Spring Breakers Best Photography Nom

selena-gomez-spring-breakers-best-pictureSelena Goddess‘ groundbreaking film Spring Breakers has been nominated for BEST PHOTOGRAPHY at the Independent Spirit Awards! The Independent Spirit Awards honor the achievements of American independent filmmakers and independent films. Winners to be announced on March 1, 2014 in Santa Monica.

Pictured Columbus Meet & Greets and Stars Dance after party!


  • Rosemary

    Definitely ain’t winnin

  • Hash

    Out of everythin that was submitted the only thing nominated was a bunch of picture so girls in bikinis

  • Cici

    Let all the hate commence!

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    I like her face in this pic but the rest no. If you’ve seen the movie her stomach doesn’t even look that toned and her breast are no where near that size. She is beautiful and has a great body, I wish they would stop photoshopping these girls. overall the photos for this movie had its moments but it was like going to the store & walking by a porn magazine, with the chicks nearly naked before you actually open the first page. It wasn’t tasteful to me but who knows, it might win but I don’t see it.

    • meh

      selena’s thigh gap is amazing

      • Marina And My Diamonds

        Selena’s real thigh gap is not that wide. I don’t get the purpose of having one though.

  • John

    Her body is a wonderland

  • javi g

    I’m going to check the other indie spirit nominees. i already own spring breakers and mud. i have to check for other indie films.specialy harmony korin’s work.

  • kdelly

    she’s in the movies for about 20 minutes…..thats does not qualify spring breakers as HER movie

    • anon

      I see you didn’t see the movie. Yes, that is HER movie. Her character is a fundamental part on the movie. But if you mean it is not just hers you’re right. That’s Vanessa, Ashley, Rachel and James Franco movie too. And especially Harmony Korine’s movie.

      • kdelly

        No i definitely saw the movie because i’m a HUGE fan of Harmony’s. I was just pointing out that it isn’t just her’s that there are other characters that play much larger roles in the movie that are more important to the storyline….I guess I should have put “just her movie” I just hate the way Oceanup report on things. their journalism professionalism is very low, unlike many other gossip rags.

    • Marina And My Diamonds

      She’s in the movie for 53 minutes or so and the rest was just the “wanna be gangsta” girls & boys. Personally I don’t think she played a big role they showed the other three girls way more than her.

      • kdelly

        yeah i haven’t seen the movie since it came out on DVD so thats why my times off.

        • Marina And My Diamonds

          Understandable, it took me 4 hours to actually watch the movie because it was just that bad I kept walking away from it. So my time could be just as off.

  • Fog

    This was harmonys worst film. I literally got up and left after they started dancing to that Britney song with the guns. You really have to be insane to think this movie was even good.

    • Silver

      mmm… that is a very weird comment considering it being dubbed as his best yet financially and creatively….

  • boystan

    that movie is so boring though

  • Julia

    It makes me laugh people are hating on her and the structure and subtext of the film, its nominated for BEST PHOTOGRAPHY not best actress or best script or best director. BEST PHOTOGRAPHY so before you go on a rant about how boring it is, its actually nothing to do with her or even what the movie is about.

  • cerenagee

    I think she looks amazingg in this picture. The sad thing is thats not what she really looks like. Her tummy is not that toned whatsoever.

  • A Cat

    People can hate on the actors and the plot all they want but Harmony Korine is a highly respected and clever director who was able to paint our society and teen culture today beautifully. It’s Hollywood so of course the events would be dramatized (not everyone who goes on spring break would get involved with a drug lord, obviously). The cinematography was praised as well as its soundtrack.

    There’s a lot of symbolism as well such as their clothing and the roles the girls play. There was a lot of nudity in the film, it made me uncomfortable at times, but the movie was shot well.