Hungover Bieber Makes Beliebers Wait

Some Beliebers waited four hours for their paid VIP meet and greet eventually happening at 8.30 PM at Rod Laver Arena in Melboure the same time he was due on stage, reports Herald Sun. There was even a ‘crying room’ backstage for hysterical fans.

Fan Nicole Condos revealed: ‘For $500 you’re basically paying just for the professional photo with him. He didn’t have the time to be personable or do much else as security were quick to work through the queue of around 80 to 100 fans. You got maybe 20 seconds with him.

It felt as though he was on full energy, cruise control the whole show and a programmed robot. His team and family need to take responsibility of him instead of all being showbiz victims. I enjoyed the show and fans got what they paid to see, apart from getting to bed late on a school night, not that they’d be sleeping from the excitement.’

Bieber kept fans at Rod Laver Arena waiting for 70 minutes. The 19-year-old singer was partying until 4 AM today at hip Melbourne club Mon Bijou. Bieber arrived at the venue around 1.30 AM with his entourage and was spotted doing shots at the bar.

When he left the club at 4 AM, a source at the event said the teenager took the party back to his room at The Park Hyatt. Bieber’s security team made everyone in the bar sign a confidentiality form and banned photos.

The pop brat was due on stage at 8.30 PM, with a tentative end time of 10 PM. He finally arrived on stage at 9.40pm with no apology to fans or mention of his lateness. It meant his show did not finish until after 11 PM, way past the school night bed times of many of his young fans.

Bieber’s promoter said: ‘Artist stage times are provided as a guide only and are subject to change on the night.’ However, Bieber was talking to Big Brother hottie Tahan Lew at the exact time he was due on stage in Melbourne. Lew, who has a boyfriend, said Bieber was due to go partying with him last night. Hot pix of Bieby in Melbourne below!

  • canadian123

    If this kid doesn’t brush up on his public appearance, he’ll slowly lose his fans. I’m one of them. So it is possible Bieber, you’re not untouchable or God.

  • Sandy McFarlane

    I dont understand how he even has any fans left.

  • —–

    Wearing a “Destroy” jacket cause you’re destroying your career.

  • RegReach

    its there own fualt payin half a g jsut to see him up close
    if you want somone to behave you stop buying there music

  • Mellz89


  • JUG

    I’m really worried for Justin’s perfume sales. If he keeps this up, parents of young girls may think that Justin is not a good person and is only concerned about making as much money as possible from his fans. If this happens, they may not buy his perfume. If this happens, they may not continue to buy his perfume after his music career is over. Why does this concern me? Because when Britney’s music career was in the pits, her perfume line was still selling like crazy. So there’s a reason why I’m concerned about Justin’s perfume sales. He must do everything possible to convince his fans and their parents that he is a good person and a good role model to ensure that they keep buying his perfume. His financial future may depend on it.