Miley ‘Mad As Hell’ At Jennifer Lawrence

miley-mad-at-jennifer-lawrenceJennifer Lawrence recently blasted stars like Miley and Rihanna for not wearing clothes saying: ‘young sex sells.’ Source told HEAT that Miley is pissed: ‘Miley feels like Jennifer always tries to act like a feminist in all her interviews, but then poses in a revealing dress to promote her film. That seems so fake to her.

Miley’s mad as hell. She thinks Jen is such a hypocrite, she basically wears nothing but body paint in X-Men, how is that not using sex to sell? And then, she was all over Liam on the red carpet.’ When Jen and Liam first started work on The Hunger Games movies he was in awe of her, which is said to have irritated Miley.

Although Miley tried to bond with Jennifer, Jen wasn’t having it: ‘Liam kept telling Miley how great Jennifer was, so that got her back up, Then, when they met, Miley felt like Jennifer focused all her attention on Liam and made no effort with her.

Miley always suspected that Jennifer didn’t like her and she suspected that she would side with Liam over her. These pictures of them getting so close have made her see red.’



  • Oceanup2.0

    Poor Miley Christ having to face basically Liam being head over heels in love with JLAW

    • lols

      Seriously, no. I feel like Jennifer has more chemistry with Josh Hutcherson, WAY MORE, than Liam. Have you guys seen the Hunger Games interview? Josh and Jen are always joking around and they seem to know each other really well. Liam, on the other hand, is so boring… I mean, I don’t know him, but in the interviews he’s so quiet and we can’t really know how much he’s friends with Jen. Just NO, guys, Jen&Josh forever <3

      • Paper Planes

        For me, I can only see her as very good friends with both.

      • eww

        you serious? he’s a fucking midget

  • Well…

    Miley should face the fact that in no way in this earth she will ever be as perfect as Jen. Even Liam agrees….

    • :)

      Nobody’s perfect, babe.

    • Marina And My Diamonds

      I agree with everything, minus the perfect part.

  • WatchOut

    JLaw will always have more class than Miley.
    Miley is just trashy, it’s awful to watch her.

  • Sam

    Basically everyone in this world (even Miley) knows how in love is Liam with Jennifer Lawrence.

    • WatchOut

      Every guy would choose JLaw over Miley. Let’s be honest.

      • HarryCurls


      • no

        There’s no choice there. Of course they’d pick JLaw! If you can have a beautiful steed why would you settle for a silly donkey?

        • WatchOut

          You nailed it!! :D

    • cerenagee

      They have really great chemistry.

  • cerenagee

    Let me start by saying this sounds like complete bull shit, but lets entertain the possibility that its true.

    Miley, Liam will never want your crazy ass again anyways. And also she has literally no room to judge anyone. Jlaw has never said I’m a feminist she just said she refuses to lose weight for a role because she wants to be a good example for other girls. Miley is the fucking sex fiend saying she’s the worlds biggest feminist. THAT is a fucking joke haha

  • Emmy

    Enough of the Miley bashing. In my own opinion, true class comes from the way you treat people (how you are ON THE INSIDE).

    I’m a fan of Jennifer and Miley. It’s sad that they can’t be friends because I could actually see them having a good relationship if they sorted out their differences.

    All in all, I think Liam is a talentless nitwit who is riding on the coattails of other people’s fame to stay relevant. If he hadn’t dated Miley, he wouldn’t have a role in the Hunger Games and Jennifer would be way out of reach. His acting is horrendous, any good looking hollywood boy could step into one of his roles. He needs to remember his place.

    • HarryCurls

      And enough with Liam bashing

  • HarryCurls

    Imagine wanting to have your boyfriend’s attention, you have to compete with Jennifer fucking perfection Lawrence. I would feel like shit too.

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      but I would sacrifice my boyfriend to the gods if the gods wanted him — Jennifer Lawrence is a god. Naturally I would humbly let my god taketh my boyfriend away.

  • Cici

    The way Liam talks about Jennifer in interviews has always made me wonder if he was in love with her…Maybe he is & Jen isn’t going. I mean she already has a bf. But if Jen was working close with my bf, I would feel intimidated too! Maybe you should figure it out Miley.

  • Diana

    Basically every guy is in love with Jen, so Miley should’t be so oofended.

