Harry Styles Secret Dating Daisy Lowe

Harry Styles is secretly dating Daisy Lowe, reports Daily Mail. They became close through Nick Grimshaw and Kelly Osborne. ‘When Harry met Daisy there was a real spark. When they see each other they make sure it’s in private at night or with a group of friends.’

The pair are said to have been ‘all over each other’ at model Alexa Chung’s 30th birthday party on November 11, as well as going to Pixie Geldof’s 23rd bash, and also attended a W magazine London Fashion Week party together on September 14.

And Daisy’s ex-boyfriend, Doctor Who actor Matt Smith, is even reportedly aware of the flourishing relationship. The source added: ‘Matt definitely knows about it because he mixes with a lot of the same people.’ Do YOU think Haisy Stowe are secretly dating? More pix of Daisy Lowe under!


  • Duckyhoward15

    I thought he was dating Kendall like last week L O L

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      I think they LITERALLY were just on a dinner date together, to hang — and see what happens from there (obvi they didnt really click or else they would have been back at it). Harry is obssessed with Grimmys, this girl is obvi the tactical beard.

      • Duckyhoward15

        I doubt she is Harry’s type , I do think he hooked up with some of Grimmy’s friends

  • kip

    already a new gf after only 2 minutes “breaking up” with kendall? tsk tsk

    • hmmm

      and people give taylor shit for dating? tsk tsk tsk

      • kelseyR

        Taylor has been confirmed to be with all of the guys she has been “with” Harry stands next to a girl for longer then 5 minutes and the next day it’s said everywhere that they are dating. Don’t believe everything you read..

        • oh

          actually only 6 guys are confirmed, the rest are rumors you should take ur own advice biatch

        • Anon

          No, actually. People honestly believe that Taylor has dated more than 13 guys, all because she was seen briefly talking to them, which is pathetic. Girl should be allowed to have guy friends. Just like that other person said, maybe you should take your own advice dude…

    • kelseyR

      ? him and kendall are seen out to eat one time you and people believe they were in a relationship and broken up? lmaoo Don’t believe everything you read. I doubt this story is even true. Tabloids make up shit all the time.

  • threelittlebirds

    Just two days ago he was dating Kendall..

    • cerenagee

      either harry’s a total ladies man, which i can totally see tbqh, or the rumor mill is going wild now in an attempt to draw attention to him before the 1D movie release

      • in jesus name i pray amen

        or the audition for Harry to be the new GBF (gay best friend)

    • lisa_

      No, you read he was dating Kendall. There’s a difference.

      • threelittlebirds

        it’s not like i actually believed it. i never believe celeb relationships until they physically say something.

  • mayonaisse

    once a playa, always a playa

  • shrek

    no girl can tamed him, he’s a ladies man

  • Ayyyyyyyyyyyy

    But Matt is amazinggggggggg

  • bitchpls


    • Anna

      bitch who believes every rumor they read..smh

  • cerenagee

    Damn Harry must really like his older women lol

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      ikr… he’s 19…. She’s 24. like damn gerl

    • Anna

      or its total BS, why are you automatically believing a rumor made up by a gossip site? The sun is more unreliable than most. I mean make jokes about it fine, but that isn’t a huge age difference anyway.

      • cerenagee

        Holy shit retract the fucking claws dude. Open your god damn eyes and read a little further where I literally said or it could be a rumor. And regardless of if this one is true or not he dates older women so calm your tits.

        • Anna

          I wasn’t even upset or mad at you, just saying it could be a rumor. I don’t even know where you get that I was acting all vicious. I wasn’t even trying to be mean, just honest. I’m sorry I don’t even understand why you are freaking out at me. There is nothing in my comment even remotely rude. Please explain.

  • in jesus name i pray amen
  • skldjd

    So has the press already given up on the Harry/Kendall thing? I was expecting it to last at least a month before the next phony “relationship” was set up.

  • heather

    sooo in the past month alone harry has been “dating” like 3 different celebs? oh okay. sounds believable.

  • boystan

    why can’t he date louis or kendall