Zac & Vanessa Separate Gym Coverups

Exclusive... Zac Efron Keeps A Low Profile In LAExclusive - Vanessa Hudgens Heads To the Gym In Galaxy Inspired LeggingsThat Awkward Moment’ actor Zac Efron keeps a low profile while leaving his home in Los Angeles, California on December 3, 2013. Zac recently broke his jaw when he slipped in a puddle of water outside his home last month.

While his ex-girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens goes for early morning workout in clog boots, fur coat, and galaxy inspired leggings, today in New York City. Photos: FameFlynet, INF.


  • anonymous

    does slipped in a puddle of water mean owed money to drug lords? i’m curious

    • a

      Stop being such a damn asshole.

  • hmmm

    LOL I don’t get Vanessa’s logic: “I don’t wanna get noticed and photographed, so I’ll wear shades and hide my face, but I’ll also wear the most tacky and obnoxious outfit possible…that will definitely not get me noticed!”

    • Marribelle

      Shut up she’s working out

      • Duckyhoward15

        Who works out with fur coat ?

        • Anon

          Well oh bright one if you lived in New York you’d realize how cold it is there. She obviously took it off once she got inside idiot.

          • Duckyhoward15

            Yes but a fur coat :O like maybe some coat or something but to bring a fur coat to the gym and wear with them leggins this is a fashion disaster , same when Harry wears two shirts together then a shirt under them or when Miley wears her weird outfits but well ‘its winter’

  • cerenagee

    oooh I’m really feeling VAH’s work out leggings.

  • mvfgh

    i love v

  • JennyJames

    Vanessa is perfect damn

  • Cici

    She is such a babe. One of the best bodies out there.

  • Huh

    And what’s the point of combining the two’s post? Doesn’t make sense.