Selena ‘I Wasn’t Talking About Bieber’

selena-belieber-2selena-belieber-2222selena-gomez-chinaCRY MOAR BELIEBERS, he’s desperate for any publicity! Selena Gomez called out a crazy Belieber for trashing her on Instagram. + new Instagram pix: Baby, I miss u @chaelynne it’s not la without u.. Christmas activities.. I’ve missed the commons.. 1976.

NOTE: Selena added new tour date in Shanghai, China, Jan. 24, 2013 (Qizhong).


  • selena is a nasty ho

    lesbian ass bitch. her & charity are so together… we’ve known all along she was into girls first demi, then justin, now charity… this bitch gets around. bet her pussy stinks like shit

    • blushingjuliet


    • FlawlesslikeSG

      drink bleach

    • rez

      dude do you have a real proof that she’s gay. other than a picture of her having fun and drinking with a friend. second you are a fucking bigot and racist.

      • anon

        that’s called homophobic not racist honey

    • cerenagee

      Dude you’re fucking disgusting. Did you not have a childhood? Do you not know what a best friend is? God fucking damn ratchet royalty over here.

  • Cici

    So what did she say to the fan? Picture doesn’t work for me.

    • A Cat

      She said “IT’S NOT ABOUT THAT!!!!!!!” when someone commented telling her not to shade him anymore.

  • rm
  • ashleyofcourse

    Samantha droke just passed me and she was holding a script. Let’s hope she gets the part!

  • rez

    are they sure its her i don’t see the check mark thats say its her official twitter account. and i have never seen her replying to beliebers.

    • jenn

      it’s her instagram

  • jenn

    That shit gets annoying. Not everything she does is about bieber.

    • anon

      they will get over it when she gets a new bf… or he gets a new gf… or she get a new gf that looks like that’s what she’s doing …or he gets a new bf…

    • Tony Stark

      If she didn’t make it that obvious people would not assume, he never did it except those 3120391203 songs he realeased about her lol I meant in twitter or instagram and stuff

  • javi g

    i have a bad vibe about that red hair chick. every time she hangs with her friends including chaelynne selena is drinking. not good. and she has an evil look on her

  • sldjdf

    Selena and Charity are so gay for eachother. It’s so obvious.

  • Marina And My Diamonds


  • Silver

    If Selena is actually bisexual, I am just going to go crazy!!! It would be so adorable and she and Wentworth Miller could do a lot for the gay community. But I do not like Red. I would prefer her to be with someone else not Red.

  • cerenagee

    First off sel is hot as fuck. Lezbehonest, I’d go gay for her. BUT she’s not gay because she has a best fucking friend hahaha god damn people are so fucking ignorant its crazy. And honestly Selena must be reaaaally pissed to have replied.

    • -

      well people think everything she does and says is for/about/shading Bieber. i would be pissed too if someone just kept bringing my ex up EVERY DAY of my life even after MONTHS of the breakup. I dont think shes gay prob curious/ bi who knows.

  • Let’s be honest

    Bieber gets more attention and publicity for changing his
    haircut then Selly gets for her movies and albums. But nice try OU lol, we all
    know she’s a drama queen and did it unpurpose for attention. This time
    beliebers aren’t crazy at all, for once at least lmao. She’s just so obvious
    with this shae, only her dumb fans believe it’s not. If she didn’t put the
    shady caption so obvious no one would call her out ,so it’s her fault only. She
    did it so it will be published in media and it did,attention whore as always
    but plays innocent.LMAO. As much as Bieber is a douche lately idk what happened
    to dude, he took the high road and hasn’t disrespected her at any point or
    however shaded at all, props for that many guys would shade back. Even worse.
    You know who’s the only pathetic one here? Selena. It’s different expressing
    your feelings and showing them through songs and stuff like Bieber does it even
    if it got boring now but it’s different
    shading like a jealous bitter high school girl.Such a drama queen,love how OU’s
    licking her ass, did she pay you maaaan hahaha? Love her but hate on Biebs and
    Miley huuh? It’s too bad she doesn’t reply
    more, I would love to see her reply to my comments. Where’s that class
    you talk about Selly? About 10’th picture with wine and drinking you posted,
    poor 10 year olds which is 90% of your fanbase L

    • anon

      what prove do you have it is shade except the one that you made up in your mind?

      • Let’s be honest

        Delusional selenator in denial detected. What proof you have that it isn’t a shade? Everyone knows it is, sane.
        Bieber always said he’s into latina and dated two latinas her and Jasmine, but she thinks obviously he will keep it up so she got jealous, we all seen her shades and jealousy so it’s not a surprise she did it. Just accept it :( specially since it’s right after the teaser of the video and his antics with other girls.

        • anon

          who is Bieber biggest crush? Beyonce. Is she latina? No.
          Has Bieber dated non latina girls? ofc
          other Bieber crush since he was young? Kim Kardashian. Is she latina? No.
          Even my cat knwows Bieber likes non latina girls too. So why would Selena think he likes only latinas? She doesn’t. That’s just just a product of the paranoid mind of some beliebers

          • Let’s Be Honest

            Lol, you’re just another delusional fan of Selenita. It’s sad she’s still shading him tho, kinda shows how immature and bitter she actually is no wonder it drove Bieber crazy.