Man Sleeps During Selena Half Time Show

selena-gomez-dallas-halftime-show (2)man-sleeping-during-selena-half-time-showA man feel asleep during Selena Gomez’s Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving Day performance. UPDATED with flawless new pix from Selena’s epic performance! Selena Verizon Holiday Card & win a chance to meet Selena Gomez!

  • Duckyhoward15

    What is she wearing ?

    • LikeICare

      something she won’t be bashed for bc shes not miley
      (dont like miley but lezbihonest)

      • :)

        At least Miley can sing live and she’s definitely not afraid to push buttons as we all can see.

        • LikeICare

          we talkin bout clothes boo

          • :)

            I know that, boo.

      • Duckyhoward15

        Totally agree



  • KK

    probely he was boring haha

  • yepp

    lol, wouldn’t blame him

  • bob

    Honestly thinking of making this my facebook cover photo

    • wow

      Is your life seriously so boring that you have to put this as your cover??? Like you have no interesting photos of your own to post? No personality to show through your cover? Your hate for a completely random celebrity is what you’re going for as a first impression when people stumble onto your profile? Ok then…

      • sowhat

        It’s his/her goddamn Facebook. Why the fuck should you care.

  • HaylorToU

    Yeah, Selena always bores me on stage.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    heheheheheh I laughed.

  • blushingjuliet
    • aff

      do you think the result would be any different with any pop star? except Beyonce

      • :)

        I guess we’ll never find out will we??

      • damn

        Ok this has NOTHING to do with Selena, but I don’t even know how Beyonce became the staple for a good singer/performer. Most of her big hits are remakes of old songs and her performances are all stolen..sorry “inspired” by older artsits. How on earth did she get so overrated? I wanna meet her PR team and get some damn tips lmao.

        • Dina

          I just saw her in concert this summer… she is the furthest thing from overrated. Ive seen so many celebrities in concert, and NONE have ever compared to Beyonce. She was just as talented and entertaining as Celine Dion whom i saw in concert last year in Las Vegas.

          • daasda

            DANG! queen b and celine dion? Thats badass

    • aff

      That’s really a good result for her. I hoped football fans wouldn’t be Selena’s fans at all. I thought they would boo her as they did to Justin Bieber.

      • Paul

        I was there and It was impresive, some boys even said she was very good looking.

        • :)

          Hence the word ‘boys.’

  • :)

    People call her an entertainer!!!!! She’s a joke.

    • shutup

      Well she is entertaining. She does make people like you talk shit about her even though she’s not trying even 1/10th as hard as most celebrities :)

      • :)

        This is a gossip site remember. Actually I haven’t heard anybody talk about this performance, news wise.

  • aff
    • :)

      Who’s mad??? Her home state didn’t want her to perform!! I find that kinda funny!!!! And I’m sure they did too!

      • aff

        but she still performed and they loved it. ;)

      • mandy

        Honestly, you could say that about most mainstream pop celebrities. People from Miley’s home town constantly say they’re ashamed by what she’s become, nobody from Canada likes Justin Bieber or Celine Dion and canadians make the most/meanest jokes about them, a lot of people from Taylor’s town say she’s a sell out and isn’t even country. I can keep going, but the point is that usually if a celeb gets really popular and mainstream people from their home town start disowning them and making fun of them. Either it’s out of hate and jealousy that they made it or it’s because they find that the celeb doesn’t represent their town well. Either way, who gives a fuck? Selena’s having a great time, looking amazing and getting paid a ton, I doubt she cares. If I were her I’d find it funny too and I’d laugh alllll the way to the bank with it ;)

        • :)

          Obviously, you give a fuck!!!

    • yep

      Daaaamn! She looks incredible. The man sleeping must be gay! I think this is what Miley THINKS/WISHES her ass looked like :P That type of spandex/shiny material is very harsh and Selena pulls it off extremely well. I’ll never understand people who say she looks bad or she’s out for shape and especially people who say she looks 12….yeah ok, suuuuure. If this is what “12” or “out of shape” looks like, then everyone should be out of shape!

      • sowhat

        IA that she’s not out of shape. She’s just not fit. I think people say she looks 12 base on her face because she has a baby face. Miley doesn’t think/wish her ass looks like Selena because despite not have an ass she’s got tons more than Selena will ever have.

  • leggoofmahmeggo

    I watched it, and I enjoyed it. I thought she did a great job!

  • Lily

    The man is prob just tired. It looks like he is part of the organization and he must have spent all prior days putting the show together and at that moment when everything went right he could be relieved and relax

    • lovely

      Exactly. He looks extremely exhausted! He definitely worked there and if you’ve ever planned an event, it’s soooo much work! You do not sleep for a few days prior to it, especially if it’s this big! He was obviously really tired and is now probably really embarrassed to see his sleepy face plastered everywhere.

      Anyways, it doesn’t reflect on Selena’s performance which was actually super fun! She didn’t pull an Ashley Simpson or Paris Hilton, getting booed off stage, she wasn’t even as bad as some other popular artists that I won’t name ;) People seriously enjoyed it. I love how the people bashing it weren’t even there…

  • wow

    I love her white shirt in the bottom video!!! So pretty! Anyone know where she got it?