Jen Lawrence Nicholas Hoult Engaged?

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According to The Enquirer, Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult are planning to get married! Despite having dated for a while, broken up, and gotten back together, the two have decided they cannot be apart.

Nicholas is already rumored to have proposed to Jennifer Lawrence, who has been spotted out with a diamond ring on her wedding finger: ‘I don’t think there’s going to be a big announcement. They just want to slip away and get married in quiet. They’d much rather run off somewhere and marry quietly and then have a family get together, one in Kentucky and the other in London.

Having a lavish Hollywood wedding is the last thing they want. Jen says planning it all and working out a guest list would drive her crazy. It would be so stressful deciding who to invite, so as not to offend anyone in Hollywood.’

They parties in both the UK and America, but they won’t be discussing their lives together in public: ‘They are fiercely private and have no intention of becoming a high-profile Hollywood couple, which is why they’re not making a big noise about it.

But I can confirm that Nick has popped the question and Jen said yes. I think they like the idea of letting everyone speculate whether or not they are even engaged..’

The two stars met while shooting 2011’s X-Men: First Class and bonded over their relaxed natures. They are both much more at home in comfy clothes and enjoying the great outdoors than they are glammed up for movie premieres. Jen wants to start a family soon: ‘It’s so weird for a 22-year-old to say it. I do feel the reason I was put on this earth is to be a mother, which is why it’s funny for me to end up with such an overwhelming career.’

  • cerenagee

    Isn’t the national inquirer super unreliable?

    • Hollyhysteria

      they are the ones that talk about big foot all the time and how jennifer aniston is pregnant… apparently shes been pregnant for 10 years now.

      • shelly

        Wow, that must be one huge baby! LOL But if this story is true by some wild chance, I’ll totally be fine with it as long as it finally shuts the Josh Hutcherson/Jennifer Lawrence shippers up.

    • RedneckAtHeart

      Oh very lol. The only time they report the truth is like a week after it’s been confirmed and even then they still put in how they think it went down and why it happened… I read it sometimes for a good laugh.

  • Rainbow3000

    I like them as a couple #Joult

  • ISeeSparksFly

    They’re cute together, but I’m hoping she gets with Liam.

    • Aly


    • no

      No way! She can do waaaay better than Liam and she’s generally way too awesome and down to earth for him!

  • Hollyhysteria

    This is such BS.

  • Aly

    Liam will never deserve her

  • GentileJewel

    Oceanup you need to do the story on Sarah Atwell!! Now!

  • boystan

    i didn’t know she had a boyfriend

  • RedneckAtHeart

    I absolutely love them together!! Though I never trust NE, I do see them being a very private couple and pulling something like this. I kind of hope it’s true <3

  • awesome

    I love them together! Also, Jennifer Lawrence is a hottieeee :) Love love love her!