• Cici

    lol that hurt to watch

  • anon

    that was Jenna’s fault

    • Zaina

      leave tina-cohen-chang alone.

  • dmdm

    “Nice to meet-”

  • bjkfbdk

    Zendaya and all the other Disney stars need to be put in their place like this. You can tell that zendaya thinks she’s bigger than she really is

    • Aly

      I couldn’t agree more with you! I actually watched this in live time and wrote about it when it happened on another OU thread and commented on how unprofessional she was. She kept trying to talk over everyone else just so she could be heard and basically was just saying things other people had already said. She kept playing with her hair and acting like she was a big deal. And then this happens. Finally here big head was popped and deflated.

    • FlawlesslikeSG

      How exactly? She was obviously annoyed because she couldn’t even get a breath in over Jenna. If I was co-interviewing someone, I would be really annoyed too.

  • gee

    zendaya is so d-list

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      D as in Disney? or D as in next to F as in flop

    • wow

      It makes me almost depressed to read comments like this.

      Someone as gifted as Zendaya (can dance, sing and act, is beautiful and has a sweet personality) is considered “D-list” and “unsuccesful” in Hollywood, yet some people who don’t have any particular talents or personality are “A-list” just cause they’re willing to make a fool out of themselves for a publicity stunt…like you don’t even need to be good at anything these days, just look at Snookie or Kim K…it’s just sad.

  • Zaina

    Did you see how she looked like a bitch after she said nice..to meet…she was wow tthat was rude. I agree though I love Jenna but she was so caught up in their personal friendship…that she forgot that a newcomer was there.

    • true

      jenna just like took over the whole damn interview i mean she talked more than even gaga. it was beyond rude. youre always supposed to let your co-interviewwer get some questions in but she took over and had to let everyone know about their personal relationship. very unprofessional on jenna’s part.

  • smb

    Well at least she got to interview Miley, which was probably a bigger catch anyway.

    • haha

      Definitely a bigger catch and a much more fun interview. And Miley joked about Gaga’s stupid horse stunt too! I’m sure Zendaya enjoyed that :P

  • Angelique

    Awkward, indeed. And on top of that, Lady Gaga hands Zendaya her microphone to pose for the photo with Jenna! LMAO.

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      I was crying omg

  • haha

    Just give it two years and they will be begging to be interview by Zendaya
    Ah, HWR is her label? nvm

  • Alii

    At least she looked stunning.

  • mimi

    i kinda felt bad for zendaya. i felt like jenna should have let her in on the interview… i mean, that’s what she’s there for.
    and then gaga hands zendaya her mic in the middle of her sentence.
    kind of an awkward/rude interview all around if you ask me. even though zendaya isn’t as well known she should have at least gotten the chance to finish saying “nice to meet you”.

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      Same thoughts… Jenna was WAY too forward in this interview.

    • ugh

      As well known?? Who the hell is Jenna in the first place? I know Zendaya, I have no clue who Jenna is and why the hell she’s there. She’s so annoying! I was hoping she’d shut up… Zendaya is gorgeous, she can dance, she can act, she can sing and she has a great personality. Lady Gaga and that Jenna girl should be holding HER microphone while SHE takes pictures with other less fake people! -_- Seriously, I hate Hollywood. The faker, pushier and more annoying you are, the bigger you are. So lame!

  • lily

    Zendaya’s stunning and doesn’t need to come in on a horse to steal all the attention away, so Gaga gave her the mic to make sure she’s out of the frame and took a photo with the more “average” girl.