Selena Gomez Dallas Half Time Show

Selena Gomez Performing NFL Football Game

UPDATED with Selena Jesus being picked up by fans in Dallas!

  • kee

    She’s cute, but such a poor performer. If she lipsynch, then she should have no problem with more fast and upbeat dance moves.

    • laura

      i’m pretty sure she is lip synching here.. or they edited her voice afterwards

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      her performance was lip-synced, and she’s wearing heels & on a small platform stage, you cant expect her to be doing extremely upbeat vicious dance moves. She was dancing, and her dancing was great imho

      • rs

        Britney and Beyonce use heels and dance way better. Not an excuse.

        • cerenagee

          and how long have they bothh been entertainers? and the fact that you’re even trying to compare selena to them is fucking stupid because nobody is saying she is as good as them.

  • kirsten

    Selenas a good example of looks can get you far tbh! im she not hating she cant sing but she has a pretty face i would say shes a sex appeal like britney but i dnt think shes sexy she has a pretty face but her bodys not hot. && her dancing looks awkward at times

    • Silver

      So she is not sexy, can’t dance, can’t sing and is awkward…. her only redeeming quality is she is pretty… lol… wow.

      • lina

        yess and actually there are a lot of examples just like her

    • Anna

      She became famous because of her acting ability, not because of her singing career. You obviously know nothing about her if you assume that the only reason she is famous is because of her looks. No she isn’t the best performer, but she CAN act. She is actually a very good actress, but tends to focus more on the music at the moment. She got her start of Barney and Friends and moved to Disney at an older age. She originally was a guest star on Hannah Montana. Music was not her first thing in the industry, get your facts straight.

  • azi

    That was good! She’s come far since these Falling Down performances. That tour did great for her confidence on stage.

  • Ally

    wow that was so good! ya know what, her singing may be shaky, but she gave a hell of a performance, has a hell of a good heart, and really enjoys herself on stage. she works hard at what she does and deserves every ounce of fame she has received and is receiving!

  • JMO

    Pretty girl, but they are trying to manufacture a talent that is just not there. She is as much of a singer as Hillary Duff.


      claudia is going to slap you :

      • Zaina

        I thought everyone forgot about Claudia and Mimi. Yay!

      • in jesus name i pray amen

        RIP claudia. I havent seen her in ages…

        • BrokenArrow18

          she’ went away along her cat fish twin on twitter :)

    • haha

      lol she’s mediocre at best! Her singing is the same ability as Rebecca Black’s and her acting is on same par as the likes of Megan Fox! And her perfume line flop, her fashion line is like something designed by a 12 year old who doesn’t know what linen is yet. She is flop here and there. Her only strong quality is her pretty face and a sexy body and that’s it!

      • maria

        I waa going to agree with you until you compare her to Megan Fox and the ” pretty face and sexy body”. THATS the reason why Megan Fox got good roles that got her name out even if her actingwas not great, I was her hot body and gorgeous face. Selena on the other hand has an unattractive face and ok body, she still hasa round face but unlucky she also has big feature like he big nostril nose, her eye shape, inverted teeth, yello aswell, herno big waits, no hips eytc…

        • wow

          Blah blah blah…and I don’t find Megan pretty. She has small eyes, manly looking face because of her small eyes, thin lips, pronounced jaw, small forehead…all manly features…and a terrible personality to booth. Seriously, your comment is stupid not because Selena is pretty or Megan is ugly or whatever…but because beauty is subjective!!! Megan and Selena are both TECHNICALLY attractive, they have nice skin they’re skinny, nice hair, etc, etc… you can’t say either of them are ugly. But it all depends on taste. You prefer Megan, other people might prefer Selena, other people might prefer Taylor Swift..whatever, but none of them are ugly and you know it! You’re just being hateful.

          By the way big features are considered very attractive and feminine and Selena’s teeth are not yellow or inverted…like seriously, you’re finding ridiculous things to pick on that don’t even exist! Let’s see how perfect YOU are!

        • sandy

          Megan’s teeth are much more screwed up because she smokes and she’s skinnier then Selena, so she’d have less hips.

        • Mandy

          “herno big waits” RIP english language

          I get that you don’t like Selena but you’re really pushing it. Her eyes are a flaw? Are you crazy, she has big feminine cat eyes. People get surgery and apply makeup to make their eyes look like that. She is beautiful. A different beauty then Megan Fox but still beautiful. Just stop.

