• Me

    Nick is in COACH instead of First Class.. Uh oh lol


      it might be business class, can’t imagine him flying coach! :

      • Guest

        Thats coach.

  • Lil

    He doesn’t even miss Olivia…his dicks probably been blown by her countless times over the past few weeks. That’s all shes good for anyways..and all he seems to care about now that the JBs are over…he’s turning to BJ’s.

  • anon

    he needs to get rid of that hat

  • anon

    Where is his brother mustache?

    • JJ456

      I adore Joe’s mustache, lol.

      • bnbmn

        i love him joe jonas always like take pictures with his fans

      • fghfgh

        well he needs to shave it

        • JJ456

          He is doing it for a good cause so I support him & his sexy mustache. Bless his kind heart!

          • fghfgh

            oh yeah i forgot

  • Sir Doctor of TARDIS

    why can’t people leave celebs alone, they DO NOTICE when you take pictures of them and it must be very awkward and annoying -.-

    • ty

      sorry but jonas brothers love their fans and their love take pictures with their fans they are not mean

      • Sir Doctor of TARDIS

        i know right, but there’s a difference between asking them to take a picture with you and hiding your phone to take a picture of one of them

  • cerenagee

    Who carrress if he’s alone. He’s allowed to have his alone time. Damn I would have socked that girl taking the pic. Like bitch leave him alone


    he look sad definitely misses olivia already

    • Naomi

      Don’t think so, maybe there is trouble in paradise?? I hope so!

    • Guest

      He’s probably sadder that his career is over and he has to fly coach.He also sad because he knows when Olivia meets someone who can bring her more fame and fly her private or first class she will be leave him.

  • RedneckAtHeart

    Can celebs not get one second of peace?

  • yo

    I saw some comments on youtube about this, and some people are saying that her chords could be overworked and tired because this song has many powerful notes and she has performed it all the time. It’s true, the whole chorus is very hard to sing, it’s all screaming. but I hope she can rest her vocals, lol.