Taylor Swift Prince William On A Prayer

taylor-sexy-new-crushTaylor Swift, Prince William and Bon Jovi sing ‘Livin’ On A Prayer’ at Winter Whites Gala at Kensington Palace, London. Taylor’s white dress was a Reem Acra gown with Rene Caovilla platinum Swarovski crystal heels. Kate Middleton was not there even though it was close to her Kensington Palace home.

Taylor spoke to William during a drinks reception in the King’s Gallery. She told the press: ‘He was very funny. I was really happy he was funny. I’m absolutely excited about performing.

I don’t think I’ve ever played at a palace before so it is really wonderful. Its really wondrous, I think they’ve done an amazing job of putting this together.’ Photos: FameFlynet.

NOTE: Taylor has a new SEXY crush. Who do YOU think it is?

  • anon

    Oh my gosh this the greatest thing ever. Taylor is legit a queen, when will your fave ever. And Prince William is such a cool guy!

    • una

      First Justin Timberlake now Prince William. Married men are so appealing. I understand how Taylor feels.

  • Duckyhoward15

    According to media celebs have crushes every two days , I understand cos I study it and that this sales but sometimes i feel bad for people who believe things like that tbh

  • cerenagee

    Totally not related to the post title but wow Kris Jenner is 58? She looks freaking amazing for being almost 60 thats insane

    • boystan

      queen of reality tv tbh

    • oh

      Plastic surgery and a face coated in several levels of makeup can do that to you :P The entire Kardashian family wears so much makeup, I’ve never ever seen anywhere wear that much in real life (other than drag queens).

      My point is: don’t compare yourself with super fake celebs :)

      • oh

        *anyone (not anywhere)

      • cerenagee

        Honestly I think kourtney is gorgeous even when she doesn’t wear makeup. I feel like if you’re in the spotlight as often as they are there’s nothing at all wrong with wearing make up and making sure you look your absolute best. Whether its fake or not whatever she looks greats for being almost 60 IMO.

        • oh

          I get what you mean, but I respect girls who don’t wear makeup 24/7 like Emma Watson for example. And it’s more impressive to see someone with a bit of makeup looking amazing then someone with a full face of makeup all the time…like I start to question their real beauty. Even when they say they’re not wearing makeup, I mean how can you tell? Maybe they are, it’s just that they usually wear so much that now it looks like they don’t…I don’t know haha the Kardashians are just really not my thing

          • annie

            with the amount of makeup they wear their skin should be irritated so im sure they always wear some makeup but sometimes they go for natural makeup which can look like none

    • lmao

      They took like the best picture of hers and the worst of that guy next to her and compared it…stupid media.

  • anon

    She gonna be chasing after Prince Harry’s dick now.

    • Julia

      So would i tbh.

      • cerenagee

        I think so would anyone haha he’s gorgeous

    • wow

      Who wouldn’t? Also, Taylor’s gorgeous, Harry would be lucky to have her :) But he’s awesome, so she’d be lucky to have him too!!

    • una

      William is more her type. Ginger ain’t her type.

  • boystan


    • GentileJewel

      Shut Up!

      • cerenagee

        Go away like really

      • in jesus name i pray amen

        leave forever bye no1 will go to your funeral

    • LikeICare

      she better

    • cerenagee

      I would

  • cerenagee

    Haha I didn’t even see the gif of Taylor till now haha she’s so presh!

    • Anon

      Haha I know like just casually high-fiving the duke of cambridge, no big deal! She’s probably the only one who could pass it off as cute and get away with it

      • cerenagee

        It cuz she’s genuine like that’s just Taylor. She isn’t trying too hard to be funny or be anything she’s just querky ass Taylor haha and its adorable and I loveit!!!<3

  • Silver

    All hail the future King!
    Lol @ Taylor… she is such a doll…