Miley Cyrus Penis Love Christmas Advert

VIDEO of Miley Cyrus showing of her ‘penis’ for love!

  • sldjd

    wut? I don’t even understand what’s going on in this video. Btw, Miley seems gayer and gayer lately. I don’t think she’ll be going back to Liam anytime soon.

  • party

    what on earth was this about? did miley do this or did someone made it up?

  • Alii

    She looks like a crackhead.

    • :)

      OMG, you’re soooo funny!!!!

  • Bae

    Its not even funny?
    Im just like ‘wtf’

  • Bs

    She got waaaay too much attention lately. Now she thinks she can do everything & peope care but homestly what is that for a shit

  • :)

    You idiots already posted this!

    Why don’t you post that wrecking ball is #1 on pop radio or she has the #1 video on vh-1

    • no

      They did not post this. They posted a still from the video, not the actual video. I didn’t even know what the still was from. Not that this makes it any clearer haha. Honestly, who cares if she’s number one? She’s so insane and out of touch with reality I do not envy her at all, not even one bit. Her “number 1″ came at the price of her completely selling out and becoming the biggest attention whore artist today. That’s a fail imo.

      • :)

        Well apparently you didn’t see the caption under the still: ‘Fashion Magazine’ You call her insane, lmao. A lot of people in the entertainment business say otherwise. She’s very smart and she knows what she’s doing. Maybe one day you’ll understand that.

  • cerenagee

    wtf she is such a wack job I cant even