  • lolo

    lmao you guys are so blind miley doesn’t even care about them or their opinion . if she wants to kept liam we all know she would have changed but she didn’t her carreer is the only thing that is important to her if you think that article is true yyou are so stupid

  • lmao

    This has got to be fake. Jennifer Lawrence is stunning, personality and looks-wise, and Miley can not possibly be that much of a delusional idiot even if she does hate JLaw! Jennifer doesn’t act like a feminist, she just acts genuine and her dresses are not provocative and her body paint in X-Men makes her look completely different, there’s nothing sexual about it. Miley on the other hand actually CLAIMS to be a feminist yet not only does she not wear much clothes but she actually acts like nothing more than a sex object in most of her photo shoots and videos nowadays. Like really, who’s the hypocrite here? So yeah, it’s gotta be bullshit! If it IS real I am once again surprised by how dumb and out of touch with reality Miley is. Stay in school, kids! Haha

  • sure

    Jennifer Lawrence is what Miley wishes she could be. She’s considered to be really cool, unique, genuine and sexy as hell in a different way than most celebs. She’s respected for her looks, personality AND work. She has an Oscar and people love how real she is. Plus, she gets to work with Liam and Liam is obviously into her even if it’s just a bit. So even if this is fake, I can totally see Miley hating Jennifer. I mean she’s better than her in every way!

    • matron

      Well, miley is not the one who copied her hair cut jeniffer copied miley last time I checked, also jennifer is the one dressing like miley not the other way around, also how is Jennifer better when she smokes weed and drinks not to mention she butt naked in movies? How the hell is that classy? You all just hate miley because miley is a better person than jennifer since miley gives back a lot more than jen and everyone who has met miley in and out in the industry say she super nice and very down to earth unlike jen ifer who their co star claim she dont have any filters and that sh3 rude and she has a potty mouth to me it seem miley is classier.

      • WatchOut

        Jen did not copy Mileys hair cut, Their hair cuts are different.
        She is a actress and she does what her job requires from her. She does not lick hammers and she does not show her vagina on award shows, thats trashy.
        Their style is complitly different. jen does not wear latex and cat outfits. Jen ewars clothes and miley not.
        My panties have more fabric than mileys pants.

      • CotiTheBeatles

        Are you kidding, right? When on the name of Jesus Christ did Jen dress like Miley? When did she smoke weed? I think you’re fucking thinking of Miley there. Miley made a drug famous and smoked pot on an award show in TV. Jen fell down the stairs receiving an oscar. I think we can tell who’s more genuine there. Jen was naked in X-Men because the role requires her too, and it doesn’t show her nipple or anything, unlike Miley who wears dresses made out of nets, to sing a song about how a dude broke her. Miley might be down to earth and shit, but so is Jennifer. Where the fick did ANYBODY ever say Jen is rude? They do say she doesn’t have a filter, but never in a bad way, she just says what she thinks. Know your facts before you go on writing this pieces of human garbage. Oh, and did you fucking see Wrecking Ball and We Can’t Stop? Nobody who ever even thinks about doing something as trashy and slutty can possibly be mildy decent, not to mention classy.

  • anthony

    Is she really dissing Jennifer Lawrence for wearing provocative dresses and acting like a feminist? When did JLaw say she was a feminist? Oh Miley said that? And when did JLaw go out looking like a hooker? Oh wait Miley’s the one doing that? So wait is Miley calling herself a hypocrite? Cause she’s right on!

  • Alii

    “Miley feels like Jennifer always tries to act like a feminist in all her interviews, but then poses in a revealing dress to promote her film. That seems so fake to her.” Oh Lord, give me strength. This bitch. The words that come out of her mouth, I can’t. I just can’t. This has to be fake, no one can be this stupid. She has absolutely no room to talk, I don’t even have to explain why and she has the nerve to call HERSELF a feminist. She takes any opportunity to use her body to make money. Jennifer is a professional actress, Miley wouldn’t know what that is, Jen wears a leotard as mystique. That dress she wore for the HG premiere, she didn’t even like it, herself. Even though she did look stunning and CLASSY in it. “I think any time a girl has to show her thighs it’s never going to be her favorite look,” Lawrence said. “I love the dress — if someone else wore it. It’s hard for any woman to look at a picture of herself and [like it].”

    Jennifer is a beautiful person, on the inside and on the outside.

    Miley on the other hand is a vindictive, jealous, ugly person.

    • :)

      And your an asshole for believing this shit!!!!

      • Alii

        And you’re a dumbass for falling for her shit.

        • :)

          And what shit would that be??? I’m sure if this was turned around you’d be the first one commenting that this is pure BS. You’re calling MIley vindictive, jealous, ugly person. Where do you get that from???

