up cuz she dont give a fuck

  • Jaqui Piloni

    Liam call her to show solidarity for the theft she suffered? Liam called to greet her on her birthday? These details show that he really does not love her. Although I like the couple that made, it’s misleading to be with someone that really don’t love