Justin Bieber ‘Scared To Sleep Alone’

justin-bieber-scared-in-bedjustin-bieber-gay-threesomeJustin Bieber is so worried about his safety that he insists on having one of his guards in his hotel room while he sleeps with 24-hour watch.: ‘Justin can’t be alone at night right now. He is paranoid about fans breaking into his room, and he hears noises all the time.

It freaks him out. As well as the ever-present guard in his room and the one outside, he also has two on standby to take over when his men need breaks.

Justin is now used to having a guard watch him sleep and he wants the arrangement to continue after the tour finishes. He also begged his mother Pattie to accompany him on most of the concert dates. She was asked to combine her book signing tour with his gigs because he gets so anxious.’

  • Dara

    Did any one else start to chuckle when they read this??

  • -

    scared to sleep alone? so he sleeps with other dudes in his bed? okay bieber if thats the story youre gonna come up with then okay princess.

    • Seriously

      How stupid and ignorant can you be? I would love to see you in his position you would be in rehab in 3 weeks with those crazy fans and people selling you out for money, fucking ignorant idiots. This beiber hate isn’t even funny anymore it’s proving how people are a disgrace and stupid. Grow the hell up little boy/girl

  • Duckyhoward15

    Just leave him alone this isn’t news this is bullying

  • heather

    so were the guards there watching when he was sleeping with the prostitutes or….

  • asdfghjkl

    i don’t blame him tbh. Some of his fans are crazy ass bitches

  • tori

    maybe i he stopped smoking so much weed he wouldnt be so paranoid….

  • tori

    maybe i he stopped smoking so much weed he wouldnt be so paranoid….

  • urmom

    Someone sneak into his room and murder his worthless ass already, cmon.

    • Tony Stark

      Wow, you need to get reported already, always embarrassing yourself on Bieber posts, I wonder how can an individual have so much hate and rage for someone they know nothing about? Crazy people.

  • Siel


    Good job, OU.


    This is something you guys shouldn’t joke about. Maybe he’s also scared to shower himself, so he asks his bodyguards to do it, so what? Maybe he’s scared of peeing ALONE and needs someone to hold his penis while he does it, SO? Can you really blame him? You people are so ridiculous, he’s a human being! He gets scared too! He deserves to feel safe!