          • Alii

            It is what it is. You’ll never admit when she’s wrong and I’ll always call her out.

          • :)

            Wrong about what??? Answer the question.

            You see, I don’t let what she does or what she says bother me unlike you yahoo’s do.

          • Alii

            It’s not that you don’t let it bother you, you disregard it and make yourself believe it’s normal behavior because you idolize her. You’re asking me to give you examples because you’re so blind and ignorant, you must not even remember. Here, two big oopsies she revealed to the public recently was the Sinead situation where she made fun of sick people and that one time where she threatened to expose her own father on twitter?

          • :)

            Well Sinead should have just kept her fucking mouth shut in the first place and none of this would have happened. Maybe everyone should have kept their god damn mouth shut and stop telling Miley what she should or should not do. She’s gonna do whatever the fuck she wants and if nobody likes it, too bad. And about the twitter thing, she was gonna expose her own father for having an affair, really. Where’s the proof he had an affair?? And how do you know that wasn’t a prank??? I remember Billy Ray saying that he likes to start shit.

            Wasn’t there a post on here where it said Tish was has having an affair on the weekends or something like that and oh, I like this one, Miley was preggers with Juicy J’s baby, lmfao!!!!!

          • Alii

            You’re missing the point. Miley still insulted innocent sick people and still hasn’t apologized. If you haven’t noticed, which you haven’t because you idolize her, there are so many celebrities who are saying the same thing Sinead said about Miley. Some are addressed to Miley, some are to vague but obviously talking about her. Where they say that it’s trashy and etc. She literally threatened her dad over twitter for the entire world to see. I forgot exactly what she said, something like “if you don’t tell the truth, I will” or some shit like that and posted a picture of her dad with some redhead. I mean, what kind of a person would do these things? I do not like her as a person at all. It baffles me that anybody still likes her.

          • :)

            Yeah I know, alot of people like her. Did it ever occur to you that people like her music. For someone who does not like her as a person, sure is obsessed with her. So go ahead and keep on believing you don’t like her as a person when you don’t even know her.

          • Alii

            What makes you think I don’t like her music? Chris Brown is a piece of shit human being but I enjoy his music, too. It’s really adorable how many times you’ve said I’m obsessed with her, as if you’re making a valid point. Commenting on OceanUP does not make one obsessed with a person. Constantly defending someone when they so wrong/bad things because you’re biased is a little obsessive.

          • :)

            Like I said before. I don’t give a fuck what she does because it does not affect my life. My god, there are far more worse things going on in the world than what Miley is doing. Here’s one for ya, how about the pig that held the 3 girls captive for 10yrs.

            And I can’t wait to see her at the Jingle Ball and on her Bangerz Tour.

          • micheal

            excuse how about sinead is picking on miley because she the most fucking famous and need to revid her career up, people do anything for attention miley did come back with and said they can talk privately yet she still decided to talk trashed to someone a lot younger than her, miley keep it classy while she went on and on in 4 letters, for what for miley complimenting her, wow miley need to watch out she compliments people and the person goes batshit about it, if it will had been Jennifer Lawrence she so blunt a rude Jennifer will tell sinead to go fuck herself that she has no time for her fucking drama because that how Jennifer Lawrence IS, but miley didn’t even go there! and miley did that because the media was saying it was her mom why they were getting a divorce and saying she was the one cheating and he was lying, when he was the one who was screwing things up and cheating on her mom, miley basically was defending her mom you dumb ass. you don’t know the story shut up and sit the fuck down all you do is hate on miley why because you love wannabe miley selena, someone who sing poorly and is desperately trying to make a name by using other people, please go sit down miley don’t use nobody but everyone uses miley and the reason she gets critizied because she works her ass off and everyone want to capitalized on her name!!!

          • Alii

            You called Miley classy and you assumed Selena was my idol. You’re a typical ignorant Miley worshipper. Listen kid, Sinead was doing the right thing and reaching out to Miley
            as a friend and mentor trying to warn her about her bad decisions. But of course you think she insulted the shit out of her, I mean you probably didn’t even read the letter. It doesn’t matter if Miley was defending her mom when she tweeted what she did, she still tweeted something extremely inappropriate and personal as blackmail toward her own father. I mean, seriously! Miley is not famous because of herself like you said, she’s famous because she completely changed and because she exploits herself on a daily basis.

          • :)

            And you’re a typical ignorant hater!!!! Sinead was no friend, she wanted a piece of the Miley action, she wanted the attention and she got it. She started a chain reaction of total nonsense. Ain’t nobody’s fucking business how or what Miley wants to do.