      • Diamondskyart

        I don’t agree with the Megan Fox comparison.

      • She is actually a decent actress, but she just hasn’t gotten good movies lately because music is her main focus. Your just a pathetic hater, she is way better than Megan fox(who isn’t pretty at all might I add). She got her start as a little kid, pretty sure no one focuses on sex appeal for an 8 year old. She has talent, or she wouldn’t have gotten in the industry at a young age. I don’t understand the point of coming on to a post just to hate.

      • HaylorToU

        She’s not doing excellent at anything she does. She can’t belt out tune like Adele or Demi, that I understand but even Taylor has bigger range than her. As for movies, we all know she flops on everything on that part.

  • Silver

    I really like that song Like A Champion…. and Slow Down just sticks in your head like that James Blunt song…. But I didn’t really like Come and Get It… not a lot, but its okay for Selena.

  • Lip sync?

    The only thing she said live was “happy thanksgiving” when she was done.

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      and don’t forget “It feels good to be back home Dallas!”

    • shutup?

      Wow such an honour to have the person who worked on her sound system come and comment on this hateful website to clear that up, even though nobody asked.

      Oh wait…no.

  • Rainbow3000

    Her hair and her makeup are pretty and that’s about it

  • Troll

    She is totally lip syncing. She can’t not sing at all!

  • micheal

    omg! what do I see selena wearing something miley wears I remember how selena fans used to call miley a slut for an outfit like that and I call it, I told ya she will eventually copy miley outfit and you will all need to eat your words.. thank you now please will you like your words with ketchup or mustard selena fans?

    • cerenagee

      Puhleasseee. This is not a miley outfit. You can clearly tell that Selena’s tummy chest and arms are covered by skin colored fabric hop the fuck off the hater traim and you can keep your stupid ass mustard and ketchup comments to yourself lameass

      • micheal

        I was talking about wearing the booty short and top the way miley stared doing it from all the Disney girls. miley was the first to wear leather booty and she was wearing tutu skirt something miley also did first than her at her concert, so yeah she is copying miley trying the sexy image with booty shorts and outfits, and yes she has to cover the stomach parts because she outshape and flabby to the put her skin tight bodyshaper because of her huge upper stomach dumbass. she skinny but she an outshape skinny my darling, so you can stop making excuses because guess what miley fans and am sure selena fans see selena copies everything from mjiley from ideas, to cloths to interviews talk, so don’t come acting like you don’t notice because than you stupiid if you don’t! so how will you like word with ketchp or ;mustard? because you people already looks stupiddd.
        and you the idiot trying to talk about illuminta and miley the one that sell herself for anything and even sleeping with a minor and using people is selena not miley she the one who going to be illuminata am calling it now!! selena is the one who sell herself she has no talent in the singing department.

        • cerenagee

          Are you literrrralllyyjust fucking sstupid? Like really? I hope one day you’re able to pull yourself out of miley asshole far enough to see that miley started trying to be sexy onstage when she still had a little kids fan base. She started trying to be sexy and dress sexy and perform in a sexy manner when she was like 16. That is why she got the hate she did. Also, miley is not original. She takes off of everyone else’s style. She is a wanna be lady gaga, rihanna, spice girls and Gwen steffani all in one. Selena just performs to perform. She isn’t copying what miley is doing. You realize she doesn’t pick her outfits yeah? Theyget picked ffor her. I’m not even going to sot here and argue with a delusional miley ass sucker. So I hope some common sense seeps into that brain soon. Hahahaha done with you.

          • HannaDevonne

            completey agree! selena is millions times better.. miley seriously needs to sort herself out

          • :)

            A million times better at what?

          • cerenagee

            Honestly miley voice is so much better than Selena’s but she’s fucking lost it and seems so arrogant and just not genuine anymore. She doesn’t care about her fans as people. She cares about how many fans she can get. With Selena its the other way around completely.SHe’s not the nest but she’s humble enough to have admitted that and she’s just going out there having fun and growing as an artist and whether she’s the best or not you can’t deny that she cares about her fans or has grown. Period.

