Final Jonas Brothers Songs Released

The final new songs from their unreleased album V, by the broken up Jonas Brothers have been released. Tracks released include: Found, What Do I Mean To You, The World, Wedding Bells (a hymn to Niley) and Neon.

Listen to more below! Now that some of the tracks are out, do YOU think the Jonas Brothers’s album V would have flopped if they released it? Which song is YOUR favorite?

  • asdf

    good thing they broke up, they’re music completely sucks..

    • anon

      OH GO AWAY! idiot

    • anon

      and it’s “their” not “they are”

    • Ana

      If THEIR music sucks, why are u here?

    • Anonymous

      It doesn’t suck, the fact that the songs sound way better live though show that shouldn’t have let nick produce..

    • ghgvh

      sorry but you sucks here you stupid moron bitch

    • Ee

      learn some english stupid

  • XaskTaylorX

    What about songs such as “Meet You in Paris?” So much for that! Hopefully there’s more and you missed some OU. =|

    • Selena

      I hate to say it, but unfortunately that’s all we got… Unless someone could hack the Jonas Brothers’ account and release the rest of the songs or Nick grows a heart and puts them out we will forever have to imagine what it would be like :/

      • XaskTaylorX

        Stupid decision to not release all of the songs that they supposedly worked “hard” on.

  • TeamJonas

    I love them but their songs in V is suck, thx God their broke up early, I mean who change their music is totally the motherfucker one! (maybe it’s nick)

    • Leeann

      WHATEVER you can’t say you’re “team jonas” then write “thank god they broke up” that means you are fake.NO fan would wish that! and stop blaming every freaking thing on Nick geez.They are a band of brothers! and they all decide things in in the end,not just Nick

      • Anonymous

        You do realize it is possible to not like a song of your favorite artist right? It’s not called being fake at least shes being honest.

      • anonny

        No, a true fan could actually wish ‘they break up’ if it’s the right thing for them. I mean, while they were ‘on break’ a lot of new stars came out and made it successfully. the least they could do, was to come back with a BIG HIT. That’s why I think it was better for them to break up RIGHT NOW. However I still like What do I mean to you and wedding bells

  • Stacey

    I wanted to hear sandbox! :/ or Meet You in Paris,songs we have not heard yet.Anyways,I’m loving the songs,they are SO GOOD.I love Neon,Found and The World

    • anonymous

      Maybe they didn’t like something about how the songs came out,so are releasing songs they are somewhat comfortable with releasing.Idk they said there was musical differences,but only they will know what happened

      • ashleyofcourse

        i know what happened between the jonas brothers.


  • Marina And My Diamonds

    This shit just makes me even more sad. They had such good taste in making their music. Like Paranoid, Love bug, Black Keys, Give Love A Try, Burnin’ Up, Fly With Me, When You Look Me In The Eyes, etc etc etc. I watched their 3D concert every time it came on TV. They have so much potential, why didn’t they just try harder.

    • anon

      I disagree,i love the new songs that would of been on V.You obviously just don’t see it :)

      • Marina And My Diamonds

        You misinterpreted my comment, I wasn’t saying the songs are bad I was saying that their change of music was an 180 & too many people didn’t relate to it or just weren’t feeling it. What I “obviously” do see is that there was an error and they chose the latter.

        Also when I said “this shit just makes me even more sad” I was talking about this being their final songs together. I listed some of their other songs because that was THEIR sound and people knew it and & related to it.

  • Anonymous90

    Love the songs! but I wanted to hear Sandbox too.I also heard Don’t Say got released,does anyone know if that’s true,and is there a link? please share!!

    • Sarah

      It’s not true. :/

  • emjonas23

    MEET YOU IN PARIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous90

    I love Neon! i wished they had made that song or The World a single!!

  • annalynn

    I wish I was a team jonas member,but atleast the songs got leaked,and everyone gets to hear the new songs live in the studio whoop

  • Julia

    What Do I Mean To You will be the death of me!! So glad we got a Studio version or that!! and Found!!!

  • Cici

    I would have been all over this when it was released! They should have kept it together until this album released. It’s REALLY great. & honestly these songs alone are a lot better than the two they put out as singles…maybe they should have rethought that part out :/ Damn.

  • Naomi


  • cassy

    Neon Neon give me a sign Neon nah nah nah .. I have this song stuck in my head again.I haven’t listened to it in ages haha xD

  • anonymous

    The World should of been a single instead of Pom Poms

  • Silver

    The lyrics are good… only heard Wedding Bells. Better than Justin Bieber’s recent lyrics in my opinion. They wrote it themselves?

  • JJ456

    So of course Nick and his mega ego put his two solo songs, WHY are they still putting him in charge? and why so many old songs live and not new songs like “Let’s go” etc? Joe still sounds like an angel, I love his voice.
    Listening to the new songs proves to me that making Nick the musical producer was a HUGE mistake, they sound home made.

