Nick Jonas & Olivia Caught On Camera!

nick-jonas-olivia-shopJamesAkid @oliviaculpo and @nickjonas shopped at my dads store and he didn’t even know who they were. Nice one. Thankfully, Nolivia are not broken up and very much in love, they didn’t know the camera was on them!

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  • nolivia is love

    nolivia forever, i can’t wait for them to get married.

    • Naomi

      Sorry that’s not gonna happen!~

    • ghhjhj

      well i hope they are gonna break up i cant wait

  • Naomi

    Here we go again! The FAKE mitch!

  • Naomi

    Oh btw she looks bad, look at her hair! is that an ex miss universe? lol what happen with all the beautiful makeup and beautiful hair?

  • Naomi

    We want Niley back!!!!

  • Naomi

    PR! PR!

  • anon

    Ugh they are so that annoying couple that I can’t stand to be in line behind at any kind of checkout, the kind who has to be constantly all over each other. Like it takes them twice as long to check out because instead being ready to pay, you have to wait for Nick to get his wallet out which he didn’t already have out because he had to be hugging his gf in line or kissing her etc.

    Couples like that are so annoyingly co-dependent. Didn’t think nick would be the type to lose his independence and become one of them but guess I was wrong. It’s quite unattractive.

  • gngvhjj

    well jonas brothers they dont love us they love their girlfriends they dont care about their fans anymore and when they say you are the best fans in the world we love you well that was a lie about them they only care about fame and money thats all

    • vghjnhvbm

      i know they only care about themselfs not to anyone else

    • biia


  • anon

    Now this is love.Not stupid Joe and his stupid gf

  • Haha

    Look how much Nick enjoys meeting his fans!

    • anon

      Awww that poor girl! She’s all happy in her tweet and photo and Nick is looking like he wishes he was anywhere else because he had to interact with someone who wasn’t Olivia for 5 seconds.

  • Lilli

    It’s just ridiculous how they don’t care about their music or fans anymore and all they care about is their gf’s and doing zero. It’s almost like…they wanted a come back because they realized they needed more money…but then got lazy and tired of working and wanted to go back to the lazy celeb life phase of just shopping and hanging out not working. So then they just decide to cancel everything and stop working hard and simply hang out with their gfs til they fade out completely.

    What really makes me sad is that they don’t seem to care how much support they are loosing from fans. I understand that they are allowed to have their personal lives and I support that completely, but the fact that they are ONLY ever seen now hanging out with their partners instead of trying to keep in touch with fans and do some work really make me loose respect for them.

    It’s such a shame. They’ve changed so much from their humble beginnings. I get that everyone grows up and changes a bit…but it just seems like they don’t care at all. When they need money and are no longer able to support their lazy expensive lifestyle then ohh all of a sudden…the fans are “the best people in the world” and they will try and pinch people for every coin they can get. Loosing fans by the day boys.

    • Sharon

      Well they haven’t lost me.. They do need some
      transition time – and they deserve to have a
      personal life, too.

    • queenofshade

      I don’t know how much clearer the boys could’ve been when they said they ended the band for their family and that they aren’t exactly sure what the future holds for them, so the fact that you’re still talking about it like they’re leaving fans in the dark is ridiculous.

  • Hipster

    He has nothing better to do then follow her around? He doesn’t interact with fans on twitter or excited to see fans because he no longer needs fans. If he is going to produce and do song writing for other artists. You don’t need fans to be a success in doing that. Someday he’ll realize what a mistake he has made. He only cares about himself that is obvious now.

    • If anyone hears the hot overproduced mess that was the new songs they released, Olivia’s gonna be the only one who hires him as a producer.

  • anon

    People who want them to break up are going to be sorely disappointed. Why would they break up? Nick is too blinded by love to see if she is using him or not. He never saw it with Delta he’s not going to see it now. So he isn’t ever going to be the one to end things. He is so head over heels infatuated with her that I don’t think there is anything she could do that would make him end things.

    And why would she end things? She’s getting what she always has wanted, a ton of attention and fans. Look how many fan accounts have sprung up for her since she started dating Nick. I’m sorry but those girls who claim they have always been her fan are lying. Most of them never even mentioned her before she started dating Nick. Also, she has a rich, good looking boyfriend who will pay for everything (even her cheap Victorias Secret panties) and drops everything in his life to make she she has what she wants and is happy. Why would she ever break up with him? She would have no reason to. She’s in charge of this relationship, he’s become all about her and not about himself anymore so she would have no reason to end it.

  • Chelsea

    That doesn’t really look like Olivia with Nick just saying….

  • cerenagee