Paul Walker Dead In Car Crash

paul-walker-dead-picture‘Fast & The Furious’ star Paul Walker has died at the age of 40 after being involved in a car crash while attending a charity event for his organization Reach Out Worldwide in Santa Clarita, California on November 30, 2013.

  • Rosemary

    So sad. RIP

  • Jaz

    RIP :( Remember watching you years ago from your pleasantville days and thinking you were a fine ass specimen of a man.

    • sad

      I love Fast and Furious series :(

  • dlovCyr

    Ironic car crash. Rip. So handsome.

  • I love you Paul

    Ugh. Another hot body I don’t get to bang :(. RIP <3

  • @nn@mmm

    It’s sad because while we get another F&F movie next year, he is not going to be around anymore. I am still processing. People dying out of the blue are the most tragic deaths because they don’t get to say goodbye.

  • Naomi

    Sooo sad! feel soo bad for his daughter :(

  • A Cat

    RIP to him (and his friend as I heard that it was him who had been driving at the time).

    Heart and prayers go out to their families and friends. :(

  • Bae

    Thats not fair at all. Feeling terrible for his family

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    I’ve been trying for 6 hrs to adjust to his sudden death. RIP to Paul & his Friend.

  • pink

    He died with dignity and grace..always helping others. His good work will live on. Only the good die young….A beautiful face and beautiful human being. :( RIP

    • TeamLiamHemsworth

      This makes me more sad.

    • sad


    • santi

      so agree

  • anon

    So strange that just like Cory Monteith there was a hoax about his death a few days before the real death.

    R.I.P. Paul!

  • Sarah

    So unfair how a very good hearted man who always help others and do a lot of charities died in such a tragic way. Same with Cory Monteith who always do charities and always generous died early when this worldneedmore people like them *crying*

    • Jeanette Grimshaw

      i agree i cryed so much when cory died

      It is awful that good people die that are caring and always help others but both death’s could of been prevented if paul’s friend wasn’t speeding they likely wouldnt of died since if the driver wasnt speeding and then hit a tree which caused the explosion both would be still alive and cory’s death could of been prevented if he wasnt left alone in his hotel room or if he was in rehab longer

    • Mia

      It is not the same as Cory’s death. Cory Monteith, as much as people don’t want to admit it is not the kind of person people should looking up to. He was a drug addict.

      • Zaina

        Yes, but he tried to stop…being a drug didn’t define him. Yes, no one should do drugs or look up to people who do. However, he was much more than that and he tried to show us that through how he behaved and the things that he said. Drugs don’t define you at all. No matter how much of them you do or what kinds you decide to do if you do them. He was a good person…and just because he was a kid on a televison show doesn’t mean we have to emulate everything he does. Everybody’s is responsible for their own descions at the end of the day….oh, but Cory did it doesn’t count…you are you…Cory is Cory and ..Paul is Paul…..

      • Rainbow3000

        He was a drug addict. But that shouldn’t be the only thing to define who he is. Cory was always doing charity helping people like Paul did. And he was such a nice guy, too bad he can’t overcome his demons.

      • Cici

        We all have our demons. Cory was just slowly killing himself, good person or not. It became too much for him, obviously. & who knows how much worse it could have gotten for him and lea or whatever kids they might of had. It was probably time

      • Bianca

        yeah just like Paul was an adrenaline junkie.

      • sad

        yeah, Paul was tragic because he didn’t even do anything wrong while Cory brought this on himself.

  • Scar

    Interesting how TMZ had posted his death 2 days before, but deleted it now. Search it up it was all over twitter…so sad and shocking. He was my favorite actor, F&F won’t be same without him. RIP Paul!

  • Cici

    This just depresses me. I hate it when they go so young, but he’s in a better place now. This world is only temporary, we are all going to go eventually. So really death should not be completely depressing…but damn he was sexy.

    • GentileJewel

      If he is saved!

      • Cici

        Don’t talk like that, please.

        • :)

          That person (GentileJewel) is heartless!!!

          RIP PW :(

        • HaylorToU

          I think we all should learn not to get started with gentile jewel…

          • Cici

            I’ve learned through all of her other comments. Sad

      • sanitizer

        what do you mean, mate?

      • sdadas

        You are absolutely right. Others just don’t want to believe it… there is no way to Heaven or to the Father unless you go through Jesus Christ.
        It may be an ugly truth to some, but it is the truth.

        • Cici

          Nobody knows his heart, except God. We do not know what he & God will talk about when he meets him. He is very merciful, and who knows if Paul had a personal relationship with him or not? There is more to it than the black & white views.

  • Rainbow3000

    This is too sad :'( RIP.