          • Alii

            You’re talking like you know. You don’t know anything. Nothing.

      • cerenagee

        How can you deny a single thing Alii said??? You are such a delusional unreasonable blind miley ass sucker

        • micheal

          you are just as dumb as her,

          • cerenagee

            And you are just much of a miley ass sucker as her.

  • Anon

    I wouldn’t really blame Liam for being in awe of Jen, she can’t help that she’s the most fucking amazing person in the world. I don’t think Miley deserves to even be put in the same sentence as Jen. There is no comparison

  • A Cat

    Doubt it. Miley WANTS to be seen as “sexy” and “wild” so I doubt she would feel pissed off about people saying stuff like that about her.

  • ariana grande

    do people actually believe in this? oh my goodness

    • :)

      IKR!!!! They’re dummies. They’ll believe anything thrown at them.

  • XaskTaylorX

    That awkward moment when Jennifer is wearing paint for a role as mystique and Miley just does it in general….

  • RedneckAtHeart

    If this were true I would have to say ” Pot meet kettle” Miley has no room to talk. JLaw wears body paint for a part and hates most of the dresses she has to wear, Miley walks around half naked and poses for pictures with her nipples literally showing. We have literally seen her naked, she has left NOTHING to the imagination.

    • party

      what the difference? Jennifer does it for a part and so does miley she playing a part as well, why do you fucking haters pick on everything miley does but excuse the same fucking behavior on others? you are just haters, we have seen a lot more in Jennifer Lawrence than on miley, so you say she did it for a part yet still did it, miley does it for a part too is her image on stage and Jennifer does it an image for her movie same shit! Jennifer smokes weed, so does miley, Jennifer is rude and has a potty mouth miley is nicer everyone has said it, while Jennifer is rude and blunt, so stop fucking nick picking at miley like you have a bugger up your nose, miley is not the one cutting her hair like Jennifer, Jennifer is the one who cut the hair like miley and dressed like miley.

      • RedneckAtHeart

        Miley walks around dressed the same way she is on stage off stage. If it were just for show it would be different, but she dresses like that all the time. I never said anything about her smoking weed. If they want to do that, that’s up to them I really don’t care. I have never heard anything about Jen being rude, blunt yes, potty mouth yes. Miley is the same way. She curses up a freaking storm in all interviews now dropping the F bomb like no tomorrow.

        They act the same in some cases but the difference between them is at the end of filming Jen will put on clothes and go home, Miley will parade around all day half naked.

  • Aly

    I Love Miley but seriously I’m Team JLAW….and I don’t like Liam for JLaw she’s happy with Nicholas Hoult.

  • Alii

    @OceanUP Here’s your answer.

    • Amanda

      wow, thanks for posting this!

  • ariana grande

    okay once more i’ll say they were saying how miley was “mad” and “jealous” because in their first movie jennifer and liam were hanging out, she was never jealous. she was the most supportive girlfriend, i don’t know why people bother with these stupid articles. if you’re gonna make some bullshit up, make it look at least legit lmao

  • yoyo

    Seriously guys? I DOUBT this is true. This is just one more BS OU is trying to make you believe so more people can hate on Miley. My advice: “Source told…” Don’t believe, unless it’s a really, really trustable magazine. Like seriously, anyone could have made that rumor up, ANYONE. I can’t believe people are actually buying it, what a gang of retard ignorant people.

    • yoyo

      Plus, isn’t Liam dating Eiza? It’d feel more valid if the source said that Miley was mad as hell at Eiza, because she’s with Liam, not JLaw. I mean, c’mon, the people that told this lie can’t even tell it right lol. But yeah, I get it, it wouldn’t have so many people talking about it if they put “Eiza” instead of Jlaw.

    • :)

      Because all you have here on OU is ignorant people. They can’t think for themselves. Shit, they’d believe if an article came out saying that there was beach front property for sale in Arizona. They’re too busy living in the past and can’t move on, smh!!!!

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    team jlaw

  • Jo shmo

    Why do bitches like Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande have to be so jealous of Jennifer Lawrence #jelly bitches

  • joe shmo

    Miley Cyrus is a very big fucking whore and Ariana Grande needs to get rid of her fucking Beiber fever Justin Bieber is a little bitch who has to pay his way out of fights or use his body guards like a little bitch boy while Jenifer Lawrence is all natural and don’t have to work at it #Miley and Ariana =jelly ass whores