Bieby Makes Sydney Beliebers Wait

justin-bieber-shirtless-sydney-australia (33)Justin Bieber kept his audience at Allphones Arena in Sydney, Australia waiting 40 minutes before kicking off his set. Luckily, Justin Bieber stripped shirtless so the wait was worth it to all of his Beliebers.

Bieber upset parents in Brisbane earlier this week when he took to the stage for a show in the city late, just before 10 PM. One of Lil Baby’s bodyguards kicked apaparazzi’s car in Australia. Watch video under!

Bieber partied with 35 strippers at Bada Bing Nightspot in the Kings Cross part of Sydney. Source told MSN: ‘The club was closed off specifically for Bieber and he partied in the club until 4.30 AM. After wrapping up his show in Brisbane, the pop star jumped on a private flight straight to Sydney before being driven directly to Kings Cross to party at the one and only Bada Bing Nightspot featuring 35 of Sydney’s hottest strippers!’

Beliebers have ‘targeted’ on of Bieber’s hookups Lauren Pope with abusive messages on Twitter and she has told the singer she can’t ‘continue their friendship’ after the pair were starting to get closer.

Source told The Sun: ‘She was getting dozes of vile, abusive messages from his fans, warning her to stay away, accusing her of being a fame-hungry cougar and telling her to ‘watch her back’. She was even accused of lying about their friendship. It’s been really upsetting so she messaged him to say she couldn’t continue their friendship. She’s gutted but the attention was all too much.

Lauren has been really shocked by the level of abuse targeted at her. She was totally unprepared and when news broke of their partying together, she was simply excited about seeing Justin again and staying in touch with him. For the past 10 days the pair have been direct messaging on Twitter and texting, and things were definitely heating up.’


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    lol what is he doing? Australia has already lost patience with him when he could barely sell tickets and people on Ebay had to drop their prices cause they could barely get rid of them. He honestly needs a reality check and needs to realize that the world moves on quick to the “next best thing” and it will be just a matter of time until the next big star comes along unless he can get his act together. Stop acting like a diva.

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  • Anon

    Taylor was in three different countries this week and still managed to make it on time to her show in New Zealand. Heard she even put on a hell of a show too. Get it together Biebs.

  • anon

    He’s such a tool.

  • Siel

    I hope he becomes irrelevant like the Jonas Brothers soon.

    It’s heading in that direction.

    • GentileJewel

      Excuse! Me!???? I do mean the Jonas Brothers when I say that!

  • lspdfhsd

    Who exactly is his demographic these days? I know grown women aren’t into him, but he’s too much of a “bad boy” now for the 12 year olds. And of course no males have ever liked him. I can’t imagine he really has too many fans left at this point except the truly obsessed and deranged.

    • lsiili

      - 15% kids: he still has a kid voice and they relate
      – 60% naive young girls: they think a day they will meet and he will fall in love with them and they also feel guilty on leaving him because he is always remembering they “you are always there for me and I will always be there for you”
      – 20% older women(groupies): they want seduce him, get pregnant or marry him and get famous and rich
      – 5% people that loves his music

      • Godney

        - 15% kids: he still has a kid voice and they relate …. what age tho? 5 years old?

        – 60% naive young girls: they think a day they will meet and he will fall in love with them and they also feel guilty on leaving him because he is always remembering they “you are always there for me and I will always be there for you” …. THEY WONT LAST FOREVER, THOSE NAIVE YOUNG GIRLS WILL GROW UP.

        – 20% older women(groupies): they want seduce him, get pregnant or marry him and get famous and rich… MORE LIKE 2 %

        – 5% people that loves his music… MORE LIKE 0.1%

        • Scar

          What a fool you are . Go on youtube and see how many people write they like his music but not him ( they don’t want to admit it because it’s cool to hate Biebs ) you’re one of them obviously. Many people admitted his music is good now specially the more mature one now and said his music is good and they like it but not him. Nice try though, many people like his music except his fans. Lol at you girl. And for your information if you had any resemblance of intelligence you would check your facts, but you’re another typical Bieber sheep hater. His shows contain many older people not just young girls specially you may notice on the M&G’s. Good day for you pressed lady.

  • anon

    He didn’t sold out his South America tour. I thought that it would take a while to see it happen

    • no just(in) no

      i might be wrong, but i dont think he’s sold out anywhere during his current tour. actually more and more people are trying to get rid of their tickets. and he still pulls crap like this like he deserves to be waited upon by people “lesser” than him. what a shitty attitude and personality. his talent will go to waste especially with all that partying he’s doing

    • Scar

      He sold out that tour boy, get your facts straight, but not the tour in Australia, still the arena was almost full as you may see in the videos. Keep your facts straight before talking shit, his tour by far made over 145 Milion go search it up and plus album sales. I wish people just do some research on this site before trashing those they hate or dislike.

      • anon

        it doesnt matter if he sold out or not. his behavour is disgusting.

        • Scar

          Oh God. Did I even mention his behavior? NO. Learn how to read.

          • anon

            i know im just saying because the article is not about wether he sold out or not its about the fact that he showed up late for a concert. I think you’re the one that needs to learn how to read.

      • Godney

        YOU get your facts straight, the only reason he is making alot of money out of his tour is because he over sells, in Chile the stadium was for 55.000 people and adding his stage it still made it for 55.000… how?! he over sold it the fuck out!

        • Scar

          You mad? He still sells girl, take a chill pill stop being so damn full of hatred towards some random pop star.

    • Guest

      Specially shows in Brazil and Mexico were all sold out and had more then 50,000+ there. But the Australian tour wasn’t completely sold out, but still 89%-93% were sold out.

  • Rosemary

    he’s disgusting

  • JUG

    It’s sad. Justin could have used this tour to announce his arrival as a legit adult artist. Visit cities, give some interviews praising the cities, give top notch professional shows every single night and spend his days off doing tons of charity work or at least staying out of trouble. If he did that, he would have earned respect and could have transitioned to an adult artist. What a waste. And for what? Some stupid partying. He has his whole life to party. He only had one chance to transition to an adult artist. I wish his friends and family had given him some better advice and/or he’d been willing to take that advice. So sad.

    • Tony Stark

      Let’s hope he will get his shit together, he cannot waste his talent like this. Media does make a big deal out of everything though and people need to give him a rest he can still party there’s nothing wrong with it, but he should be more responsible. Also many things are made up, but those that he did do he should and hopefully he did learn from them. His recent music is so good but gets no attention people only care about his bad antics.

      • JUG

        I agree with everything you say except that I think his recent music is not as suited for his voice and personality as the My World cds. I think his voice is sort of thin and he seems more suited to sing the light poppy stuff than the recent deeper & more mature songs that you can’t really dance to. I know it’s what he wants to sing but I doubt radio will play his new stuff and I doubt his younger fans will support it as much.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Maybe he really wants to fade, that’s just about the only conclusion I’ve come to when he intentionally does things like this.

  • BangBang

    His bodyguards need anger management.

    • Guest

      So do paparazzi. Education as well and some respect.

  • cerenagee

    bratty bieber strikes again. such a douchebag