Demi Lovato X-Factor Neon Lights

Demi Lovato X-Factor Thanksgiving Neon Lights Performance

  • Rosemary

    Thought i was the only one who thought it was an AWFUL performance. Still love you Demi!

  • Romanelli

    This really was catastrophic

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      my thoughts exactly… but im confused cuz she’s literally one of the best live performers ever and then there’s this flop of a performance. I think it was problems with the in-ears and lack of rehearsal time. She performed an abridged version.

  • BangBang

    This performance was all over the place,kind of sad cause she is a great singer!

  • anon

    Not her best. She doesn’t need prove anything tho

  • dancer145

    See this is what pisses me off she acts like she sounds amazing live when in reality half those contestants sound better than her live. The only reason she sounds good on her album is because of auto tune. She really needs to work on her breathing.

    • Aly

      fck you you obviously don’t understand talent

      • dancer145

        actually I do I’m a performer have been in choir since third grade danced since i was three and I’m now twenty I know talent. I never said she was untalented or anything and in no way am I saying I’m the perfect performer but neither is she. Every performer has their unique charm that makes them who they are. All I said was she has to work on her breathing which is the honest truth. A lot of performers have to. I think she’s very talented. But I’ve also recorded and trust me when I say she either sounds way better because of her back up singers or auto tune. Theres no need to say that to a person. A lot of people thought this wasn’t the best performance.

        • lols

          You said “the only reason she sounds good on her album is because of auto-tune” which is SO not true. Seems like someone is jealous. Watch any other performance of Demi and you’ll see how amazing and great she sings. From all of the Disney girls, she sings better, her voice beyond fantastic, and her first albums had little auto-tune since it was rock and she sounded as amazing as she does today. She knows she’s not perfect, you idiot, or she wouldn’t have spread to the world that she went to rehab because she had eating disorders and drugged herself, she herself teaches girls that they don’t need to be perfect. You’re full of shit.

          • dancer145

            Ok first off DO NOT call me an idiot you don’t even know me second of all I’m not jealous whats so ever. And if you truly believe that she doesn’t use auto tune or anything in that nature your VERY wrong like I said I recored music and know what it sound like when they add auto tune and she has a lot of it. Stop being a bully and just accept its the truth. I have nothing wrong with her I said that from the start. You and some other bully are the ones who started this whole thing saying I’m jealous and have know talent. Im not jealous at all. Every performer has there bad performances even I do but in every live performance I’ve heard her in lately her breathing has been very off. Thats all I said.

          • Damon

            I’m actually an audio engineer and have been for the past two years and I can def say that Demi doesn’t use autotune. Don’t be a hater and pretend like you even know how autotune works. She doesn’t need it, she has a beautiful voice and in recording time she’s by herself which is less pressure.

          • Dancer145

            Actually I do know she uses auto tune not to the extent that some Artist do but she uses it. And I know that because besides recording I also studied auto engineering and production for my schooling so stop acting like you know me when you don’t. All I did was put my opinion up like everyone else and you attack me so of that’s all your going to do then don’t bother responding.

          • lols

            I’m sorry, but who are you to keep saying “I know talent”? Are you Simon? Are you any famous, cult and intelligent celebrity that could be a judge in X Factor? No, you’re just an anon in OceanUp claiming to “know talent”, when clearly anyone here could say the same to interpose. So unless you have a more consistent argument than “I know talent, believe me”, I’m not believing you for a second.
            Plus, you obviously don’t know things. Saying Demi uses auto-tune to put her down is dumb, because EVERY singer uses auto-tune in their albums, even the ones that sing rock, country… Some use more, some use less and the ones who sing pop use it more because it’s PART of the type of genre. Demi sings LIVE, she doesn’t even lypsinc, and most of the time she’s AMAZING. Just because this time she wasn’t it doesn’t mean that she only sounds good on her album because of auto-tune. Duh.

          • Dancer145

            You know what just drop it I do know talent that’s what I went to school for and I don’t need to be a judge on one of those shows to know it so just drop it I know what I’m talking abou. Your the one who started this whole thing I was just putting my option up like everyone else and you attack me. So if your just going to say something bitchy don’t bothesaying anything at all.