    • Trishia

      Stop acting like you know what went on between him and his brothers.That’s your opinion,it doesn’t mean it’s correct.Maybe they all decided what songs to release.Nick only helped produce the album,he doesn’t make all the decisions.Nick is a brilliant producer,just remember get are releasing a live studio version.This is not how it would sound on the actual album.So stop with the negativity

      • Trishia

        *they are releasing

        • Anon

          Those are the studio versions of Found, Wedding Bells, neon, what do I mean to you and the world.

  • A pissed anon


  • Anonymous

    The production of the songs kinda sucks. Eh Nick please. Stick to playing instruments and singing

  • jsdnsss

    I love thisssss

  • JJ

    II was such a huge Jonas fan when I was younger but I wasn’t feeling their music for al ong time. But I’m pretty sure that I could’ve really gotten into this. Such a shame. I’m so sad.

  • anon

    I think the production on Neon and Found are just fine. But WDIMTY shows why I think there was a musical rift. It’s an electric, clangy mess. I think Nick wanted to go more rock and Joe wanted more electronic since he’s into all that DJ music, and they just can’t get past that.

    • Anon

      Yeah Joe likes electronic music and indie music as well. But it isn’t the direction of the music that’s the problem it’s the fake sounding voices like auto tuned idk sound and all the effects. Nick just should take classes or something.

      • XaskTaylorX

        So Kevin didnt get a say with the music? =

    • iajajai

      joe didn’t write WDIMTY,though

  • Ys

    The world and neon could have possibly been some what good singles. The others really are nothing special. Their vocals sound awful in some of the songs. But I can’t complain. At least we got something.

  • Lindsay

    Seriously why is everyone bitching about Nick. I just listened to wedding bells and it was REALLY good. If Nick made the album he can release whatever songs he likes best. Or choose not to release at all… perks of being a producer. Joe and Kevin did not produce this. Look things didn’t work out at Columbia and things didn’t work out at Hollywood. if Nick didn’t produce this no one would have. I for one am grateful.

    • Anon

      But they sound better live, so it’s a good thing because they’re talented and bad because the production wasn’t good in some cases and I won’t solely blame Nick because I know Paul was producing with nick

      • Lindsay

        I disagree. I like the production…. apart from wdimty which i never liked to begin with. I thought it was trying too hard and i think the production parallels that. I mean the entrance of the violins after the bridge of Wedding Bells though… on point.

        • anon

          it sounds over produced idk, apart from found, neon and the world. It’s not that the songs are bad cause they are good and great live, but the studio versions just i cant get into. Or maybe it’s cause we got to use to hearing them live that they sound so weird? at least we agree that wdimty is too overproduced!

          • anon

            wait no i dont like neon live or studio version erase that!

  • Katie

    How do I download these?

    • laura :)

    • jenn

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    There is no consistency in their music at all… Found is flawless tho. But What Do I Mean To You is just like… where did that come from? and then you have songs like Wedding Bells. Their sound in these songs are all over the place and very inconsistent.

    • ashleyofcourse

      but the thing i dont get is why that should matter so much. critics might get on them for that but there alot of people out there who actually dont care. so long as the song is good. id rather get a ton of different themes in a CD to be honest. ive never really been fond of the ‘one sound’ ideal.

  • Amanda

    WHY WHY WHY!?!? Im so sad, i love these boys and these songs.

  • ashleyofcourse
  • K

    I still love Wedding Bells!!!

  • Rosemary

    Wedding Bells!!! Looove that song


    sad that we’ll never hear kevin on the radio eve again :

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      funny how one’s sadness is another’s blessing. #sorryimnotsorry LMFAO…..

  • Hendrix

    IN the song NEON what is the dialogue that is happening in the background…says something about a gas that was discovered …and then it says the latin word means “new world” ? What is that from or about…and what is the purpose of it in the song?

    • anon

      Neon is an atom in the periodic table. I would have to hear the song again to understand what the song means, but I think it’s a love song?

  • anon

    i never understood what sophisticated california meant in Found

  • anon
  • anon
  • anon
  • anon

    i really wanted to hear dont say, it sounded really good live. :/

  • ty

    they was doing mature songs for adults fans jonas brothers they have

  • lols

    Wedding Bells – perfection! I mean, thank God they released it, or I’d kill Nick. Niley <3 :D lmao

  • jb


  • Rosemary

    Im soooo happy they decided to release these!!

    • Rosemary

      wait, never mind.

      • in jesus name i pray amen

        lmfao that was fast

  • Guest

    this breaks my heart, i hate to say it but them breaking up was honestly the best. the album would have flopped

  • cerenagee

    I wasnt sure how I felt about it at first but I’m kinda into it. Idk I think I need to listen to them a few more times.

  • Just Another Reader

    i love these! mainly Nick’s parts, i think over the years, Joe has been struggling to keep up with Nick vocally. Can’t wait for Nick’s solo album!

  • JJ456

    I think this tweet sums up my feelings: “these songs are basically nick jonas featuring a few vocals from joe jonas and guitar by kevin jonas lol.”