Jessica Hart Dropped Over Swift Bash

taylor-swift-modelVictoria’s Secret model Jessica Hart’s won’t be invited to walk in next year’s show or model in its upcoming catalogs for bashing Taylor Swift, reports Page Six. Hart said that Taylor ‘just didn’t fit’ at the 2013 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Asked if Taylor could ‘pull it off’ as a lingerie model, she said ‘No.. God bless her heart. I think she’s great.. But I don’t know, to me, she didn’t fit.’ Five days later she backtrack: ‘I adore Taylor Swift and I was so excited to be with her at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show.. She is a true rock star and she absolutely killed it the other night.’

Victoria’s Secret’s CMO said that Hart’s comments were misinterpreted.

  • delle

    it’s sad if she was in fact dropped over stating her opinion. Granted Taylor’s fame and everything, if fans can put that aside. I felt she was out of context too. That is merely all.

  • Hay

    It’s awful how much power is given to people. I mean if Taylor swift said that Jessica Hart couldn’t be a singer there wouldn’t be any thought into it.

  • FlawlesslikeSG

    Well we know who was “complaining” to the head honcho…….

  • threelittlebirds

    That’s not even bashing. Its not like she said she was ugly.

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    Guess you cant have an opinion nowadays… That model did nothing wrong to deserve that tbqh.

    • lol

      She has the right to have an opinion, but let’s be honest Taylor looked better than her from head to toe so it seemed like she was saying this out of spite :P

    • nope

      The thing is I don’t think Jessica is up to par with the other Victoria Secret models like Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio or Miranda Kerr, so of all the people she’s not the best placed to talk. Just look at her legs next to Taylor’s, Taylor’s look way better and more toned! Taylor’s putting her to shame if anything, since she’s not even a model and looks more toned.

  • anon

    That’s not about Taylor’s power. Taylor was picked out by the Victoria’s Secret’s bosses, then when she said that she didn’t fit she was dissing not just Taylor but the choice of the people who contracted her. It was a professional mistake

    • kdelly

      she said she didn’t fit as a MODEL not for the show, out o context as it states.

      • ugh

        Yeah, but Taylor was NOT HIRED TO MODEL…she was hired to sing, so why comment on that? Honestly, Tay is not a model and she was not half naked, yet she looked 10 times better than the model and I think that’s why she’s feeling spiteful. The “Bless her heart” is totally meant to be mean. It’s so condescending! If you can’t see the hate reeking from the comment you are way too naive :)

        • Silver

          Good clarification.

        • kdelly

          again out of context. the question was about whether taylor could make it as a model….

        • Taylor didn’t really look natural. She was trying too hard to look bold and sexy.

  • Anon

    Jessica is an employee though, and this is her job. It was her bosses’ decision to put Taylor on the show, and her comments don’t really show professionalism. Tbh, I don’t think backlisting her has anything to do with Taylor personally. If she had made those comments about maybe rihanna from last year, the same thing probably would’ve happened. Taylor never even said a word about this.

  • Rosemary

    wow….just pathetic

  • Rosemary

    taylor better try and get her job back

  • Rosemary

    this is just pathetic


    If this is true, then that is really fucked up. She wasn’t even bashing Taylor.. Maybe if everyone stopped treating Taylor like she’s some fragile little doll, she’d quit being so annoying. I wish the model well. She shouldn’t work at a company where she isn’t allowed to have an opinion anyway. What ever happened to freedom of speech? Smh

    • anon

      try say your boss you don’t agree with his decision

      • Anonymous

        You really don’t have to agree with everything that your boss does though. Yes, maybe you shouldn’t be so vocal about it but she’s great for standing up and stating her opinion. She did nothing wrong.

        • anon

          Ofc, but you don’t tell about your disagreement to the whole world, unless you’re willing to risk your job.

          • kdelly

            true, very true, but as they said it was taken out of context and she said that taylor wouldn’t fit as a model….and she definitely would’t not because of her looks or anything, just because of her personality (not in a bad way!)

