The Vamps @ KISS Radio Station

Celebrities at the KISS Radio studiosPhotos: WENN.

  • Duckyhoward15

    Oh look Harry’s wanna be is here

  • cerenagee

    Mmmm, never listened to their music but they literally look like a wannabe 1D

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      but they’re so much different bc they’re a legit band. Only the guy who looks like Harry Styles actually sings.

      I listened to them about 2 months ago and they’re AMAZING. Favorite song: Can We Dance – The Vamps. You need to check it out.

  • anon

    They’re actually so much better than 1D.

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      ok gerl calm down… dont get carried away now…

    • boystan

      bye no

  • boystan

    oh god who are these phags