Justin Bieber Crying + Surfing Australia

justin-bieber-cryingjustin-bieber-surfingbiebersurfersFF in video under to 1:40 to see him cry! More surfing pix HERE!

NOTE: One of the SUV’s in a Bieber’s entourage ran over a photographer!

UPDATED with Brisbane meet and greet pix!

  • cerenagee

    He looks so cute in the video. He has a really nice smile

  • boystan

    why are you crying stop

  • boystan

    he’s crying on camera for sales

    • ivan

      You never cried in your life? Are you a heartless robot?

      • boystan

        yes i am

    • hmmm

      Honestly, you’re probably right. Why would you include a person crying in a trailer about a happy, positive and inspiring movie? Because it will make it sell! The fangirls will go crazy! They wanna see why he’s crying, they wanna defend him, they wanna have an exclusive look at his “soft side” and feel closer to him that way. It also makes him look more genuine and less douche-y, so the people that make fun of him instantly seem like assholes. It does seem like a marketing ploy in this case. And it got him so much attention, I’ve already seen people tweeting about it all over Twitter!

      Ivan: yes, everyone has cried in their life, but most people don’t do it in public unless they’re having a melt down/break down, which is possible here BUT if they do cry they don’t film it and if it’s caught on film they say “oh hey can you cut this out please and can you not include it in my own damn trailer”…his tears might have been 100% real, but the fact that him and his team decided to keep that part AND put it in the trailer IS for sales

    • Scar

      Heartless much? Wow amazed by the hate towards Bieber on this damn site. Grow up and have some common sense please. He’s a normal person just like all of us.

  • lolumadhuh

    cut it out -.-

  • Tash

    You know what I believe. This dude has a flippin good marketing team! Actually the best I’ve ever seen in my life. I’ve watched him and many other others. I tend to like to watch and analyse what goes on. Let me just say, there’s always an agenda. They all need and have a strategy. Even basic ones are fundamental. But this guy has the biggest mother fucking strategy and plotting and bullshit I’ve ever seen. Manipulate mofos. Brilliant bastards I say. I don’t know whether to applaud them or hate them. Though I’d love to have them. This is it. It has nothing to do with him. Take any reasonably talented dude, give him the perfect wave, a whole bunch of people who can make him look good no matter what happens and add destiny into the mix and you have Justin Bieber.

    • noshit

      No shit! Haha it’s called a PR team and they shape a celebrity’s entire image. They tell them what personality to have, how people should see them, how and what to say, when to say it, to who, they tell them when, where, how and why to do things…of course everything is a strategy!

      A celebrity is basically a product that the public has to popularize and buy. That’s why so many celebrities have melt downs, because they’re humans yet they’re being treated and controlled like objects and products…especially the most popular ones!

      • Tash

        So who is the real bieber?? Especially when we know they lie. Oh, the beliebers know him though, right?? So he lies but he is who he claims to be and you all know who he is. Very interesting. I guess we’ll know when the big believe movie comes out and he pockets a few more million. Yeah sweetheart, take that sarcasm and shove it up that prostitution supporting, female demeaning pigs ass. But for real just think! Every criticisms, he throws in that movie and finds a way to justify it. So he’s basically saying that’s him and making excuses for all his shit. So it comes down to it being him! Not them! So what, did he hate that he was told to behave decently and like every other human being?? Was he pissed that he wasn’t being allowed to be a king. Cos it looks like the media has it right so far. He is using this as just another ploy to make good again and boost himself. Just how he did with that, ‘feel sorry for me I was poor’, ‘feel bad for me, the industry is giving me a hard time’ 1st movie.

  • BangBang

    He’s lucky to still have this big army of beliebers who’ll believe anything he says or does cause this had FAKE written all over it.