Austin Mahone Wants Kendall Jenner

austin-mahone-kendall-jennerAustin Mahone told E! News about Kendall Jenner: ‘I’m still crushing on Kendall. I’ll treat her right. I really like her. I think she’s beautiful. They’re all gorgeous. It gets a little crazy, a little tense on that show. It’s fun to watch.’

  • Duckyhoward15

    Take her

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      lmfao mfte… go be the new kim & kanye. I hope you make a sex tape you two.

      • Duckyhoward15

        She just needs to stay away from Harry

        • tt

          it’s their life not yours, u dont own harry, sorry

          • Duckyhoward15

            You need to learn to take a joke and you need to figure out what does sarcasm mean baby girl

      • tt

        oh please, harry will have a sex tape with that hooker kendall, because you know he’s addicted to whores like her

        • in jesus name i pray amen

          u mad bro

        • Duckyhoward15

          Lol baby the joke is on you

  • Guest

    First he wanted Selena…now Kendell.This clown wants to date a famous chick to boost his career.He’s the male Selena

  • Dara

    Why would he want a Kardashian/Jenner girl? They are all spoiled brats. Clearly he likes attention whores with dark hair.

    • djnkva

      I see what you did there… because he liked selena at one point. (hence attention whores with dark hair) lol

  • Just my two cents

    I think Austin is cute, but humble he is not. Clearly he wants a good dating publicity and he’s just too young for a lot of famewhores out there now. Austin not used to be like this, I think he got a little arrogant this year especially after he’s more successful than he was last year. Austin don’t degrade yourself especially for the likes of Jenners and Kardashian. And don’t degrade yourself to Selena too. They are all famewhores.

    • Guest

      Selena and Kendell shouldn’t degrade themselves with that pathetic wannabe Bieber fame whore.Real men don’t try to get famous off a women.Selena and Kendell both know how pathetic and desperate he is which is why they wont date him.

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      I agree that he is name dropping for publicity’s sake. Definitely thirsty for attention and trying to coat-tail ride up to stardom… He’s done a pretty good job at it already tbqh.

      I don’t think Selena is as famehungry/whorey as you may describe tho… I do think Justin was genuinely interested in Selena Gomez and pursued her… not viseversa. If you weren’t following Sel’s career nor Justin’s you’ll know and see that Sel only wanted to be friends but Justin was relentless in pursuing her. Sel said multiple times he’s like a littel brother, but Justin totally pushed himself on her. Ppl always think it’s the opposite. But like… chill the fuck off yo! Not a Sel stan… just a stan of truth.

      • HarryCurls

        I remember Selena was thirsty to date Shia Labeouf and Logan Lerman (for publicity reason) so yeah, I think she’s a famewhore. I mean, if she could get Harry, she would. Not to mention she was thirsty for Zayn too.

        • in jesus name i pray amen

          Logan is nowhere NEAR famous tho…. I mean he is definitely very talented, but is almost always overlooked… Shia LeBeouf is so forgettable too! Bad examples imho. Zayn I totally get.. Ryan Gosling/etc okay, but the other two aren’t really SUPER popular ppl.

        • tt

          yes selena and taylor are hollywood’s town bike. everyone gets a ride.

          • Guest

            To be fair to Selena not everyone has gotten a ride on her.Selena calls out a lot of guys but she has only dated a few since she was a teen(Lanther,Jonas,Beiber since she was 15). Most of the guys she calls out know she is a fame whore so they ignore her.

            Swift is one of the biggest whores in Hollywood.

          • anon

            This is retarded. Selena had two boyfriends since 2008. And literally she’s only name dropped Logan Lerman, who is irrelevant and Shia Labeouf who is older and would never date her so stop.

          • Guest

            Selena has name dropped a lot more then that.Just last month she she was showing extreme thirst towards Drake.


            Selena Gomez Has a Crush on Drake

            Goodbye, Justin Bieber! Hello, Drake? During an interview with The TJ Show on 103.3 AMP radio on Friday, Oct. 11, Selena Gomez revealed her new celebrity crush after splitting from Bieber last January.

            The 21-year-old “Come & Get It” singer was in a tell-all mood
            while answering fan questions over the phone. “I just wanted to let you
            know that you’re my boyfriend’s guilty pleasure,” one caller told Gomez.
            “Actually, he’s not even guilty about it. He sometimes refers to you as
            his baby. I was wondering if that makes you uncomfortable or are you
            flattered by that?”

            The former Disney star said she was “super flattered” by it because she
            does it all the time as well — with 26-year-old rapper Drake. “I’m
            like, ‘Awww [Drake] did that for me,’ when it’s like, he did it on
            Twitter,” Gomez confessed. “I’m like, ‘My baby did that for me!'”

        • Guest

          Selena was thiristy for George Shelly,Drake and Zac Effron too

      • anon

        Obviously this is what happened. They were best friends but Justin was obsessed with her since they met and finally got her to give him a chance because he could offer her what she wanted, a nice relationship, a boyfriend who treated her like a princess. People still think she was using him when she actually put up with death threats, endless cyber bullying and even physical harm for him for two years and a half and let him go when he was completely out of control, until then she tolerated whatever. They just call her a famewhore cause she’s had TWO famous boyfriends and hooked up with Taylor Lautner. Ridiculous.

  • xoxo
    • in jesus name i pray amen

      omg lol he’s thirsty.

      • :)

        He’s just acting like a normal 17 year old boy. If you see Kendall’s twitter, there are full of hormonal 17 year old boys who wished to get laid by Kendall. So yeah, call him thirsty but what 17 year old ain’t thirsty to get some?

  • Austin_Mahomie

    You can do better, babe. She’s a stuck up bitch.

  • Oh snap

    At least they are not really different in terms of height unlike Justin who look so funny standing next to Kendall

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    Austin she is yours! Just as long as you get Harry off her nuts… ugh. Not down for Harry & Kendall.

  • anon

    Okay, first of all, Kendall is GORGEOUS, I do think Kylie is a million times hotter but yeah, we all know Kendall is beautiful and she is a good person, like really, they’re all such a fun family, I don’t think she’s a famewhore to be honest, she could’ve milked the Harry thing but instead she immediately cleared things up and said they’re just friends and nothing is going on, which I believe, don’t really think Kendall is Harry’s type and vice versa and as for Austin, he’s always said Kendall and Selena are his celeb crushes, I don’t get what’s wrong with that, they’re both stunning and Selena, no matter what you all think of her, happens to be many famous men’s celeb crush, so stop being judgamental. He seems nice and they would make a cute couple. As for Selena, sucks for you that you keep on bashing her and calling her a famewhore, she is not and she’s still on the game and will be for more years to come, stop.

  • cerenagee

    She looks so gorgeous. Is it just me or does she totally look like she could pass for VAH’s sister?

  • aww

    Austin should take a look at the other Kardashian/Jenner boyfriends and husbands and notice that he is not rich nor successful enough to date one of them. Sorry baby boy!

  • boystan

    he’s ugli though

  • slshdf

    There’s no way Kendall would be interested in this boy.

  • emjonas23

    I ship them so hard! #AusDall! <3