Lorde Cody Simpson ARIA Awards

27th Annual ARIA Awards 2013Lorde and Cody Simpson attended the 27th Annual ARIA Awards 2013 at the Star on December 1, 2013 in Sydney, Australia. Photos: FameFlynet. Lorde performed by did not win any awards!


  • Rainbow3000

    Poor Lorde. Can someone please inform her that Halloween is over?

  • yuck Lorde

    she’s really ugly

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      ok calm down… no one said you had to be pretty to be a successful singer. Look at Susan Boyle.

      Behave yourself… don’t be rude now.

  • K

    Wrong again OceanUp… That’s Morticia from the Addams family

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      omg i literally LAUGHED OUT LOUD. That is hysterical, but so rude at the same time.


      • Loli

        But the truth is that she belongs to the addams fam. Atleast her style

        • Clauber

          Yes, she criticizes women who get naked to get attention, and she is dressing like a creepy witch to get attention too.

  • threelittlebirds

    Is she auditioning to be the next Wednesday?

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      this joke needs explaining…. what?

      • threelittlebirds

        Wednesday from the Adams family…

        • in jesus name i pray amen

          lmoa.. oh!

  • :)

    she doesn’t need halloween to look like a complete joke, she willingly to like a freak for the whole year

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      I think it’s her style… it’s called grunge/punk. Maybe borderline goth? I think she’s talented nonetheless. Everyone is so caught up by the way she looks. Very shallow & basic of you tbqh

      • Loli

        I wish if her look or style only but its the attitude she thinks she is best thing that happen in the music industry hating on other singers who are more famous and honestly way prettier

      • Loli


    • wow

      I wouldn’t say she looks like a joke. That’s pretty superficial. I find that you could look ridiculous, but when you open your mouth and give such an amazing performance the look doesn’t matter any more, because your talent speaks for itself. She does chose to dress weird, but that’s her fashion choice. Who cares? If she’s comfortable in it, good. It’s not my style, but that’s irrelevant, her music speaks for itself and I don’t even pay attention to her look.

      Now her attitude in interviews? Yeah THAT bothers me :P She should really stop dropping names. If everyone sucks and you’re so amazing, then show them!!! No need to bring them down, just blow them away by being better, more interesting and more unique. It really bugs me that she feels the need to bash them. She can outdo them in a more subtle way, which would suit her music and image better anyway

      • Loli

        I think when say talent adele should be mentioned ,lorde is good but not woooow

  • mayonaisse

    she looks like she just emerge from the mortuary

  • Oceanup2.0

    Lorde, an ugly girl with an uglier attitude :((


  • Loli

    Ugly vampire. To be honest she is not pretty ,her face is not that attractive and that make up makes her look worse

    • yep

      I don’t think she ever said she was attractive. In fact, doesn’t the song sing about how “we’re not pretty, but we know how to run things”? I think she’s aware of how she looks and she’s embracing it instead of changing her looks to fit the typical Hollywood look, which is kinda cool.

  • amy

    Why does it matter what she looks like? How she dresses and whether you think she is pretty or not has nothing to do with her singing ability. Everyone needs to stop being so shallow.

    • :)


  • i’m scared

    who the hell did her makeup? the morgue people?

    • amy

      That’s a ridiculous comment since the morgue doesn’t apply makeup.

      • TeamLiamHemsworth

        A person who does a makeup on a corpse is call mortician and they did the makeup in a morgue, I think that was what the OP reffered to.

  • TeamLiamHemsworth

    With all that makeup, she still doesn’t look good.

    • no

      I think the way she does her makeup is not supposed to make her look good, but worse. She’s not really about looking good, cute or pretty :P She’s the rebel of the music industry.

  • Cici

    I love her hair pulled back! She looks nice

  • Nolivia

    She needs less makeup, a tan, a stylist and a smile

  • Lara

    i think she’s trying too hard to be different, punk, gothic and all, and keeps forgetting she’s a pop artist & is not real. If you don’t really care you don’t do that kind of a statement. She’s just using a different tactic than the others, Miley smokes and get naked, she bashes others stars, and act a like zombie. Just to clear this up, I’m NOT saying she’s not talented, i’m just saying she’s fake, and not better than the ones she trashes up.

    • uhm

      Ok let’s be clear, if you want to be successful in the music industry you HAVE to have an image. Even if YOU don’t care, YOUR MARKETING TEAM will care and force you to have a certain image wether you like it or not All successful singers use tactics, otherwise they would not be famous.

      Even if SHE chose to dress that way, it still doesn’t really make her fake. Choosing to dress in a way that represents your personality isn’t fake. Actually, it makes sense for an artist to go crazy with their look, because they’re expressive, creative people who use any tools they can to show who they are. Miley’s not fake either, imo…she’s always been this crazy, she just upped the dose to show the world who she really is :P Not that I like it, but she’s not necessarily fake for what she’s doing.

  • liklik

    Yeah, I agree with people that just because she has bad looks it doesn’t mean she’s not talented, but no one here said that. People are just commenting that she looks ugly and people will always comment that if she continues dressing like this, specially in events like this that are out in the media. Unfortunately, that’s the society we live in. How many times haven’t we seen here on OU people calling Miley ugly, with no butt, etc or people calling Demi fat? Honestly I do think she’s trying too hard to be not mainstream, even the way she dances now. Her songs are really good with nice messages, but the way she portrays herself is a turnoff. Bye.

    • hmm

      I don’t get it. This isn’t a beauty pageant or a fashion show. If she likes this look, she can wear it. It’s not like I’m not buying her clothing line, I’m buying her music and her music is good…soo…what’s the problem?

  • cerenagee

    omg she looks so dead. im not super into her goth style.

  • sldjdf

    She would be fucking awesome in horror movies! Make it happen, Hollywood!

  • boystan

    omg slay mother

  • Paper Planes

    She’s not ugly. That dress and makeup does not flatter her, that’s it. When she wears more natural makeup she looks pretty.

    • mayonaisse

      if she did not use so much foundation, we could see her premature wrinkles

  • Clauber

    LMFAO Lorde is the dark version of Emma Stone

  • :)

    She looks like death warmed over!!!!!!!