Spring Breakers #1 By John Waters

selena-breakFilmmaker John Waters’ Top 10 Films of 2013: 1. Spring Breakers 2. Camile Claudel 1915 3. Abuse Of Weakness 4. Hors Satan 5. After Tiller 6. Hannah Arendt 7. Beyond The Hills 8. Blue Jasmine 9. Blackfish 10. I’m So Excited


  • Anon

    I can’t take serious any person that would put this move as a #1 on any list everywhere. Even Getaway is better.

    • Din

      This movie is pure art, I’m not a Selena fan, I don’t even like her but this movie is so good :)

      • laura

        That movie was awful, seriously. I watch independent films all the time so I thought this was going to be great but it just made my brain melt because it was so bad.
        It had potential but idk they completely butchered it.

      • :)

        Pure art!?!? Sex, drugs and violence — lmao!!!!!

  • :)

    This don’t mean shit!!!

  • cerenagee

    Even if the movie was #1:

    1. Selena was barely in it and didn’t even “play a bad girl” she did but like barely
    2. That movie was a waste of my money, I could have gone online to watch a low grade soft porn movie

    On the plus side:

    I laughed my fucking ass off majority of the movie because it was such a joke. Sel’s bod looked sexiest here<3

    • allie

      Selena character represents “The Voice Of Reason” on the movie and that wouldn’t make sense she stays when the others girls decided by the bad side.

      “Faith’s plight (no irony apparently intended in her naming) and her unsuccessful search for utopia brings the film too close to the sort of
      character-based drama it has no business trading in. But for the most part, as the movie spins into more and more gonzo territory, two of the girls sticking around long after all their classmates have gone home, the oozy surreality takes over completely and the sense of endlessness, of being stuck in a world that obeys its own logic and leaves no room for escape, becomes overwhelming. Desperately, the characters repeat the refrain “Spring break forever!” In one regard, it’s a hollow sentiment,
      a lament for their inability to achieve the traditional thrills promised by MTV. In another, more significant sense, however, it’s an accurate descriptor of the film’s K-hole sensibility. For Korine, spring break is a beautiful nightmare from which we will never awake.”

      • cerenagee

        I couldn’t take the movie seriously at all haha espesh the awk 3some in the pool hahah

        • allie

          I didn’t watch it yet D:
          But I suppose it is a movie for who is passionate about cinema. Critics and filmmakers loved it but the general public didn’t get it.

          • javi g

            unfortunately the public doesn’t get a lot of indie films. most indie films have awesome stories. but the public like’s movies with exploding stuff.

          • laura

            I like indie films and that film was horrendous.. In Belgium we don’t make anything but ‘independent’ films but even in my country the ratings for it were very low so maybe american hipsters loved this movie but that’s just because they don’t understand shit and want to be seen as cool.. happens quite a lot with hipsters, you know.
            anyway, if you want to see good movies, you should check out european movies instead of that american crap.

        • Silver

          It was not supposed to be take seriously. Look at how it ended, it was not supposed to be a think hard movie but an artistic state of fantasy.

          • cerenagee

            I know that. I just like couldn’t even just watch it though i was laughing the whole time feeling hella awk

  • smb

    Why does OU keep showing Selena’s picture when they post about this movie. She was barely in it, and it wasn’t Her movie. It wasn’t written for her. She was just cast in one of the roles. It had several other stars who actually should get more credit for the movie’s success or failure. How about showing their pictures instead.

    • :)

      Because they have their heads up her ass.

  • Cici

    The movie sucked. It was a big joke. I felt awkward watching it because it was just that bad

  • javi g

    oh man he named blue jasmine #8? that movie should have been #1 it was good. and for those little kids who haven’t seen indie films or spring breakers i advice you to watch spring breakers and blue jasmine. you will love indie films after watching them.

  • Emmy

    I actually had the opportunity to see Spring Breakers. The thing is, most people that use this website would not understand it. I’m not sure how any of you interpreted it, but it was definitely a social commentary, and a very disturbing one at that. It’s not a film to be taken a surface value, and I do have to say they did overdo some of those scenes, I had to shield my eyes. But maybe that was the point.

    Also, why is all the attention on Selena for this movie? Vanessa is a rising star and based off of the many roles I’ve seen her in, she’s the real deal.

    Now, this list has no credibility. I’ve seen a lot of films in 2013 and the best aren’t even on here.

    • Silver

      Thanx. You said it much better than I did.