Selena Wraps Star Dance Tour W/ Gracie

selena-gracie3selena-gomez-gracie-close-stars-dance (13)Selena Gomez wrapped up Stars Dance tour in Detroit with sister Gracie watching. Selena granted the wish of Devin Milana and he met her backstage and they talk for about 20 minutes with Selena and take a picture with her. After meeting with fans Detroit, Selena jetted to Dallas to rehearse for the halftime performance of the Thanksgiving game between Dallas Cowboys vs Oakland Raiders.

Cowboys team owner Jerry Jones invited Selena and her family on his private jet. ‘Like a Champion’ will be one of three songs from the performance. Under are Dallas Cowboys performance rehearsals and Selena talking to Glamour about being a role model!

NOTE: Red Kettle campaign interview HERE!

  • boystan

    omg gracie’s so cute can’t wait for her to be the new disney star

  • anon
    • Marina And My Diamonds

      Omg she’s so big and adorable.



    • Silver

      Gracie is so adorable… And Selena’s stepdad is a DILF.

      • boystan


  • cerenagee

    Awww!! That is so awesome that she brought Gracie on stage1 How cute! <3

  • azi

    Gracie chubby cheeks <3! It is a family thing.

    • cerenagee

      She’s prob going to have a permanent baby face like Selena when she gets older

  • azi

    OMG, tomorrow is the halftime performance! #prayforselena

    • cerenagee

      She’s going to do great she doesn’t need any prayers

    • javi g

      she will do fine. she don’t have to worry much the cowboys will face the raiders a team that sucks. and its only like more than 30 million or more watching football tomorrow night. lol


    gracie is flawless!

  • Denise

    Stars Dance tour ain’t over yet, OceanUp! It’s Asia’s turn to dance with her.

    Excited to finally see her on January! ❤

    • Silver

      Lucky you!

  • Me

    My sister got her autograph!!!

    • Sir Doctor of TARDIS


      • Silver


  • :)

    You can barely hear her in an arena. How the hell are you gonna hear her in that huge stadium??? So basically she’s gonna be dancing around lip-syncing, lmao!!

  • BrokenArrow18

    I always thought her step dad was her bodyguard