          • yepp

            I disagree! The most successful models have funny and quirky personalities. Look at Adriana Lima, she’s always sticking out her tongue and acting silly. Who the hell is Jessica to talk, I didn’t even notice her until now…

          • kdelly

            she can’t even make her career without bashing people, so one model who everyone seems to think is irrelevant makes one comment about how taylor couldn’t cut it as a model and now she gets fired. Look, I get that she shouldn’t have said anything against the company she works for and all I get that. and I didn’t say its her spunky part of her personality, she doesn’t have “IT” she has “IT”when it comes to music but she honestly couldn’t cut it as a model plain and simple.

    • andy

      i dont even like taylor and i have to admit this girl looks like her mom so it seems like her comment came from insecurity and hate cause taylor looked younger and better

    • lmao

      I don’t think this is even about Taylor. Jessica just isn’t well placed to say this since she herself doesn’t belong in the show. She’s not as good as the other models at all! It’s not a big loss, I would’ve fired her even without the statement lmao

  • anon

    Neither Taylor Swift nor her management will have had anything to do with the model’s axing. Victoria’s Secret would simply not tolerate any of its models saying anything which casts a negative light on its shows, or the brand. Jessica Hart’s comments were picked up by multiple websites, eclipsing all other coverage of Victoria’s Secret and the company’s flagship show. That would be reason enough to send her down the road. These models are paid a lot of money not just to model the lingerie, but to represent the brand. Jessica Hart is supposed to be a spokesperson for the brand. That means being complimentary about the singer, not dissing her to a reporter. She’s paid to be diplomatic, not honest. It’s part of the game. Victoria’s Secret paid a lot of money to Taylor Swift to sing at the event and may well want her back in future. Jessica Hart’s behaviour, if left unpunished, may have also deterred other female singers from performing on future shows, for fear that other models would similarly disparage them afterwards. It may seem harsh to commenters on oceanup, but this is a multi million dollar business we’re talking about. She had to go, simple as that. There will be plenty of other models champing at the bit to take her place.

    • kdelly

      actually she’s paid to be a model and pose and walk on a runway and film commercials. models actually tend to be able to do whatever they want unless their management is involved. she didn’t diss her the statement was out of context and she said that taylor wouldn’t fit as a model, she’s just not model material (not her looks just her personality, but not in a bad way!) models get drunk and fuck around all the time and they’re always in the press, jessica makes a simple comment that is completely true, yet cars was dropped for a MUCH more serious issue when she was snorting crack….soooooooo yeah

      • RedneckAtHeart

        I have yet to see any form of bad press for a VS model. VS models are not like any other models. They have to act a certain way in public, they represent the VS name not just the panties and bras. It’s like an honor code, once you mess up you’re gone.

        • yay

          I hope so, she’s not a very good model tbh. She’s not as pretty and doesn’t have as much personality as the rest of the girls.

        • kdelly

          I guess you’re right now that I think about it….the only scandal i’ve heard of involving a VS model is miranda with all the tabloid and such posting about her cheating and being with really young men, but i concede you are correct.

  • wow

    That’s why models shouldn’t talk. It’s not that she’s not allowed to have an opinion, she is! But you gotta be smart about what you say when you’re a public figure. Taylor never claimed to be a model, so this girl should NOT have commented on that at all! She should’ve just said “she’s a very pretty girl” or something, just brush it off it’s a stupid question!!! They wanted her to say something mean to stir up the drama and she fell in their trap. STUPID!

  • yep

    I find this girl comment out of place because of two things. First of all, Taylor was invited to sing not to model, so commenting on her modeling skills is just out of place. She should’ve rejected the question. Second of all, I honestly think that Taylor totally outshined her. Even though she’s half naked, wearing a mega push up bra and super tight corset, I noticed Taylor way more!!! Tay is goofy, yeah, but she is definitely prettier than the girl on the left, has a more attractive face and her body looks way more toned (especially her legs). That’s why this girl’s comment seems hateful. She totally got outshined, come on!

