Ariana Grande Chanel Tank SULTRY

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Ariana Grande went back to Boca this Thanksgiving holiday!

UPDATE: Watch Ariana perform ‘Last Christmas’ on Jimmy Fallon under!

  • anon

    18 years old Ariana
    why did she lost so much weight and started act as a child?

    • Sophie Lou

      she looked so much better back then..I don’t get why she felt the need to change

      • hey

        I think she changed because she’s really really short and when you’re short and curvy that makes you look even thicker than you are. Plus she has really, really short legs and maybe she thought if she were skinnier they would look longer? it would explain why she constantly wears really high heels too.

      • cerenagee

        Wow I had no idea she even looked like that. She looked amazing

    • Bs

      She stopped eating meat.
      That happen

    • No

      Is that even her? It looks like they photoshopped her head onto another person’s body.

  • RedneckAtHeart

    Had no idea she was from my neck of the woods… She really needs to do something different with her hair..

  • wtf

    It feels weird to see her in heels. She has such short legs, she’s short and with the sporty tank and shorts and the heels she just looks like a kid who’s playing in mommy’s closet.

    • zanezane

      I think she has the shortest legs I’ve even seen! Her thighs are like shorter than her upper arms O_o how is that even possible!!

  • andy

    I really wish she’d change her hair and gain back some of the weight she’s been losing. Also, I really wish she’d get her own style and stop trying so damn hard to BE Mariah Carey. She has too much talent to be copying other people. If she can’t bring anything new to the table then she doesn’t belong in Hollywood. What a waste of a nice voice!

  • anon
  • anon
  • cerenagee

    Why is she suddenly sooooooo relevant?

    • anun neighmous

      bc her singles are like topping the charts and her voice slays

      • wtv

        That’s not true. Only The Way have some real success so far

        • anun neighmous

          Right There has become uber popular as well… Baby I didn’t flop but just didnt get as much radio play. But Right There is still on Top 40 on KIISFM for sure.

          • wtv

            Right There is #151 on iTunes. It even topped iTunes for one or two days but it plummeted after and so far not even is Gold certified. Same with Baby I. That is not being uber popular.

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    she is gorgeous in these pix… I love her classy she can be without being an utter slut, unlike *cough* cyrus

  • sodjsdm

    Sorry, but Ariana is completely lacking in any sex appeal. She might, if she tried really hard, be able to pull off being cute, but never sultry or sexy. Just no. And it’s not just her look that working against her, it’s that her demeanor is that of a mildly retarded child – just not sexy at all.

  • googoooly

    whyy she only have one hair – style…. tooo much efforts to have innoncent look my dear

  • googoooly

    i bet she is a whore deeeep down….. fake

  • anon

    She looked gorgeous 1-2 years go. I mean she’s still pretty but whoever is in charge, even if it’s Arana, changed her look for some reason. She must have a contract with the Yours Truly team to stick with this look until everything about this album if finshed with including awards shows.. There’s no logical other reason I can think of.

    2 years ago she had her gorgeous Italian -American cool chick look going but now seems like people are trying to Anglo her instead of playing up her beautiful features. The are trying to make her whitebread instead of her ethnic look. All we can do is wait & see. I wouldn’t hold my breath.

    It was telling that the AMA’s didn’t use any of recent pictures in their promotion. They used this:.

  • Caitlyn D

    oh wow