Demi Staying Strong #1 NYT Bestseller

demi staying strong book cover
Screen shot 2013-12-01 at 5.31.21 PMDemi Lovato opened at No. 1 on The New York Times Bestsellers list with her new book Staying Strong, ‘a powerful 365-day collection of Demi’s most honest, brave and hopeful insights.’

Demi: ‘One of the things that has helped me in my recovery is taking every day one day at a time and I am a firm believer in starting off the day right with an inspirational quote and sort of a morning meditation. So, I put together 365 of my favorite quotes and a little morning meditation for everybody.’

  • lol

    That’s clear it is #1 on the Advice, How-to & Miscellaneous category, that is not much of a big thing

  • anon

    Wilmer is proposing to Demi next year. It’s meant to be a surprise so dont tell Demi!

  • dlovCyr

    Every book goes to number 1 in the New York Times… It’s not a big deal like someone above me said.