          • sowhat

            Yes yes we all know what really goes on in Miley’s and Selena’s head. YES we are all such professionals in looking into what they say and how they act that we can just assume they love or hate people that they are arrogant or humble. Jesus everyone in this website just think they are all smart that they can assume whatever the fuck goes in behind closed doors with all these celebrities.

          • cerenagee

            No we don’t we actually just base it off of how they act and how they present themselveson a daily basis as well as their interviews. Fuck off bro. Get off of OU if you don’t want to read peoples opinions on celebs idiot.

    • nope

      What is this I see? Someone pulling comments out of their ass? Miley has never worn anything like this and at this point she wouldn’t be caught wearing this much clothing. This outfit isn’t slutty, not even a little bit. Her entire body is covered, even the “nude” parts are actually skin coloured fabric.

  • party

    copy cat na na na come and get it I love to copy miley because she my idol na na na na.

    • cerenagee

      Wow seriously grow the fuck up holy shit

    • seriously?

      oceanup should bring back the math question in order to post, so we can lower the number of dumb ass comments like this one

  • Alysha

    Wow it’s people like you guys who say that her body isn’t good that make others hate their bodies. She has an amazing one while not being a size 0. And obviously some of it was pre recorded but I think she sang most of it and I’m happy cause she’s come such a far way from when she began singing live. She’s finding what actually works for her

    • cerenagee

      Seriously! Just because she’s not as toned who cares! I doubt most of the haters on here are size 0

    • TRUUUE

      I agree sooo much with this comment! Selena is beautiful and people who insult every little part of her appearance make me wanna punch them! That’s exactly why girls are insecure. They see people saying stupid UNTRUE things about Selena having yellow teeth, an ugly face, being fat and then they look in the mirror and feel like crap because they don’t look as good. Just stop! Selena is definitely above average, she is definitely more attractive than most girls and by putting her down you are making other girls feel like crap about themselves! And I bet you you don’t look half as good. And I also bet you you’re at least a tiny little bit jealous of her and of the fact that even though she’s not the best, she gets to do what she loves every day and has enough strength and confidence to enjoy it and keep her head up. If you hate someone for such superficial reasons, it’s better to just shut up. You’re just making yourself look bad.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Beautiful as always. I was a bit annoyed that some of her fans kept persisting she had no playback but whatever. She had a great performance and her voice is getting better as well as her stage presence. It was fun, I liked it.

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      the entire thing was lipsynced… and she had SOME volume on her mic (you could hear her actual voice in the background a bit, it sounded very faded).

      • Marina And My Diamonds

        Agreed, she is getting better but she’s no Beyonce. She literally sung three songs & danced without her breathing ever faltering.

        • funny

          Why does everyone say that? “She’s no Beyonce”. Did Selena compare herself to Beyonce or something? No. There are so many people who are just not good live, like Katy Perry, Rihanna, Ke$ha…I’ve seen them live, and they’re not very good performers at all, yet I don’t see you guys saying “they’re no beyonce, they should quit”. That’s bullshit! By that logic, everyone who isn’t Beyonce, Britney Spears or J.Lo should quit? Uh no. Some people might not be the best, but they have their audience, they keep getting hired, they keep getting paid…so why would they quit doing what they love? Like if you were offered a huge amount of money to sing, dance and have fun would you refuse it? Probably not.

          • Marina And My Diamonds

            “She’s no Beyonce” is basically a saying. Lol. why are you so serious? I’m not going to fully answer everything you’ve wrote so I’ll just settle for the obvious question at the bottom.

            “Like if you were offered a huge amount of money to sing, dance and have fun would you refuse it? Probably not.”

            Yes. Just because someone offers you a deal “of a lifetime” doesn’t mean you take it.

  • cerenagee

    She looks flawless and gave one hell of a performance. Not the best singer but she’s growing and that’s what I love about her

    • CARRY

      that’s the whole point of a singer to be able to to hear it sing, if not what the hell she doing if not for the voice dumbass, you people like crap go buying am not spending money on a lousy voice, just because she has cute chubby cheeks, get the hell out.

      • cerenagee

        You need to get the hell out. She is growing as an artist you fucking moron. That’s her goal! To grow as a fucking artist so hop off.

      • lala

        I don’t understand why you spend time talking to mediocre and low life ppl like cerebagee, she has knowledge on what’s real music. Pitty, I wonder what’s to come for our next generation. A disaster….