          • lols

            If you felt “attacked” well, sorry, but I felt like you attacked Demi too, so why couldn’t I have the right to attack you too? If you can’t handle the internet, go away and stop whining like a baby. You showed your opinion and I showed mine and honestly I think my arguments were more acceptable, since I don’t need to prove all over the place that I know talent to make people agree with me.

          • dancer145

            OH MY GOD I didn’t attack her stop acting like your her fucking mother she’s a big girl and your most likely some brain washed 14 year old who thinks you need to defend her. I put my opinion out there I didn’t attack her I even said I loved her and I think she’s talented absolutely. Ive heard her perform live before which is why its sad that her last few performances have sucked because of her breathing technique. I can handle the internet I’m 21 I’m defending myself because your being a bully and I can easily report you to the sight and get you blocked which I have done before so don’t think I can’t. There were about 5-6 other post just like mine saying this wasn’t a very good performance but we all still really like her so stop signaling me out and acting like what I said was any different.

          • lols

            Ohh Boo, I’m so afraid of you!! I’m not even a user here, how can you report me? LOL, you’re pathetic!
            I know there are posts here that say this wasn’t a good performance, EVERYONE knows this wasn’t a good performance, duh. Gosh, I’m not wasting my time trying to explain or soon I’ll have to draw to make you understand. You totally contradicted yourself in these comments to prove your point, do you even noticed it? First you said that she only sounds good because of auto-tune, now you said she’s really talented, that her performances live are really good. Like, hello? I think I’m dealing with a troll. I’m not wasting my time with a troll that wants to look like a poor victim who was misinterpreted, if you were misinterpreted it’s only your fault, because you clearly changed opinions. Spare me of this, bye.

    • Anon

      Even Mariah Carey has had bad days when she had a great voice. Nobody is perfect!

  • anonymous

    wilmer’s hoe

  • Cici

    It wasn’t good at all….I really don’t like this song live. It sucks because she does have such a great voice & can sing her ass off. Idk about this one.

  • JUG

    To be honest, that performance was pretty bad. I’m not a fan of autotune but if you can’t pull it off, then use autotune. It has never hurt Britney or Justin.

    Demi distinguishes herself from the run of the mill female popstars because she has the image of being a “real singer”. Real singers are pretty rare among her contemporaries. She can’t afford to let that image get tarnished. Autotune is so good these days that when you use it, 99% of people still think you’re singing live.

    • Caitlin Mary

      do you even know what Autotune is? Do you know who uses auto tune live? people like Tpain and Lil’ Wayne…that’s what auto tune sounds like. You are thinking of pitch correction which you don’t even do live. Britney has always gotten by, by lip syncing and Justin relies heavily on pitch correction in the studio. Demi has made it very clear that she will not be one of “those artists” even at the expense of the odd bad performance.

      • JUG

        You’re right. She should have lip-synched, not use auto-tune. Like I said, Demi currently has the reputation for being a real singer. Bad performances like this hurt that reputation. If she learns to lip synch well, nobody will be able to tell she’s doing it. If a few people dare accuse her of lip synching, Demi has enough fans to call those people haters and tell them to shut up.

        • Caitlin Mary

          But that’s the whole point of being a “real singer”…is that sometimes you have the odd off performance. Demi’s ratio of good to bad performances is still astonishing. If she were to lip sync, yeah it would have sounded better but the internet would have blown up with rumours about whether she is purging again, is her voice being ruined? are drugs or alcohol involved? etc.. etc… Remember she’s a massive role model for so many young men and women. So her deciding not to lip sync is about much more than just the authenticity of a performance here or there.

  • Dana

    Did it ever occur to you guys that she wasn’t feeling too well last night? It was thanksgiving, she once had an eating disorder and I hear she was panicking all over the place. Why don’t we give the poor girl a break for this one? Sure the vocals were a bit shaky but at least she hit some of the big notes.