  • annie

    She’s just mad cause she looks like Taylor’s uglier older sister!

  • Mandy

    That awkward moment when the models legs look super flabby and shapeless next to the artist’s legs ;) no wonder that Jessica girl is pissed!

  • whatevsss

    If the model didn’t look so much worse than Taylor I’d take her comment more seriously. But looking at this photo I would much rather buy Taylor’s dress than the model’s clothes cause Tay looks hot as hell and the model looks saggy all over the place.

  • sure

    Yeah, cause walking is soooooo hard. To be a good model you need to have good looks and have a personality …that’s two things Taylor has more of than the model so…

  • WTF

    Am I the only one who doesn’t find Jessica very pretty? She has a weird face and is kinda saggy (sorry if it sounds mean just my opinion, the clothes don’t look very good on her) She’s pretty but not model pretty. More like random girl on the street pretty and even then I’ve seen way prettier girls on the street :S That’s why her comment’s funny, I don’t really think she belongs in the show either…

  • fail

    There were lots of tweets and comments talking about how awesome Taylor looked and not as much about the model herself so I feel like this girl got angry and lashed out and said Taylor didn’t belong. She try to make it sound sweet with the “Bless her heart” but it makes it sound even meaner lmao

  • Silver

    Models need to be seen and not heard…. So yeah, drop her ass.

  • uhmm

    These models have teams that prepare them for interviews. I am 100% sure this girl was told not to say anything bad about the other models or artists during the show, yet she did. She didn’t do her job well, so she got fired. That’s all. Taylor has nothing to do with this, this is just VS policy (and most company’s policies are that way). Don’t drag Taylor into this girl’s failure.

  • whocares

    It’s not like they’re dropping Miranda Kerr or something. This girl isn’t all that known. They dropped Gisele, now THAT was note-worthy, yet they still went on. They’ll do fine without this girl. And SHE got herself in this mess, btw.

    • kdelly

      they already dropped miranda….. i think

  • candy

    should mention this is candice swanepoel not jessica hart in the picture

  • cerenagee

    That’s not even Jessica Hart. That’s Candace and this story is such bullshit. Jessica did not get cut. I work at VS and we literally just got ahugggge poster of her to put up in our PINK windows.

  • dawi

    OU at least you could post a pic of the actual model you are talking about.
    THIS one is Jessica Hart:

  • Hmm

    Look, people. This is the real world. Ideally, everyone would be able to express their opinion, but this girl represented Victoria’s Secret, and she said those words. It would have been easier for everyone if she had responded with something positive rather than put taylor down. She needed to respond as a rep of VS, not as Jessica hart. She said what she said, and she’s been fired for it. That is the reality, and she should learn from this.

  • kdelly

    Exclusive: Victoria’s Secret won’t fire Jessica Hart over Taylor Swift diss

    ‘There is no truth to the rumors that Jessica Hart has been fired or that she will no longer work with the brand,’ the company’s chief marketing officer told the News’ [email protected]!

    Jessica Hart is keeping her wings. While it was reported that the blonde Australian supermodel will no longer be used as a model for Victoria’s Secret after she dissed Taylor Swift’s performance at the Nov. 13 fashion show, we’ve learned it’s simply not true.

    Hart, and her curves, are welcome back with open arms, the lingerie giant’s president tells [email protected]

    “There is no truth to the rumors that Jessica Hart has been fired or that she will no longer work with the brand,” said Ed Razek, President and Chief Marketing Officer of VS. “As you will see, she was a great part of our show and we look forward to continuing to work with her. As previously reported, we at Victoria’s Secret and all those involved, including Jessica Hart, were thrilled to have Taylor be a part of the show. We look forward to sharing her performances next week during the television special.”

    Hart will also be at a screening with the other Angels on Dec. 10 and will shoot for the company’s upcoming catalogues for three days in January.

    Read more:

  • David Dean

    Hart was absolutely RIGHT! Swift looked completely out of place in that venue and should never have been included. Whomever came up with that brilliant idea up is the one who should be canned.