        • cerenagee

          I don’t understand you. You ATTEMPTED to diss me then complemented me in the same sentence. The real disaster here is your comment hahaa

        • stop

          No what’s pitiful is that you think people who don’t share your taste in music are mediocre and people who are rude, obnoxious and make people feel bad for their musical choices that don’t hurt anyone are the better part of our generation. Really? You see the irony there?

      • Cici

        She is an entertainer & a recording they introduced her, and what she does really well. They did not introduce her as they would Christina or Mariah. She did wonderful & looked amazing!

        • cerenagee

          Preach baby preeeaccch

      • PshPlease

        no one is telling you to. But dont shit on it and try to make others feel the way you do. If you dont like cool…. but no one is telling you to listen and comment.

      • stop

        What’s your problem? Nobody’s forcing you to buy her album, go to her concert or even listen to her music. Do whatever you want, listen to whatever you want but you have no right to tell people what music they can enjoy or make them feel bad for their tastes. It’s not like they’re harming anyone. You get the hell out and go listen to something you like, why are you even here?

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      she’s about to shoot herself into irrelevancy by stopping her music career to pursue acting. Her acting isn’t terrible, but no one takes her seriously bc of Disney & her bb face. So it’s kind of anti-climactic as she just got all sorts of success/fame with music and is now having to start from the bottom up with acting.

      • cerenagee

        I agree but honestly if her passion is acting then she should continue trying to grow in that too. I think her problem is she’s dipping into too many things and not fully letting one talent grow at a time. I don’t think she really cares whether shes relevant or not shes just doing what makes her happy and wanting her fans to have a good time.

        • in jesus name i pray amen

          oh very valid points. I agree!

  • :)

    People really need to stop encouraging her on how well she sings. Watched the game up till halftime then changed the channel. Thank god for Reba reruns.

    Saw a poll people took (Dallas) asking if Selena Gomez should be the halftime performer at the Thanksgiving game: YES 28% — NO 72%. Wow, even a big city in her home state didn’t want her to perform, ouch!!!

  • BangBang

    The stage having the S-shape was cute.

    • Angelique

      Does she have that S-shaped in all her concerts? She had it when she did the Dallas concert early November. I agree, it’s cute! <3

      • BangBang

        I don’t know, I’m not really a fan but it is indeed cute!

  • Lily

    You did good Selena! Keep shining

  • anon

    Unflattering skirt. Good performance

  • Jen

    She should lip sync more often. Much easier to watch

  • getlikemiley

    i was so bored watching her performance. She needs to stick to acting because music just isn’t her thing. her songs are catchy, but she needs to be able to perform as an artist and she doesn’t do that.

  • dlovCyr

    She should have sang the national anthem. rofll

  • dancer145

    If she was going to be dancing that much she should have just worn a head set instead of holding a microphone. She just sounded way to pre recorded is my problem.

  • :)

    I say her body is good for someone who always eat junk and fsst food and rarely works out. If I have her eating habits, I would look like a troll now.

  • Cici

    Loveeeeed it & love her! Such a cute person. She gives us exactly what she sells, and owns it. This is what we expect from her…not riffs, runs, & belting. But fun & catchy songs with a good show. Going to go listen to Stars Dance because it is SO GOOD! Selena <33

    • micheal

      no, people expect a singer to sing good. what on earth you making excuses if I wanted good beat songs I hired and pay for a dj not a suppose singer who cant sing? wow selena fans really have really low expectation of singer which is why I think they are clueless about music.

      • cerenagee

        just because we like catchy selena songs does not mean we are clueless about music. we never once said selena’s music is the fuckkkinggg most amazing thing that has ever blessed our ears or even that shes super talented. shes not claiming that either though. now if she was like yupp im like basically beyonce than i can understand where you’re coming from but shes not. she said yeah i know i cant sing good sometimes. if you dont like her music then dont listen to it einstein. JFC.

        • yup


      • Cici

        I’ve been studying music for 8 years. So your argument is now invalid. I enjoy fun music. If you want a dj for that, then go on, but i would rather have Selena perform for me :) She’s just loveable & fun. Her talent does it for me!