    • dancer145

      thats how her voice has been lately it wasn’t just last night. And I’m pretty sure it didn’t have to do with thanksgiving. She doesn’t need the sympathy train any more it was fine at first but its been over a year and every time she seems a little off people jump to her side saying its because of the disorder she had at one point. YES i get she has to heal from it every day I have depression and take medicine for it. And it really is a struggle some days not to just start crying over things but I get through it. So to some extent I understand her but people need to stop being so sympathetic.

  • Alii

    Her voice was still powerful as shit despite the parts where she didn’t sound too good. I noticed she fidgeted with her ear piece.

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      agreed. Like she still could belt out those high notes, but they were often times not in sync with the song’s timing and were shaky/a bit pitchy. This performance was not her best.

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    This performance is probably the WORST performance she has ever done live. She has never been bad, but this is actually terrible. She’s usually SO god damn good, but I think between singing an abridged version for the first time, worrying about choreography with dancers, lack of rehearsal time (it was a live performance) and not being able to hear herself with the in-ears — that compiled into one awful performance. Her timing was so off too…

    • JUG

      I disagree. This is the WORST performance Demi has ever done live. Demi’s singing is a lot like Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas, Miley Cyrus, Miranda Cosgrove, Selena Gomez, and Justin Bieber. When they’re on, they’re pretty good but when they’re off, people go deaf. With all their money, I wonder they don’t spend more time with vocal coaches. A young singer who can really sing well consistently would stand out big time and would be a HUGE star. So far, there’s nobody out there who fits the bill.

      • anon

        There’s been a couple of young people on The Voice that were great singers. The thing about the voice is that even though a lot of people that go on the show are excellent, for some reason they never make it big. But the people on X-factor may not be the best singers, but they still make it big like Fifth Harmony and One Direction.

        • lols

          That’s because The Voice judges people for their TALENT, their voice, not because of their personality, their looks, or if they’re “boring”. X-Factor is superficial and manufactures plastic boybands that will be successful cause they’re good looking. They produce others Britneys, Katys, Keshas, all based on super production on stage, things that will call the public’s attention. Unfortunately, that’s what society buys now-a-days. Society is based on looks.

      • jenn

        wow, I loved her singing this! She sounds amazing.

  • Syd

    I love Demi, but a lot of the songs on her new album are going to be tough to pull off live. I really don’t think she’s mastered who she is as an artist yet. She has to go back to her rock roots and more of the Christina Stripped album vibe because those are the type of songs that actually showcase her full potential and kind of her…”vibe”. Neon Lights is a great song on its own but it’s more for a singer like Rihanna or Britney Spears-someone that can put on a dance-show. Demi can’t pull this off, and her discomfort with it shows. She just has to find herself still. Then she’ll be amazing…there’s no denying she’s got some major talent. It just needs to be driven in the right direction. :)

  • Caitlin Mary

    oh my god, nobody fucking knows what “auto tune” actually is! It’s not a magic spell they put on the mic to make your voice magically in tune! It’s a shitty sound effect that makes it so you can’t possibly sing out of tune which makes you sound like a robot…ugh!
    Pet peeve level = Maximum

  • anon

    This perfomance of Demi’s reminds me of Holly Henry’s. She had a panic attack prior to her perfomance and she sounded bad. Even though her voice is beautiful. :( she got kicked off and she was my fave.

  • yo

    I’ve heard people saying that she just had her tonsils out, which makes sense.

  • ety

    not her best performance but everyone has their day’s off right?

  • warrior

    i don’t know when is the moment when she had an awful performance, somebody help me to find it. it was perfect guys. i don’t understand why are you saying all this.

  • Pachita Santos

    Awful, awful. Total lack of vocal control.

  • Romanelli

    Jesus people! She doesn’t use autotune she uses reverbing and VERY little of it. She is an amazing singer who had a bad day… listen to her other live songs!

  • chloe

    Did she use Autotune because at 1 point you can see her fiddle with her ear and that is when her voice changes

    • laura

      apparently the earpiece wasn’t working, that’s why she sounded off.
      when she fiddled with her ear, maybe the earpiece was fixed, idk.