  • XaskTaylorX

    Its weird that he died in a car crash considering his recent movies. He was the passenger though. RIP to him and his friend. =’/

  • Zaina

    Oh my god . He was stunning beyond words….and he was a really good man as well! His daughter will forever be with him and he will forever be with her. RIP Paul Walker.

  • He’s a hero

    Just for your information, Paul donated 2.5 million to people who were in need of shelter and food. He was a true hero.

  • JJ456

    Very sad. RIP, Paul!

  • leggoofmahmeggo

    It’s sad when someone so generous and giving leaves this Earth. In such a tragic way too. I pray for his family and friends in this time. I didn’t know him, but the fact that he was just at a charity event in that car before this shows who he was as a person. RIP.

  • HaylorToU

    Good people die young because they are just too good for this world. A beautiful guy inside and out. #RIPPW

  • :(

    Jake warned him

  • :(

    Jack warned him

    • mizz

      People should really start listening to Jack Nicholson’s warnings :P

  • Rest in Peace Paul and friend

    Him and his friends are going way too fast, should have slow down

    • Rainbow3000

      and way too furious…

  • anndd

    Watch Selena tweet how sad she is over Paul’s death and also claiming he’s her fav actor and to be one of his closest friends because that girl will do anything for attention just like how she dramatically tweet about being the saddest person over Michael Jackson and Cory Monteith’s deaths. She will make it all about her.

    • BangBang

      If you want to be hating on Selena, go to a Selena post please! This isn’t even about Selena, show some respect please!

    • Rainbow3000

      oh mimi…

    • leggoofmahmeggo

      It’s funny because Miley just tweeted about how sad she is.

    • Anna

      Yet you’re post is the most disrespectful on here?

    • minx

      selena did make cory’s death all about her when she never reach out to him back when he was suffering from addiction, so yeah I kinda agree

    • minx

      she never help cory yet said he was her best friend blah blah blah, if you love that person you will help him and not just broadcasting your sympathy to the media

    • Marina And My Diamonds

      Bitch though..

    • HaylorToU

      omg seriously

  • BangBang

    This is really horrible! I feel really bad for his and his driver’s family! RIP

  • RedneckAtHeart

    My heart breaks for his family and friends as well for the family and friends of Roger who was driving. Such a beautiful soul taken way to soon. Thoughts and prayers to his daughter and girlfriend/wife(Together forever but never married) He was a great actor and FF will never be the same. I legit cried when I heard this was true.

  • mayonaisse

    RIP Paul and also his friend who everyone ignores.

  • Oceanup2.0

    Sniffs. RIP Paul Walker. May Miley Christ blessed upon his soul. Amen.

  • TeamLiamHemsworth

    What a tragic way to go. He was one of the hottest guys in Hollywood. Rip.

  • cerenagee

    So sad. He is such a beautiful man. RIP <3

  • Bianca

    this is so sad. i had the chance to meet him, tyrese, ludacris and vin when they came to Rio for fast 5. This is really really sad. He had a beautiful smile, and was a good human. RIP Paul and Roger…

  • sad

    RIP Paul Walker, so sad to hear this.

  • santi

    Tragic. I’m so sad. I’m the biggets F&F fan :((

  • Damion

    Has nothing to do with being charitable or being a good person , it’s the bad choices made like riding with an ass clown who thought he was still on the race track and speeding though public streets with no regard for others on the road or the safety of the passenger beside him.

    • pat

      he was riding with his long time friends…shits happen even if you’re a careful driver even

  • Hazza

    RIP Paul :'((

  • Josefina Vazquez

    he was one special guy he was so nice his friends and the people who worked with him said he was an amzing person and actor :( he was one of my fave this sucks! we have a new angel watching over his family and to all of us fans

  • Clause

    Don’t anyone dare shade this guy! He was a humble, good hearted, genuine and always do charity to help less fortunate! Not to mention he was damn hot and handsome. Too bad he had been taken too early when this earth needs more men like him and less whiny and annoying ones like Bieber!!

  • Dilaranne

    I’m still so sad over his sudden death. I didn’t know him personally, but i knew about his charity work and in interviews he always came across as a humble, sweet and genuine man. His movies brought me so much entertainment and his warm smile on the screen always made me smile.I’m so sad that he and his loved ones didn’t get the chance to say a last goodbye.I pray that he didn’t suffer much and i pray for his family to stay strong.Heaven has gained two new angels. May you guys rest in peace. I will never forget you

  • molly

    Am I the only one who think Paul is still alive? They still cant identify the body because it’s badly burn. There’s a high chance it’s not Paul!

    • molly

      Sorry…not meant to say high chance…well maybe a little chance