Lucy Hale You Sound Good To Me Live

Lucy Hale performs her new single ‘You Sound Good To Me’.

UPDATE: Lucy performing @ CMA Christmas under!

  • Cici

    Lucy & Jamie are going to take over!

    • WatchOut

      Danielle Bradbery and Lauren Alaina will take over. they are much better vocalists.

    • WatchOut

      Lauren alaina and Danielle bradbery will take over.
      they are the once to watch. They have much better vocals.
      Lauren Alaina’s new song same day different bottle is amazing.

      • Cici

        That’s nice. Ill check them out, but Lucy already has a huge fan base so she will be off to a great start.

        • WatchOut

          I agree with you but Lauren and Danielle have a country fan base already form Idol and the voice.
          Lauren first album did really well and Danielle should debue at number one (country charts) this week.

          • Cici

            Oh yeah! I Know who Lauren is. She actually performed at my church a year or so ago.. She’s great.

  • Ricardo

    Good! Can’t wait for the studio version, but to me it’s too early to release that live version since the studio version will be released February 7th, but that’s my opinion tho.

    • WatchOut

      January 7th is the release day.

      • Ricardo

        Yes! Sorry :| Idk why I wrote February but still early

    • IGround

      Loads of band/artists share their songs live first, and then they release the single. She’s just not having any shows yet to do that yet, I guess!

  • IveHeardBetter

    I can see why she used to make herself puke. Naturally bloated face.

    • kat

      pretty sure she wasn’t bulimic. She had anorexic tendencies but she obviously overcame that.

    • Cici

      She’s gorgeous.

  • RedneckAtHeart

    Can’t wait for the album.

  • cerenagee

    wow. amazing. can’t wait. such a pretty little liar <3

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    her vocals aren’t as strong as I thought they’d be… I was expecting Carrie Underwood. :/

    • Cici

      Me too..but she is still lovely.

  • Stasha

    She’s not a bad singer but ehhh, nothing really special either. And she doesn’t sound all that country, despite where she’s from.

  • Dara

    Lucy Hale is so under rated. She is absolutely gorgeous and so classy. I’m a huge fan of her acting and singing.

  • IGround

    She sounds good to me. I like the vibe of her music :)

  • Jen


    • Cici

      Which one?

  • mimi

    i wasn’t thrilled with the first video but the second one wasn’t so bad. nothing really special about her vocally but she’s definitely better than miley and selena, in my opinion at least.