      • yup

        nowadays people don’t just expect a good singer but an overall performance. britney, katy, rihanna all aren’t good singers either but they are good performers with lots of fans so i suppose you think their fans have low expectations of a singer too? selena haters can be such hypocrites because selena isn’t the only bad singer out there, honestly if only katy perry wasn’t so hot, makes super catchy songs and “creative” with everything she does she won’t be as famous because she sucks live and an even suckier dancer.

  • HannaDevonne

    fuck off with your selena is trying to be miley.. im sorry but if you lot see this you need your eyes testing… shes covered up ffs!

    • part

      hey at least miley can out sing her, miley can be cover up and you all will find some shit to talk and critized about her, selena is covered up really that how miley stared and selena as usual is following the steps of miley don’t denied, miley fans have giving you multiple reason on why she constantly copy miley it can be that she wants to try to have the success miley has, but you will never be as successful as miley because miley has the talent and vocals selena is lacking. selena copies everything from miley like a year ago she is so behind in everything next thing you will see her wearing a lot of gold like miley, she already tattoe and say what miley says in interviews and wears what miley wears. the things is if am going to buy a cd about a singer I expect her to sing not talk because any body can do that and the reason selena don’t sell as much is because it has been done already, she not original in nothing, which is sad because she selling herself short instead of going after what she really good at, in music selena is a joke of Disney because she cant sing.

      • Anna

        Miley has zero vocal talent, she is only famous because she shows off her body. She has no respect for herself. Selena may not be the best singer, but at least she respects herself. She doesn’t do drugs, smoke, and just flat out ruin her body. She tries to be a role model to her younger fans, while MIley could care less about anyone but herself. Let’s also point out Selena has the acting ability Miley is lacking, which means Miley has no talent. I only thought miley was good in the last song, but she is a pretty bad actress most of the time. Selena can actually act, its where she got her start. Selena soars above Miley in so many ways its not even funny. I respect Selena because she actually seems like a nice person who cares about her fans and herself. Miley is just a terrible role model with no talent. If miley acted like a better person, I might actually like her. She is funny, but she exploits herself to much. Selena doesn’t have to show off her body to get people to like her, she is just herself and it works. I’m sick of Miley and Justin fans acting like their idols are perfect when they are really just douchebags and everyone besides them sees it.

        • :)

          I’m sick of selena fans acting like she’s perfect. She ain’t shit. Can’t sing, can’t dance and her acting is horrendous. So stay pressed little one!!!! Just a little FYI, Miley sings live, she don’t lip sync like your wannabe does.

          It’s so sad that stars dance album is discounted to $1 on itunes. How embarrassing!!!!

  • JJ

    Why do all of her songs include bad fake accents?

  • sharis

    why does her custome looks like a 5 year old made it?? I mean I know she trying to hide her outshape stomach and little things here and there but what on earth is that get up, like the skirt what did that had to do with the performance? it didn’t even look like it fit her right either and that suit wow!!! she looks a 5 years old the that outfit.

  • sharis

    she getting better, but still needs work she seem insecured on stage and don’t owned but she has improve compare to before.

  • Rinni

    This is her best live performance of the yeah …. Still not awesome

    • :)


  • threelittlebirds

    the lipsynch is obvious, but the performance is overall good. i actually like the outfit.

  • BrokenArrow18

    If you’re gonna lip synch AT LEAST do a great perfomance smh.

  • Massie

    I doubt doing a movie flop after flop is “doing well”, but I agree on her being a pretty girl

    • HaylorToU

      yeah, thank God she’s pretty.

    • PshPlease

      Well she is doing more than you are so..

  • GDs_girl

    I love Selena but its been more than 5 years she’s in the music industry and she still has a hard time singing a song live.
    She has a sweet voice, a great tone but really? And people saying she is no Beyonce or what not. It’s not like there are no in between. There are a LOT of singer that don’t sing like Beyonce but they are far more talented than Selena. I feel like if she didn’t have the sucess she had with her latest album she would of drop her singing career, cuz she knows she can’t really sing. But with C&G and all the attention she now has, she thinks she can do this. I really don’t see her as a pop artist. She sounds good singing acoustic and stuff but she likes pop music. What can we do? People buy her albums and pay money to see her live. I just don’t think she would be that successful if she wasn’t pretty.

  • Kelly

    Damn!! She hot!!

  • ariana grande

    is she gonna lip sync every performance?